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  1. A Monitoring System of Cold Chain Logistics for Farm Produce,WangYaHui/Jilin University,0/151
  2. The Study of Aerobic Biological Treatment of Low Concentration CMC Wastewater,PeiZuoQing/Donghua University,0/66
  3. Research and Application of Stock Index Forecasting Based on BP Neural Network,ChenDong/Dalian Maritime University,0/308
  4. Study on Mechanical Properties of Interaction of the Corn Stubble and Soil,PanRuJing/Jilin University,0/103
  5. Development of Maize Stubble Harvesting Machine and Mechanism Analysis of Its Key Components,ZengBaiGong/Jilin University,0/183
  6. Corn Stubble Harvest Mode and Mechanisms,QuanLongZhe/Jilin University,0/217
  7. Structural Design and Structure Optimization of Corn Stubble Hsrvsster,XuBaoKu/Jilin University,1/182
  8. Design of Bionic Stubble-cutting Blade Based on the Structural Characteristic of Praying Mantis (Mantis Religiosa Linnaeus)’s Foreleg,LiMo/Jilin University,0/98
  9. Transfer and Transform of Galaxolide and Tonalide by A~2O Process,LiuPengCheng/Donghua University,0/31
  10. Studies on the Bioconcentration Characteristics and Biological Toxicity of Decabromodiphenyl Ether in the Water Environment,ZhangZeGuang/Donghua University,0/160
  11. Study on Comprehensive Adjustment Technique in the Secondary Reservoirs in Sabei Oilfield,FanCheng/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/61
  12. Study on the Jumping Behaviour and Analysis on the Biological Material Mechanics of Jumping Legs of Locusts,LuZuo/Jilin University,0/55
  13. Designs of Sensor Matrixes for Biomimetic Electronic Nose and Their Application in Detection of Beef Quality,ZhangZhe/Jilin University,2/486
  14. Ecosystem Assessment and Ecological Function Regionalization of Qingdao City,HanXu/Donghua University,7/1299
  15. Color Measuring and Matching of Colored Fiber Blends,CheJiangNing/Donghua University,9/419
  16. Optical Properties of Fluorescent Dyes and Their Computer Color Matching,LiRong/Donghua University,1/317
  17. Deacetylation Kinetics of Chitin and Application of Chitosan on Antibacterial Activity and Dyeing,ZhangZiTao/Donghua University,4/491
  18. Rethinking Alternative Water Resources-In Research the Feasibility of Adopting Rainwater and Greywater in Residential Developments,ZhangYan/Donghua University,0/314
  19. Study on Appraisal and Protection for Eco-environment during Urbanization,ZhaoHongLin/Donghua University,6/1348
  20. Research on Bionic Tactile and the Conventional Method of Testing the Meat Freshness,ZuoYueYing/Jilin University,1/243
  21. The Environmental Behaviors and Respiratory Inhibition of Selected Pharmaceutical Antibiotics in Aquatic and Soil Environment,WuYang/Donghua University,0/190
  22. Biomimetic Structure Design and Experiments for Improving the Tribological Characteristic of the Rubber Surface,ChenXu/Jilin University,1/228
  23. Design of Bionic Electronic Nose and Its Application in the Chicken Quality Detection,ChangZhiYong/Jilin University,1/161
  24. Of Hu Pu'an text exegesis history,HuXueLi/Zhejiang University,0/100
  25. The Exegestics Study of Wangzhong,TangYinGuo/Zhejiang University,0/132
  26. Study on the Application of Ecological Footprint in Qingpu District of Shanghai,PanZhou/Donghua University,0/175
  27. Study on Landscape Pattern Analysis and Landscape Ecological Planning of Qingpu District in Shanghai,ShiJiaKai/Donghua University,3/688
  28. Landscape Pattern Analyzation of Xujing Town and Application Discussion,ZhaoErLei/Donghua University,0/120
  29. The Hydrometallury Process Research for Au Recovery from WPCB,LiangXinYu/Donghua University,3/479
  30. Design and Experimental Analysis of Bionic Furrowing Opener,DuWeiGang/Jilin University,12/661
  31. A Study on Improved Biological Treatment of Wastewater by Chitosan,QinBing/Donghua University,2/215
  32. Computer Numerical Modeling of Sedimentation Tanks,GuoShengChang/Donghua University,16/326
  33. Research on Building the Index System and Developing Case Database Website of the Cleaner Production,ZhangPing/Donghua University,17/511
  34. Preparation of Chitosan microwave experimental study,YanLiPing/Donghua University,2/434
  35. Wenchao exegesis research,GuoJuanJuan/Zhejiang University,0/167
  36. \,WangDan/Zhejiang University,6/264
  37. Locust Hindlegs’ Structure and Morphology Bionic Information Collection and Biomechanics Test,GaoKeng/Jilin University,3/288
  38. Research on Regionally Ecological Planning and Construction of Rapidly Urbanization Areas,ZhaoQiWei/Donghua University,2/211
  39. 3D Dynamic Simulation of Motion Morphology of Bionic Robot,ChenYong/Jilin University,11/728
  40. The Exploratory Research on Dewaterability of Sludge Conditioned by Ultrasonic and Flocculant,QiJian/Donghua University,7/289
  41. Preparation of Chitosan Flocculant by Microwave and Application to Treatment of Wastewater with Highly Concentrated Protein,XuYongPing/Donghua University,1/353
  42. Research on Establishing and Implementing Environmental Management System of Organization Effectively,ShenFangLi/Donghua University,3/333
  43. Study on the Environmental Energy Effect of the Urban Electromagnetic Fields,HuangYanLiu/Donghua University,2/258
  44. Research on the Several Methods for Regional Environmental Impact Assessment of Industrial Park,ZhouXiaoQin/Donghua University,5/708
  45. CNC Machining Accuracy and Productivity Optimization,ZhuXiuRong/Jilin University,2/298
  46. Study on Coupled Coordination between Economic Development and Eco-Enviroment and Landscape Ecological Planning of Industrial Zone,GengXue/Donghua University,4/263
  47. Study on Preparation of Pas from Dyeing Sludge,ZhouSaiJie/Donghua University,0/138
  48. Studies on Characteristics of Adsorption and Biodegradation of Typical PPCPs Oxtetracycline in the Activated Sludge Treatment System,YangZuoDong/Donghua University,0/363
  49. Study on Gold Leaching from Waste Printed Circuit Board by Iodide Process,XuQu/Donghua University,2/297
  50. Study on Photocatalytic Activity and Immobilization of Nitrogen and Iron Co-Doped Titanium Dioxide,JiangPingHua/Donghua University,0/136

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