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  1. Morning Blood Pressure Peak and Elderly Hypertension of the Doctor of TCM Syndrome Types of Correlation,ZhaoWei/Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/2
  2. The Consturction and Application of Special Subject Learning Website About Psychiatric Nursing,ZhaoWei/Zhengzhou University,0/59
  3. Differential Expression of miR-34b/c and Predicetd Target Genes of Testicular Tissue among Different Development Stages of Swine,ZhaoWei/Jilin University,0/48
  4. Study on Near-natural Landscaping Design Method of Jiuhua Scenic,ZhaoWei/Anhui Agricultural University,0/31
  5. Application of Machine Vision on Nondestructive Determination and Classifying of Watermelon,ZhaoWei/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/0
  6. Study on the Effect of Environmental Factors on the Growth and Development of Rice Root,ZhaoWei/Yangzhou University,0/19
  7. Design and Realization of Digital Storage Oscilloscope Base on Equivalent Sampling,ZhaoWei/Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/188
  8. Research on Calibration Techniques for Multiport Vector Network Analyzer,ZhaoWei/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,3/239
  9. Research on SOC Estimating and Equalizing Charging for Storage Batteries,ZhaoWei/Hefei University of Technology,0/191
  10. The Relay Protection Method Research and Simulation for the Distribution Network with Distributed Generation,ZhaoWei/Hunan University,1/140
  11. Study on the Control Strategies of Microgrid,ZhaoWei/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/239
  12. Research on Oxygen-enriched Combustion Mechanism and Combustion Paths of Diesel Engine,ZhaoWei/Tianjin University,1/202
  13. The Coordination Analysis Between the Main Structure and Geological Environment of the City Circle of Chongqing Country Parks,ZhaoWei/Chengdu University of Technology,0/19
  14. Research of Interchageability of the Mixture of Biogas and Natural Gas,ZhaoWei/Chongqing University,0/1
  15. Application Research of Work Load Control in Elevator Cabin Manufacturing,ZhaoWei/Guangdong University of Technology,0/21
  16. Study on Surrogate Model Methods for Structural Reliability Analysis,ZhaoWei/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/7
  17. Hardware-in-loop System’s Simulation Based on Vehicle Steering-by-Wire Platform,ZhaoWei/Hunan University,0/169
  18. Dynamic Effect of the Du Mountain Tunnel Phyllite Surrounding Rocks,ZhaoWei/Chengdu University of Technology,0/45
  19. Treatment of Defects and Effects Asseessment of the Piers Foundation in Karst Areas of Nanning-Kunming Railway Line,ZhaoWei/Southwest Jiaotong University,0/53
  20. Study on Detection and Control of Active Comprehensive Compensation Device on Electrified Railway,ZhaoWei/Lanzhou Jiaotong University,0/55
  21. Design of Hydraulic Catapult Mechanism and Research on Its Key Control Components,ZhaoWei/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/0
  22. The Research Paradigm Change of a General Theory of Design,ZhaoWei/Tianjin University,0/404
  23. The Establishment of Water Chemical Stability Evaluation Frame for the Low Hardness and Low Alkalinity Water,ZhaoWei/Hunan University,0/52
  24. Influence of High Magnetic Field on Structure and Property of In-situ Deformed Cu-25%Ag Composite,ZhaoWei/Northeastern University,0/19
  25. Preparation and Properties of Protective Coating on Carbon Materials Used in Czochraski Single Crystal Silicon Furnace,ZhaoWei/Shandong University,0/107
  26. Research on the Energy-saving of Beam Pumping Units Based on the Virtual Prototype Technology,ZhaoWei/Jilin University,0/91
  27. Study on the properties of NBR / three EPDM / Montmorillonite Nanocomposites,ZhaoWei/Qingdao University,0/107
  28. Preparation of NR-g-PMMA by ATRP with One-step Method,ZhaoWei/Hainan University,0/92
  29. Phase Equilibrium of the Quarternary Systeym (Li+, Mg2+//SO42-, B4O72--H2O) and Its Ternary Subsystem at323.15K,ZhaoWei/Chengdu University of Technology,0/30
  30. Synthesis of Novel Phenyl Phosphine and Phosphine Oxide and Research of Flame Retarded Polymer,ZhaoWei/Northeast Forestry University,0/199
  31. Preparation of Poly (L-Lactic Acid) by Melt Polycondensation and the Effect of γ-Radiation on It,ZhaoWei/Zhengzhou University,0/10
  32. Effect of One-Dimensional ZnO Micronmaterial Interface on BSA Conformation,ZhaoWei/Northeast Normal University,0/14
  33. The Research of Reservoir Properties Modeling Methods Based on Seismic Data,ZhaoWei/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/70
  34. The Effects and Researches of Ionosphere to Gps Positioning,ZhaoWei/Nanjing University of Information Engineering,2/183
  35. Thermoelectric Transport in Quasi-One-Dimensional Defected Nanostructures,ZhaoWei/Xiangtan University,0/33
  36. The Research on Effects of Fluid-Structure Interaction on Acoustic Radiation of Underwater Structure,ZhaoWei/Harbin Engineering University,0/158
  37. Research on Knowledge Flow of Regional Innovation System (RIS):Complexity Science Management Persepective,ZhaoWei/Wuhan University,0/268
  38. Study of radial basis function Bernstein inequality bound region of,ZhaoWei/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/14
  39. Remote Sensing-Based Land Use/Land Cover Change and Its Effects on Ecological Environments,ZhaoWei/Southwestern University,2/2332
  40. Seasonal Variation of the Water Exchange in Luzon Strait,ZhaoWei/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),2/202
  41. Research on Reuse and Suppression of Freeform Features,ZhaoWei/Zhejiang University,2/126
  42. LRRFIP2 Negatively Regulates Trif-dependent TLR Signaling in Macrophages,ZhaoWei/Second Military Medical University,0/333
  43. Research on the Green High Speed Machining of Titanium Alloy,ZhaoWei/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,21/1161
  44. The Taoist Pantheon in the Mural Images of the Five Holly Mountains,ZhaoWei/Central Academy of Fine Arts,0/754
  45. X-ray absorption spectroscopy and crystallography combination of zinc metal the protease Acutolysin - A and Acutolysin-C activity center structure and function of,ZhaoWei/University of Science and Technology of China,0/183
  46. Research on Complex Fault Diagnosis of Multi-area Power Systems,ZhaoWei/China Electric Power Research Institute,5/909
  47. Physio-ecological Responses of Leymus Chinensis to Overgrazing and Clipping,ZhaoWei/Institute of Botany,2/579
  48. The Prototype and Evaluation System of Dictionaries of Translation Studies,ZhaoWei/Shandong University,1/337
  49. The Diagnostic Technique and Clinical Application of Gene Chip of Hepatitis Virus,ZhaoWei/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/277
  50. Study on Running Risk Surveillance and Early Warning System of RCCs,ZhaoWei/Shandong Agricultural University,11/1473

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