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  1. Studies about the Phrases of Uyghur Language Teaching Materials Used in Primary School,TuErDi·ReXiTi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/8
  2. Studying on Translation-spread of Kutadgu Bilik,LiuXia/East China Normal University,0/118
  3. "People" (Kiyafet-ul Beser) appearance came on syntactic features,HuXiDan·ABuDuXiKu/Central University for Nationalities,0/8
  4. Chinese Lexical Production Mechanism of Uyghur Bilinguals from the Tip-of-the-tongue Phenomena,HuYaJuan/Xinjiang Normal University,0/5
  5. Research of Elementary School Uyghur Textbooks' Person Verbs,DiLiDaEr·DiLiShaTi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/9
  6. Analysis of the Uygur Translation Skills of Chinese Public Signs,WangJuan/Kashgar Teachers College,0/15
  7. Research on the Use of Uyghur and Chinese Languages among the Uyghur and Han Merchants in the Shopping Malls in Grand Cross Street in Hami City,FanHuiRong/Xinjiang Normal University,0/14
  8. An Investigation into Willingness to Communicate and Motivation among College Uyghur Majors in Xinjiang,LiYang/Xinjiang Normal University,0/24
  9. Cultural Differences of the Cattle on the Uygur and Chinese Proverbs,YangRongRong/Xinjiang Normal University,0/10
  10. Determine the Meaning of in the Translation between Chinese and Uygur,NiuYan/Xinjiang Normal University,0/1
  11. Explore the Uighur-Chinese Interpretation Training in Interpreting Figures,LiLei/Xinjiang Normal University,0/5
  12. On Uyghur Inserted Language from the Perspective of Communicative Function,LiuJiangMing/Xinjiang Normal University,0/8
  13. Chinese Compliments the Uyghur Translation,WangZuo/Xinjiang Normal University,0/4
  14. Expression of Uyghur Auxiliary Verb+verb Category of form and in Chinese,YeGang/Xinjiang Normal University,0/3
  15. University Majoring in Uygur Language Learners' Translation Type Error Analysis,WangMin/Xinjiang Normal University,0/9
  16. Comparison and Translation of Metaphors of Love in Chinese and Uygur,LiuMan/Xinjiang Normal University,0/11
  17. Comparison of Chinese and Uighur Vulgar Language,LuoRuiZuo/Xinjiang Normal University,0/6
  18. Listening and Interpreting Training Method on Teaching in the Classroom,LiJiaMin/Xinjiang Normal University,0/4
  19. The Study on the Inversion of Word Order of Uyghur and the Corresponding Expression in Chinese,WangXiaoQing/Xinjiang Normal University,0/1
  20. The Uygur Chinese Interprets Stops the Phenomenon Analysis,LiuLi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/4
  21. Analyses the Chinese Translation of Passive Sentences in Uyghur Language,HuangJing/Xinjiang Normal University,0/5
  22. Comparative Study of Chinese Onomatopoeia and Uighur Mimic of Words and Translation Methods,WangShaSha/Xinjiang Normal University,0/5
  23. Analysis of the Types and Their Translation of the Chinese Uyghur Abbreviations,ZhaoLiLi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/2
  24. A Study on Han-uyghur Translation of the Names of Han Dishes and Snacks,WangChen/Xinjiang Normal University,0/16
  25. The Chinese Language the Uigur Language of the Idiom Translation Method Discuss and Analyse,ShiQiuMei/Xinjiang Normal University,0/23
  26. The Translation of Chinese and Uighur Food Trademark,YangXue/Xinjiang Normal University,0/4
  27. Analysis of Uyghur Antithetic Word Types and Characteristics,XuZuo/Xinjiang Normal University,0/5
  28. Multidimensional Analysis and Study on the Dimension of Translation Translation Mistranslation,LiuMin/Xinjiang Normal University,0/4
  29. An Analysis of Chinese Sentences without Subjects of Uighur Translation,ZhangAiHui/Xinjiang Normal University,0/5
  30. Cultural Differences Impact on the Chinese Translation of the Uighur,ZhouLiLi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/11
  31. Analysis of Metaphor "In the Night of Kashi",ZhaoCui/Xinjiang Normal University,0/3
  32. The Lexical Cohesion Explore Uighur Its Revelation of Discourse Teaching,HeJianFang/Xinjiang Normal University,0/2
  33. Analysis of the Uyghur Translation of Chinese Compound Words,FengQingHua/Xinjiang Normal University,0/6
  34. Modern Uyghur Novel's Title and Translation Studies,LanLingLing/Xinjiang Normal University,0/10
  35. Translation of Xinjiang News from Mandarin into Uygur Language Version under the Theory of Skopos,ZhaoLi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/4
  36. New Exploration of Word Translation between Chinese and Uygur Reduction,ChuShaSha/Xinjiang Normal University,0/19
  37. Brief Analysis Kashi Area Uygur Geographic Name Cultural Connotation,WangBingZuo/Xinjiang Normal University,0/21
  38. The Word "It" the Subjectivity and the Uygur Language Expression in Chinese,YanZhengJun/Xinjiang Normal University,0/10
  39. Chinese Network Language and Its Translation,FuJingJing/Xinjiang Normal University,0/12
  40. Use of Idioms and Its Translation,ChenLiuJi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/10
  41. Chinese Imperative Sentence in Uygur Language's Translation,BoQinXiang/Xinjiang Normal University,0/7
  42. Xinjiang Campus Public Signs Chinese Uygur Language Translate Analysis,YangJing/Xinjiang Normal University,0/7
  43. Study on conversion techniques and types in the translation between Chinese and Uygur,TuMaErSi·WuSiMan/Xinjiang University,0/50
  44. In Tarim University Language Survey of Minority Students,ZhangLiTao/,0/2
  45. The Study of Adverting Language from the Perspective of Uygur Translation Seemlike Language,ZhaoGaiLian/Kashgar Teachers College,0/1
  46. A Probe into the Vocabulary of the Han, Uighur Taste,ZhangRenWen/Xinjiang Normal University,0/15
  47. Uyghur-Chinese Code-switching and Its Social Factors,GuLiZhaEr·TuErDi/Shanghai International Studies University,0/39
  48. Comparative Study on Image of Chinese and Uygur Language Words,AYiNuEr·TuErZuo(Aynur-Tursun)/Kashgar Teachers College,0/2
  49. Based on Named Entity Uygur-Chinese Translation Rules and Resources Construction Research,NuErBiYa·TuLaFu/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/5
  50. A Study of Eimin.Ahmidi's Translation Works,MaiErYeMu·TuErZuo/Kashgar Teachers College,0/5

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