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  1. 1920—1927the Communist International's Understanding Toward Chinese National Bourgeoisie and Its Influence on CCP,WangZuo/Central China Normal University,0/0
  2. Ement of the Paris Commune and Its Contemporary Enlightenment Thought,LiJinXiao/Yunnan University,0/18
  3. On Discussion of the Principles of the Paris Commune and Clean Government,LiKe/Jilin University,0/48
  4. Study on joint exploration of World Communist Party after the cold war with the Communist parties of the world conference as an example,LiXiaoHan/Foreign Service Institute,0/50
  5. A Study of the Chavez’s21St Century Socialist Ideology,ShuTao/Yunnan University,0/99
  6. The Game between "Peaceful Evolution" and the International Communist Movement,HeChunLong/Jilin University,0/207
  7. Since the October Revolution , socialist theory developed in tortuous,YanShuHan/The Central Party School,0/687
  8. On the tortuous development of twentieth century socialism,GaoXinMin/The Central Party School,0/1656
  9. Striding Across the "Candine Forks" and the Practices of the Socialism in the 20th Century,ShiJiaoQun/The Central Party School,1/658
  10. Study of the Internet with the construction of socialist ideology,WuYuRong/The Central Party School,33/2635
  11. The free development of the socialist ideal and the reality - people,CaoHaiLing/Tianjin Normal University,2/706
  12. A Dissertation Concerning the Tortuous Development after WW Ⅱ and the New Exploration on Socialism of CPUSA,DingShuJie/Central China Normal University,0/317
  13. Knowledge-based economy and socialism,NiuXianFeng/The Central Party School,4/559
  14. Economic Globalization and Socialism,MaFengCheng/The Central Party School,0/1244
  15. Karl Kautsky's Marxism Research,SuYing/Shandong University,2/574
  16. Determine the nature of the socialist era practice selection,SunXinPeng/Tianjin Normal University,2/240
  17. The Research on the Second International Marxist Philosophy,ChenAiPing/Nankai University,0/216
  18. The Study on International Communist Movement during Anti-Fascist War,HuJinTao/Lanzhou University,0/168
  19. \,LeiXinZhou/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,3/257
  20. Understanding and Development of Marxism of Engels in Old Age and the Second International,HanZeDong/Henan University,0/224
  21. Ideological leadership : a major theoretical and practical issues,WangYongQiu/Shanghai Normal University,0/427
  22. The Rosa Luxemburg democracy Viewpoints,JiangNaiBing/East China Normal University,1/176
  23. Socialism Historical Development and Logical Revelation under the Background of Globalization,HanHua/Qufu Normal University,0/297
  24. The Influence and Historical Enlightenment of Oriental Society on the Traditional Socialism Pattern,ZhouZhi/Qufu Normal University,0/184
  25. Lenin's ideological and practical significance party supervision,LongHongFei/Hunan Normal University,4/301
  26. Methodological Thinking about the ability of the socialist countries,LiFengHua/Hunan Normal University,0/131
  27. On the twenty-first century socialism,NiXianMin/Southwest China Normal,0/301
  28. Economic Globalization and the Historical Destiny of Socialism,LiHongWei/Central China Normal University,0/282
  29. After the Cold War relationship between socialism and capitalism,PengXinJie/The Central Party School,0/257
  30. On Globalization and the Historical Destiny of Socialism,ZhaoMingLiang/Nanjing Normal University,0/661
  31. The trend of globalization and the world socialist historical fate,ZhaoYanBo/Northeast Normal University,0/352
  32. 1880-1895 Analysis of Bernstein 's ideological and theoretical and practical activities,ZhengYongChao/Liaocheng University,1/186
  33. From the traditional socialist model to socialism with Chinese characteristics.,LiuLing/Shandong Normal University,0/673
  34. Reflections on the Historical Process of Socialism in the 20th Century,YuDongMei/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/800
  35. The context of globalization socialist development strategic orientation,RenJunYing/Zhengzhou University,0/463
  36. The new technological revolution and the modern socialist,YanYongZuo/The Central Party School,0/437
  37. The unity of history and logic of knowledge about \,ShaoGang/Tianjin Normal University,0/449
  38. Eastern socialist theoretical origins and history of the process of orientation,TangWenZhang/Central China Normal University,0/133
  39. On the early Comintern , the Communist Party (Bolshevik ) \,WangXiaoBin/The Central Party School,1/206
  40. On Lenin 's socialist ideology of democratic supervision,LiuWei/The Central Party School,2/338
  41. Deng Xiaoping Thought of a new inter-party relations,XuDongHui/Capital Normal University,0/72
  42. A Comparative Study on Policies and Measures Dealing with Social Justice Problems of Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and Cuba,LiuShiYong/Shandong University,1/575
  43. Challenges of Globalization to Scientific Socialism and Response,ZhangJunGang/Shandong University,0/1270
  44. Analysis of the Influence of the Dissolution of Comintern on the Kuomintang-Communist Relations,WangChen/Northeast Normal University,0/99
  45. 1927-1935: The Dissemination of Marxism from Communist International and Influence on China,WangMeiMei/Central China Normal University,1/291
  46. Post-Cold War Era Study of Socialism in the World,MengXianBo/Liaocheng University,0/166
  47. Try to Discuss the View Karl Kautsky’s Democracy,ZhouQing/Zhengzhou University,1/107
  48. Rosa Luxembourg’s Democracy,WangLinLin/Zhengzhou University,1/86
  49. Preliminary Studies of the Arab Communist Movement,WangQiYuan/Harbin Normal University,0/52
  50. On Karl Kautsky’s Understanding of Materialist Conception of History,YangGang/Suzhou University,1/139

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