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  1. The Research on the Content Structure of Abusive Supervision and Its Relationship with other Factors in the Context of Chinese Culture,ZhangZuo/Henan University,0/3
  2. The Influence of Abusive Supervision on Organizational Commitment: the Mediating Effect of Followership,ZhangPengTao/Henan University,0/4
  3. Abusive Supervision and Staff’s Self-Regulated Learning: the Moderating Effect of Organizational Psychologi Cal Safety,ZhangYao/Henan University,0/4
  4. The Effects of Abusive Supervision on Subordinates’ Behavioral Performance: Based on the Mediator of Shame,LiuJianXiong/Henan University,1/139
  5. The Mediation Effects of Interactional justice between Abusive Supervision and Counterproductive Behaviour,HuangLei/Henan University,0/270
  6. The Study on the Subordinates’ Coping Styles of Abusive Supervision and Its Relationship with Other Factors within Chinese Context,ZhiPengRui/Henan University,0/5
  7. Abusive Supervision and Employee Workplace Deviance Behavior,ChengZhiCong/Henan University,0/4
  8. The Research on the Impact of Abusive Supervision on Employees’ Negative Emotions,ZhaoYuHua/Henan University,0/2
  9. Research into the Mechanism about Abusive Supervision and Its Corresponding Deviation Behaviors from Employees,WangXiaoHua/Henan University,0/143
  10. The Research on Relationship between the University Students’ Entrepreneurial Learning and Entrepreneurial Opportunity Identification-Based on the Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Alertness,WangFei/Henan University,0/447
  11. Migrant Workers Entrepreneursmp Tacit Knowledge Learning and Entrepreneurial Performance,WangErShuai/Henan University,0/153
  12. A Study on the Relationship among Superiors’ Abusive Supervision, Subordinates’ Angry Emotion and Performance Behavior,ZhuZuoYing/Henan University,2/112
  13. The Relationship between Workplace Incivility and Job Performance,WangShuXing/Henan University,0/2
  14. The Impact of Team Diversity and Team Conflict on Team Cooperated-learning,LiXingZuo/Henan University,3/927
  15. A Study on the Relationship between Perceived Job Insecurity and Self-Regulated Learning,LiGuangPeng/Henan University,2/260
  16. Research on the Relationship between Organizational Retaliation Behavior, Organizational Justice Perception, Self-esteem,WangZhiJun/Henan University,2/393
  17. The Relationship of Perceived Supervisor Support、Organization-based Self-esteem and Career Commitment,JiaoLiLi/Henan University,5/388
  18. The Relationship among Career Planning, Work Values and General Self-efficacy of Postgraduate,YuHaiBin/Henan University,12/1150
  19. The Influence of Emotional Labor on Stress Reaction about Insurance Salesman,SunLiZhi/Henan University,3/299
  20. Relation of the Vocational Women Time Management, Work-Family Conflicts and Job Stress,JiaFangFang/Henan University,1/711
  21. The Study on the Structure of Employee Psychological Ownership for Job and Its Related Factors in Private Enterprise,WangDan/Henan University,0/172
  22. The Influence of Employees’ Emotional Labor and Organizational Commitment on Service Sabotage in Restaurant Service,LiXinXia/Henan University,7/562
  23. The Research on the Relationship between the Organizational Psychological Safety and Organizational Citizenship Behavior,XiZiQiang/Henan University,3/521
  24. The Influence of Different Goal Orientation on the Student’s Achievement Level,LuoJingLi/Henan University,0/96
  25. The Influence of Locus of Control on Self-handicapping and Learning Achievements of Middle School Students,WangJin/Henan University,6/446
  26. Research on Career Stagnation of Middle School and Elementary School Teachers,XiYuan/Henan University,0/78
  27. The Research on the Relationship between Self-esteem, Social Support and Coping Style in Male Prisoners,WangXiuHua/Henan University,3/317
  28. The Study on Relationship of Perfectionism and Suicidal Intention in Undergraduates,ChangBaoRui/Henan University,6/518
  29. A Study on the Relationship among Emotional Labor, Emotional Exhaustion and Mental Health about Retail Industry Employee,ChenRuiJun/Henan University,25/909
  30. The Research of Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Organization Commitment,LiuHaiLing/Henan University,19/523
  31. A Study on Employees’ Work Values,ZhaoHui/Henan University,31/918
  32. A Research on the Relationship between Performance Manage and Organizational Citizenship Behavior,LuoMingLiang/Henan University,19/746
  33. The Moderate Role of Responsibility Attribution in the Relationship Between Organizational Fairness and Organizational Commitment of Construction Employees,ChenChaoWei/Henan University,0/120
  34. The Relationship between Venture Team Learning and Entrepreneurial Performance Based on the Mediate of the Entrepreneurial Team Competency,LiYongYao/Henan University,1/401
  35. Research on the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Team Mood and Entrepreneurial Performance,ZhengZhenYu/Henan University,1/299
  36. Study on Relationship between Entrepreneurial Learning and Opportunities Recognition,YueWei/Henan University,1/158
  37. The Study on Entreneurial Learning of Small Business Owners,JiaSheLi/Henan University,1/157
  38. Entrepreneurs tacit knowledge structure and its related research,DanZuoYan/Henan University,1/210
  39. Research on the Relationship Between College Students’ Entrepreneurial Attitude and Entrepreneurial Intention,RanXiaoLi/Henan University,4/654
  40. Research on Relationship Among College Students Proactive Personality, Entrepreneurial Intention and Entrepreneurial Learning,LiHui/Henan University,1/373
  41. Graduate Students’achievement Motivation and Entrepreneurial Learning: the Mediator Effect of Entrepreneurship Values,WangXiaoLi/Henan University,1/231
  42. The Study of College Student’s Entrepreneurial Learning Intention and Its Correlative Factors,WangLi/Henan University,0/537
  43. Role Stress and Service Sabotage: the Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction,ZhaoRui/Henan University,1/291
  44. Role Stress and Emotional Labor: The Mediator Effect of Social Support,WangJing/Henan University,3/882
  45. The Research of Work-Family Enrichment in the Enterprise,WeiHongYan/Henan University,3/165
  46. The Political Skill of the Enterprise Staff and Its Related Study,LuYanLi/Henan University,4/159
  47. University Library Customer Satisfaction Study,ZhangKai/Henan University,3/723
  48. The Study of College Student’s Entrepreneurial Learning and Its Influential Factors,ChenJing/Henan University,15/956
  49. Organization Impression Management and Related Research,LiuXiuHua/Henan University,1/141
  50. Proactive Personality and Creative Performance of Employees:The Mediating Effect of Self-Efficiency,WuXiangHua/Henan University,0/168

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