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  1. Research on a New Method of Multipotent Stem Cell Induced from Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts Which Incubated with the ESC-like Extraction,ZhangCuiPing/Southwestern University,0/36
  2. Study on Sex Identification of Mouse Preimplantational Embryos and Embryonic Fibroblasts,HeYun/Southwestern University,0/44
  3. Cell-free Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs) Extract-mediated Derivation of Induced Multipotent Stem Cells (IPSCs) from Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEFs),XiaoXiong/Southwestern University,0/181
  4. The Identify Heterosexual Source Synthem for Mice ESCs in Vitro Derivative of Multipotent Stem Cells from Differentiated Somatic Cells,DengYuJin/Southwestern University,0/8
  5. Research on Blastula Generation Pathway for Therapeutic Embryonic Stem Cell and Relating Problems,WuJianZhong/Southwestern University,0/75
  6. Research in Effects of the Quality Factors of Seminal Fluid Experimented in SPA on IUI,MaChuanHua/Southwestern University,1/68
  7. Study on Accessing Parthenogenetic Embryos by Mouse MI Oocytes,CiShuFeng/Southwestern University,0/90
  8. Study on the Culture of Mouse Embryonic Chimeras between Male and Parthenogenetic Embryo,ZhangLiang/Southwestern University,0/84
  9. Research on Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors(TSA) for the Early Development of Somatic Cloning Embryo,YouHaiHong/Southwestern University,0/156
  10. Induction of Rat Epidermal Stem Cell Differentiation into Dental Epithelium,BaiXiYun/Southwestern University,0/90
  11. Research on Different Substance in Operation Medium Influencing the ICSI Yield in Porcine,ChenJing/Southwestern University,0/79
  12. Effect of Delayed Germinal Vesicle Breakdown on Porcine Oocytes Maturation in Vitro,ZhangJinPing/Southwestern University,0/148
  13. The Effect on in Vitro Fertilization and Polyspermy between Ejaculate and Epididymis Semen,YinJun/Southwestern University,0/113
  14. Study on the Remodeling of Nucleus and Development of the Porcine Granulosa Cell Nuclear Transfer Embryos,ZhangLi/Southwestern University,0/110
  15. Study on Related Problems about Oocytes TII Enucleation in the Procedure of Pig Cumulu Cells Nuclear Transfer,HanShuBiao/Southwestern University,0/71
  16. The Influence of Different Activation Method to Porcine Cumulus Cell Nuclear Transfer,WangAiPing/Southwestern University,1/55
  17. Studies on the Immune Ability of Zailikang on Pig,HuangYong/Southwest Agricultural University,0/120
  18. Program Freezing Studies on Cryopreservation of Buffalo GV Oocyte,XiaoKaiTian/Southwest Agricultural University,3/63
  19. Developmental Potential Studies on the Second Polar Body of Mouse,ZhangShiSheng/Southwest Agricultural University,1/71
  20. Sex Discrimination on Mouse Embryos in Early Stage by PCR,GaoZuo/Southwest Agricultural University,0/101
  21. The Study of Activation of Mouse Oocytes by Electrical Inducement of Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3,WangZuo/Southwest Agricultural University,1/33
  22. Studies on Cryo-preservation of Bovine Ooctyes,BaoHuaQiong/Southwest Agricultural University,5/103
  23. Study on Qick Vitrification Cryopreservation of Buffalo Oocytes,TangYeGang/Southwestern University,2/49
  24. Researches on the Relation of Nucleus with Cytoplasm in Porcine Cumulus Cell Nuclear Transfer,SunMingHui/Southwestern University,0/98
  25. Research of Mouse Early Embryos Culture in Vitro,JiGaoFeng/Southwestern University,0/105
  26. The Spatio-temporal Expression of Leptin during Embryo Peri-Implantation Process in Mice,GaoLiFang/Southwestern University,0/46
  27. Rearches on Round Spermatid Injection (ROSI) and Relating Problems in Porcine,BaoLei/Southwestern University,0/58
  28. Study on Optimizing the Procedure of Early Porcine Embryonic Cell Nuclear Transfer,CaoShengLan/Southwestern University,0/92
  29. Study on Buffalo-bovine Interspecies Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer,GuoHaiYing/Southwestern University,0/62
  30. The Effect of Oocyte Maturation Inhibitor on Porcine Oocyte Maturation,ZhouHongBin/Southwestern University,2/113
  31. Study on Sex Identification of IVF Embryos in Buffalo,WuJianZhong/Southwestern University,2/62
  32. Researches on Optimization and Simplification of Cumulus Cell Nuclear Transfer Procedures in Porcine,YangChunYan/Southwestern University,1/74
  33. A Preliminary Study on Isolation and Culture of Porcine Preantral Follicles,JinShuangXing/Southwest Agricultural University,2/125
  34. A Preliminary Study on the Aggregation of Porcine for Making Chimeras,HuaYunFang/Southwest Agricultural University,1/92
  35. Study on the Porcine Cumulus Cell Nuclear Transfer,SuoYongShan/Southwest Agricultural University,1/125
  36. Decondensation of the Sperm Nucleus Effects on the Male Pronucleus and Embryo Development of Porcine Oocytes after Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI),XiaoXiong/Southwest Agricultural University,0/129
  37. Study on the Activation and Parthenogenetic Development of Porcine IVM Oocytes,LiuZhenWei/Southwest Agricultural University,1/135
  38. Study on the in vitro maturation and fertilization of follicular oocytes from buffalo,XieYing/Southwest Agricultural University,9/130
  40. Synthetic tubal fluid serum of cattle vitro fertilization and embryo development rate,ChenFang/Southwest Agricultural University,0/82
  41. Cloning of the Four Candidate Imprinted Genes in the Pig DLK1-DIO3 Domain and Their Monallelic Expression Analysis,YangZongLin/Southwestern University,0/119
  42. The Study on Influencing Factors of Chimeric Parthenogenetic Embryos Development and Different Sex Rate about the ICM of the Chimeric Parthenogenetic Blastula,LiYongQiang/Southwestern University,0/88
  43. The Observation in White Blood Cell Nucleolus of Rat Transfer into Enucleared Mouse Oocytes to Generate Blastocysts,HouXinGao/Southwestern University,0/47
  44. The Research on Partheno-activation Method to Improve the Formation Rate of Heterozygous Diploid Blastula,QiuXiaoYan/Southwestern University,1/59
  45. Research on Parthenogenetic Development of Mouse Recombinant Oocyte Which Was Removed Sperm Nucleus after Engraft PB1,WangJianHua/Southwestern University,0/65
  46. In Vitro Culture of Single Blastomere Derived from Mouse Eight-cell Embryos and Isolation and Identification of Its Embryonic Stem Like-cells,ZhaoFang/Southwestern University,0/77
  47. The Production Way to Artificial Heterozygous Tetraploid Parthenogenetic Embryo of Mouse and in Vitro Development Effect,ZhangShiWei/Southwestern University,0/3

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