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The Military Officer Vocational Personality Scale: Development, Reliability and Validity

Author: WangZuoRong
Tutor: ZhangYaLin
School: Central South University
Course: Psychiatry and Mental Health
Keywords: vocational personality scale reliability validity military officers
CLC: E0-051
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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Objective: The aim of this study was to: (1) Explore the theory model of vocational personality of military officers. (2) Develop a Scale of Military Officer Vocational Personality (MOVPS). (3) Assess the reliability and validity of MOVPS.Methods: The samples consisted of 1390 military officers, 215 soldiers and 83 civil servants. 70 military officers were re-tested with MOVPS at interval of 10 days. 104 officers were administered with MOVPS and EPQ. 99 officers were administered with MOVPS and MBTI. An integrated model of military officers’ vocational personality was constructed through questionnaire and job analysis. A Scale of Military Officer Vocational Personality was developed according to the model. Factor analysis and correlation analysis were used to examine the reliability and validity of MOVPS.Results: (1) The MOVPS consisted of 84 items. (2) Exploratory principal component analysis of the items identified that the scale had twelve first-order factors and two second-order factors, explaining 39.8% and 55.1% of the total variance respectively. Twelve first-order factors were labled as follows: F1: integrity and loyalty, F2: braveness and diligency, F3: leadership, F4: openness and brightness, F5: responsibility, F6: enterprise, F7: optimism, F8: affinity, F9: self-confidence, F10: harmony, F11: sacrifice spirit, F12: independence. Two second-order factors were labled as follows: D1: military virtue and faculty, D2: interpersonal relationship and selfhood. (3) Internal consistency analysis showed that the mean inter-item correlation (MIIC) coefficients ranged from 0.19 to 0.31, the Cronbach a coefficients ranged from 0.47 to 0.92, the split-half reliability ranged from 0.41 to 0.85 and the re-test reliability ranged from 0.692 to 0.918. (4) Interscale correlations studies showed that the correlations between the first- and second-order factor scores and the total scores ranged from 0.334 to 0.779. All the first-order factors had a higher correlation with their corresponding second-order factor than with the other second-order factor. (5) Confirmed factor analysis studies showed that the data fitted well with theory model. (6) The number of significant correlation coefficients between MOVPS and EPQ was 31, which was 18 between MOVPS and MBTI, accounting for 51.7% and 30.0% of total correlation coefficients respectively. (7) Gender difference studies showed that the scores of leadership and optimism in men were significantly higher than those in women, and the score of affinity in men was significantly lower than that in women. (8) Service year difference studies showed that significant distinctiones were found in scores of braveness and diligency, leadership, self-conficence, sacrifice spirit, and in scores of two second-order factors and total scale also. (9) Military type difference studies showed that significant distinctiones were found in scores of leadership, affinity, harmony, self-conficence, sacrifice spirit, independence. Significant distinctiones were found in scores of interpersonal relationship and selfhood and total scale also. (10) The scores of total scale, interpersonal relationship and selfhood, braveness and diligency, leadership, openness and brightness, self-conficence, sacrifice spirit in military officers were significantly higher than those in soldiers. The score of enterprise in military officers were significantly lower than that in soldiers. The score of enterprise in military officers was significantly higher than that in civil servants. The scores of leadership, self-conficence in military officers were significantly lower than those in civil servants.Conclusions: (1) Factor analysis showed that the structure of the MOVPS was reasonable, which was consistent with the practical data. (2) The MOVPS has good psychometric properties and might be used in psychological education, training, evaluation, and selection of military officers.

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