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  1. The Study on José Ortegay Gasset’s Thoughts of High Education,LiuNing/Hebei University,0/4
  2. Research on Clark Kerr’s Ideas of University Presidents,ZhaoYuXiu/Hebei University,0/8
  3. A Study on American Herbartian School Movement,GuoQingXia/Hebei University,1/138
  4. Modern Overseas Students to Japan and Educational Modernization of Zhili Province (1896-1928),FanGuoFu/Hebei University,0/320
  5. A Comparative Study on the Education Reform of the Westernization Movement and the Education Reform of the Meiji Restoration,YangYong/Hebei University,0/672
  6. A Study of Universal Compulsory Education in Modern Japan,LiuShan/Hebei University,3/714
  7. On the Development of Science & Technology Education in U.k. in the Late Half of 19th Century,GaoZhiLiang/Hebei University,0/346
  8. A Study of the Western European Monastic Education in the Middle Ages,WangKai/Hebei University,1/244
  9. Segregation, Amalgamation and Pluralism: The Educational History of Chinese Americans,ChenYingXue/Hebei University,0/351
  10. Research on the History of Mongolian Education Development,FengFuLin/Hebei University,4/262
  11. Research on the Reform of University of Cambridge in 19th Century,ZhouBaoLi/Hebei University,1/372
  12. Temporary Educational Conference and Development of Japan Private Universities,ZhangRuYi/Hebei University,0/137
  13. The Study on the Development of American Multicultural Education in University,GongQiaoPing/Hebei University,5/524
  14. The Study on the Equalization of Education in America Since Brown V. Board of Education,LiuXiaoPeng/Hebei University,13/615
  15. The Functions of Kouminkan in Social Education in Japan,MaLiHua/Hebei University,5/254
  16. Cause and Recovery of "The Problem Child",ZhangWan/Hebei University,2/266
  17. The Foundation and Enlightenment of University Science Parks in Britain,QiuYanPing/Hebei University,1/242
  18. New Humanism’s View of University and Its Influence on German Universities’ Reforms in 19th Century,MuXiaoYan/Hebei University,5/370
  19. Tappan’s Thoughts on University Education and Reforms in the University of Michigan,FanJianHua/Hebei University,1/130
  20. A Study on T.H. Huxley’s Thoughts of Science Education,TanHuiLing/Hebei University,2/316
  21. A Study on the Development System of Adult Education in Post-war American Community College,WeiYunChang/Hebei University,6/481
  22. The Evolvement of the American Federal Government’s Educational Policy for the America Indians,DiQiaoXiang/Hebei University,9/408
  23. Postwar American Educational Research and Development Cooperation,ZhangZuo/Hebei University,6/309
  24. A Study on Francis L. H. Pott’s School Running Concept and Education Practice,ZhaoXiaoBing/Hebei University,1/99
  25. Thoughts of Fu Baochen,FuWeiHua/Hebei University,1/58
  26. Boling Physical Education Thought and Its Implications,MaGuoZhen/Hebei University,4/183
  27. The Exploration on Goodman Paul’s Free School Educational Thought,LiuXiaoFei/Hebei University,0/55
  28. The Research on Feng Guifeng’s Educational Thought of Western Applying,KongHaiBin/Hebei University,0/39
  29. A Research on the Thought of John Holt’s Home Schooling Education,ZhuYunYan/Hebei University,0/122
  30. Charlotte Mason Family Educational Thoughts and Practice explore,GaoYunXiao/Hebei University,0/110
  31. Thomas Jefferson’s Elementary Educational Thought and Its Effect,LiYaNan/Hebei University,1/88
  32. The Modern German University Academic Chair System and Its Impact,ChenLiuPing/Hebei University,1/148
  33. A Research on the Henry Barnard’s Comparative Education Ideology,GaoQing/Hebei University,0/27
  34. A Research on the Thoghts of Holmes’s Comparative Education,HanChunHua/Hebei University,0/51
  35. Masemann and the Method of Ethnography in the Study of Comparative Education,ZhuYueLing/Hebei University,0/30
  36. A Research on the Matthew Arnold’s Educational Thought of State Intervention,MiGuangNing/Hebei University,1/48
  37. The Study on the Reform and Development of Teachers’ Study and Self-improvement System in Japan after World War Ⅱ,GaoXiangJie/Hebei University,5/82
  38. A Study of Liao Shicheng’s Thought and Practice of Quality Education,GaoYanMing/Hebei University,1/36
  39. The Course, Experience and Enlightenment of Universitization of Teacher Education in America,SuYan/Hebei University,0/123
  40. Educational Liberation and Liberating Education,NieCong/Hebei University,1/88
  41. A Study on Shu Xincheng’s Secondary Education Thoughts,ChenZuo/Hebei University,1/37
  42. A Study on Flexner’s Idea on Modern Universities and Its Practicability,ZhaoFengLi/Hebei University,2/107
  43. The Emergence, Development and Influence of Seminar in Modern Germany,CuiLiLi/Hebei University,1/74
  44. On the Rising of American Apollo Group and Its Enlightenment,WangBaiYing/Hebei University,2/53
  45. A Study on Kerschensteiner’s Thought of Labouring Education and Its Practicability,MaLiZhi/Hebei University,0/35
  46. The Western European Apprenticeship: Appear and Flourish and Decline,XuLiWen/Hebei University,0/25
  47. Research on School-running Ideas and Practice of Yenching University,WangYunHui/Hebei University,0/261
  48. After World War II the United States special education legislation Evolution and Enlightenment,LiuKun/Hebei University,1/263
  49. On the Impact and Models of the Rockefeller Foundation on the Education of African-Americans,ZhangXiangPing/Hebei University,0/57
  50. The Utilitarian Educational Thought of Franklin and Its Effect,ZhangLiHua/Hebei University,0/204

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