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  1. Design and Implementation of College Student Online Donation and Trade System,ZhuYanFang/Hunan University,0/6
  2. Research on the Protection of the Vagrants and Beggars Rights,YangChunXia/Hunan University,0/37
  3. The Influence of Ideology in Human Rights Conflict between US and China,HeGuoChun/Hunan University,0/23
  4. Research about Citizenship Education Method of Canadian University,ZhengKaiWen/Hunan University,0/71
  5. An Analysis of International Terrorism's Influence on Chinese Enterprise's Transnational Business and the Counter-measures,XiongJi/Hubei University,0/28
  6. The Research on the Conditions of the Chinese Communist Party Leading Allies in the New Democratic Revolution Period,DuanXinHong/Hunan University,0/14
  7. Henan heavy oil field pipeline optimization of system viscosity reduction,YangYang/Southwest Petroleum University,0/24
  8. Preparation and in Vitro Anti-tumor Activity of Liposomes Encapsulating Hydroxycamptothecin-cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes,XiaoDaiYun/Central South University,0/67
  9. Preparation of Resveratrol Phospholipid Composite Liposomes and Their in Vitro Anti-tumor Activity Investigation,ZhangXiuZhen/Central South University,0/27
  10. Study of the Coordination of FDI Policy in Wuhan City Circle and Trade Rules,LiuXueZuo/Hubei University,0/20
  11. Research on the Risk of National Security Review of China Enterprise Transnational M&A and Avoiding Counter-measures,SunQiang/Hubei University,0/52
  12. Legal Costs Analysis of the Convert Interview,YangDuYi/Hunan University,0/45
  13. The Legal Protection of Left-Behind Children’s Living Right,QinZhiJun/Hunan University,0/157
  14. Study of the Representation of Administrative Public Interest Litigation,ZhengYaYuan/Hunan University,0/50
  15. A Research on Consumers’ Rights Protection in China’s Online Trading,TangChun/Hunan University,0/492
  16. Explore Restrict Communication Tool to Govern Illegal Small Ad in a Legal Point of View,WangLiFu/Hunan University,0/33
  17. The Research of Our Country Emergency Legislation in the Basic Civil Rights Security,ZhouLing/Hunan University,0/78
  18. The Legal Analysis of the Prohibition of Electric-Bicycle,YanLiang/Hunan University,0/84
  19. The Case Analysis about Proprietor Committee of Legal Status,WuDieMei/Hunan University,0/121
  20. Research on the Chinese Communist Party with the Constitution Amendments Since the Founding of the P.R.C,PengLingFeng/Hunan University,0/79
  21. On the Protection of the Right of Private Property by Law in the View of City House Expropriation,YinHongXing/Hunan University,2/51
  22. The Soft Law Governance in Filed of Villagers’ Autonomous,ZhangWu/Hunan University,0/114
  23. The Analysis of China’s Current Legislative Power of Alienation,DongLei/Hunan University,0/39
  24. Sun Tzu the Art of War and Mao Zedong’s Command Art in Jinmen Armored Engagement,XiaFeiMeng/Hunan University,0/102
  25. Research on the Rights of Political Participation of Minority Women in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture,YangMeiLing/Hunan University,0/42
  26. Study on the Theory of Zhang Shizhao’s Consititutional,DongHongJiang/Hunan University,0/30
  27. Chinese Communist Party and the Process of China’s Rule of Law,LuLongBo/Hunan University,0/56
  28. The Contribution of Li Da to Sinicization of Marxism,GuoZhiHao/Hunan University,0/175
  29. Research on Intangible Heritage Legal Protection in China,BaoWei/Hunan University,0/144
  30. Preparation and Quality of Irinotecan Long-circulating Nanoliposomes and Study of Its in Vitro Antitumor Activity,HeYing/Central South University,0/217
  31. Study on Quality Standard of GanKang Capsule,LiHuiYing/Central South University,0/323
  32. The Protective Effectiveness of Gankang Capsules on Experimental Hepatic Injury,KangLiQun/Central South University,0/36
  33. The Investigation on the Biological Characteristics and Production Performances of Wild Elymus Dahuricus in Naqu Tibet,QinAiQiong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/46
  34. Screening Lignin-degrading Anaerobic Bacterial Strains and Its Bioconversion of Crop Residues,XingYan/Jilin University,0/157
  35. Studies on the Preparation Technique of Glucose from Broken-Rice Strach,WenJiaGen/Central South University,0/184
  36. Ctab@SiO2Nano-complex with Potentials of Gene Delivery,WangQiLu/Central South University,0/54
  37. Establishment of Fungi Consortium for Anaerobic Bioconversion of Crop Residues and Its Enzymatic Characteristics,ZhouZuoQin/Jilin University,0/32
  38. Mechanism of Promoting Tumor Metastasis by Cyclooxygenase-2 and CCR7,YuShuYi/Central South University,0/501
  39. Screening Microbial Strains for Lignin Degradation and Optimizing the Fermentation Condition of Maize Stover by Multi-strains,ShiJiaoRui/Jilin University,0/575
  40. The Effect of the New Social Class Having on the Construction of Chinese Democratic Politics,YuWenHua/Hunan University,2/239
  41. On Chinese Traditional "He" Culture and the Construction of Peaceful Diplomatic Policy of China,LiAiLan/Hunan University,0/357
  42. Optimising the Fermentation Condition of Maize Stover by Candida Tropicalis and Aspergillus Niger,LiuZhongYuan/Jilin University,1/556
  43. Ultrasonography Evaluate Cerebrovascular Reactivity of Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Hypertension,ZhaoJinHui/Dalian Medical University,2/62
  44. The Value of Parotid Gland Ultrasonography as a Diagnostic Tool in Second Sj(?)gren’s Syndrome,SongZeZhou/Dalian Medical University,0/84
  45. Toxic Trial of Gan Kang Capsule and Its Protection of Hepatic Injury,ChengJunPing/Central South University,1/125
  46. Primary Screen of Active Sites Extracted from Actinidia Chinensis,OuYangHongTao/Central South University,1/129
  47. Mapping the Disease Genes for Four Families with Inherited Defects,YangYongJia/Central South University,0/117
  48. Kiwi roots ethanol extract and Evodiamine monomer regulate CCR7 expression in SW480 cells,ZhouZhiQun/Central South University,2/62
  49. Fluorescent silicon nano -10-23DRz inhibit HBV particles experimental study,JiWuYang/Central South University,0/40
  50. Research on Administrative Legislative Supervision System in China,WuZuo/Hunan University,2/278

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