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  1. Evolution of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty Ceramic Yuhuchun Vase Shape,LiuJiaJia/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/47
  2. Psychological State、Quality of Life and Related Factors in Renal Transplantation Recipients,ZhouQinFei/Central South University,0/24
  3. The Conservation Biology of the Endangered Butterfly Luehdorfia Taibai,GuoZhenYing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/29
  4. University Human Resource Web Information Management System Development and Realization,WangQin/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/44
  5. Tong Bian Cheng Qi-The Pre-Qin of Object-creating "Xiang" Bionic Design Aesthetic Study,JiangXianJia/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/124
  6. Research of the Relationship between Text and Images of Yongzheng Enamel,ChenPeiJie/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/62
  7. Based on Cultural and Psychological Structure Song Ceramic of Yaozhou Carve Decoration Research,FangFeng/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/83
  8. The Song Dynasty Ceramic Pour Wine Wares Modelling Design Research,LiYan/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/111
  9. Study of Decorative Beauty about Black-and-white Porcelain Pillow of Cizhou Kiln in Period of Song, Jin and Yuan Dynasties,ShangQingYuJing/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/131
  10. Research on the Sharp and Decoration of Gourd-shaped Vase in Qing Dynasty Kangxi Yongzheng and Dry Kilns,WangShuang/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/145
  11. The Characteristic of Song Dynasty Ceramic Incense Burner,WeiYiMin/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/181
  12. Research on Artistry of Crane Patterned Chinaware During Jia-jing Dynasty,JiangZuoFang/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/14
  13. Design Survey of Mug in the Network Market,XuanChenQiong/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/11
  14. The Ming Dynasty Jingdezhen Porcelain Bowl of Design Research,HanLiYa/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/25
  15. Research on the Characteristics of Korean Modern Life Ceramic Art,FuZuo/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,1/72
  16. Primitive Fish Patterns of Painted Pottery Study Based on Plane Formation,ZhangYuanZuo/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/131
  17. A Comparative Study of Chinese Traditional Fine Brushwork Flower-and-Birds Painting and Modern Pastel Flower-and Birds Decoration in the Form Language,WangShaSha/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/129
  18. The Study on Design Aesthetics,DongXia/Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,0/157
  19. Intergenerational Transmission of Male-perpetrated Intra-familial Severe Physical Violence:from Psychosocial-pathological-genetic Perspectives,LiuNa/Central South University,0/346
  20. Psychological Experiences of Transplantation in Kidney Recipients,HouYanBin/Central South University,0/0
  21. National Epidemiological Survey and Analysis on Counselors and Psychotherapists in China,LiuXiaoMin/Central South University,0/1
  22. Molecular Characterization of the Effects of Cantharidin in Helicoverpa Armigera Hubner,Rashid Ahmed Khan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/1
  23. The Military Officer Vocational Personality Scale: Development, Reliability and Validity,WangZuoRong/Central South University,8/510
  24. Correlation between Psychological Characteristics of the Pre-postnatal, Neurobiochemical Mechanism in Neonates and Domestic Violence and Impact of Gene-environment Interaction on Infants’ Cognitive-behavioral Development,ZhangYong/Central South University,1/564
  25. Studies on Characters and Related Factors of Somatization Disorder,ZhangChaoHui/Central South University,0/367
  26. Study on Spousal Violence: Psychosocial Risk Factors and Its Strategies of Psychological Preventive Intervention,ZouShaoHong/Central South University,1/816
  27. Study on Competency Model of the Psychotherapist,XiangHui/Central South University,9/1060
  28. Relationship between Traumatic Events and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Psychological Characteristics, Cognitive Function and Psychobio-chemistry of PTSD among Female Inmates,HuangGuoPing/Central South University,2/575
  29. Study on Domestic Violence in Hunan,CaoYuPing/Central South University,5/853
  30. Child Abuse Scale and Child Neglect Scale: Development, Reliability and Validity,YangShiChang/Central South University,7/1264
  31. Study on Clinical Characteristics, Defense Mechanism, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Monoamine Neurotransmitters of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Diagnosed Primarily,WangGuoQiang/Central South University,1/406
  32. Neurological Mechanism of Contextual Fear Memory of Rat Model of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder,TaoZuo/Central South University,0/288
  33. Systematic Study on Leafhopper Subfamily Stegelytrinae of the World (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae),WeiZuo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/156
  34. Biogeography of Cicadellidae (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha),YuanZhongLin/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/307
  35. Systematic Study on Leafhopper Subfamily Penthimiinae from China (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae),SunQiang/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/189
  36. Systematic Study of Typhlocybini from China (Homoptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae),HuangMin/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/193
  37. Systematic Study on Leafhopper Subfamily Selenocephalinae from Asia-Pacific Area (Homoptera: Cicadellidae),ShangSuQin/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/132
  38. Study on Butterfly Diversity and Endangered Mechanisms and Conservation Methods of Rare Species in Baishuijiang Natural Reserve,LiXiuShan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,2/272
  39. Taxonomic Study on Chinese Empoascini (Homoptera: Cicadellidae),QinDaoZheng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,2/218
  40. Chinese transverse ridges leafhopper taxonomy,YangLingHuan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,3/132
  41. Dating Relationship, Dating Violence and Its Influence Factors among University Students,HeYing/Central South University,2/1466
  42. Cultural Differences in Category Learning,ChenHuan/Central South University,0/212
  43. Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea) from China,XueGuoXi/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/279
  44. Groups attribution training on depression , anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder in patients with psychosomatic effects and neurobiological mechanisms,WangChun/Central South University,1/894
  45. Cross-sectional Study on Chronic Elderly Schizophrenic Patients in Taiwan: Symptoms, Cognition and Functioning,HuangZhao/Central South University,0/183
  46. Study on Toxicology of Coriaria Lactone on Mythimna Separata,GuoXinRong/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/118
  47. Biocontrol of Batocera Horsfieldi (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) with Parasitoid Dastarcus Helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae),LiJianQing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/127
  48. Effect of Plants Diversity on Insect Communities in Apple Orchards in the Loess Plateau,WeiYongPing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/77
  49. Systematic Study on World Evacanthinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae),ZhangXinMin/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/89
  50. Chinese yellow butterfly subfamily classification ( Lepidoptera: Pieridae ),ZhangTianTao/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/271

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