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  1. Expression of FGFR2 IIIc and Its Mutations with Lentiviral System and Preliminary Research of These Effect on Cells,LiLiLing/Jinan University,0/49
  2. The Basal Transcriptional Activation of FGFR2 is Mediated by Nuclear Factor Y in Osteoblast-Like Cells,MaJi/Jinan University,0/53
  3. RNAi-induced Inhibition of FLT3 Expression and Induction of Apoptosis in HL-60 Cells,LiZuo/Jiamusi University,0/48
  4. Identification and Location of Ovum Mutant Modifier (Ommf) in Mice,RenShiHao/Henan Agricultural University,0/13
  5. Combined Effect of Lead and Cadmium on DMT1 Expression in Central Nervous System of Budding Rat,GuChengWu/Shantou University,0/104
  6. Expression and Regulation of SPARC in Mouse Ovary during Follicular Development and Corpus Luteum Formation,DengWenBo/Northeast Agricultural University,1/100
  7. Acrylamide induced DNA damage and protective effects of antioxidants,MaHongLian/Shanxi Medical,2/140
  8. Gene Cloning, Expression and Physiological Activity of Ghrelin in Guizhou Zhuxiang Black-Feather Chicken,DaiXinLan/Guizhou University,0/51
  9. Identification of zRAP55, a Gene Preponderantly Expressed in Ovary of Zebrafish,ZhaoCaiLian/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/40
  10. The Wish Research on A.nigrocauda during Embryonic Development Using Two Genes of Zebrafish,LvHaiYing/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/156
  11. Research of Immunofluorescence Staining for Detection of Transcription Factor in Mouse Oocytes and Early Embryos,XieYingYing/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/154
  12. Functional Investigation of NDRG2 in Pancreatic Islet,LiuXueWu/Fourth Military Medical University,0/38
  13. Functional Characterization of Novel CYP21 Mutations P459H and R483W Detected in Two Chinese Patients with Simple-virilizing Form of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia,SongZuoZuo/Shandong University,0/36
  14. Investigation on PPBI-1 Effecting NO-Induced Cell Death and Flavonoid Production Accumulating in Transgenic Curly Bristlethistle Herb Cells,WangXiuLian/Zhejiang Technology and Business University,1/75
  15. Study on Biological Function of Various Truncations of Human PRMT5 in E.coli and Direct Interaction with GM130,SunLiTao/Lanzhou University,0/93
  16. Study the Relationship between the DNA Damage Repair-related Proteins and the Radiation Dose,ZhangQingZhi/Second Military Medical University,0/143
  17. Effects of Calcium Signal on the Transcription of GPR120 and Adipogenesis in Mice and 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes,ZhangZhongPin/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/90
  18. Influence of Factors on the Mutation Rate in Asexual Populations,JiangXiaoZuo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/29
  19. Non-receptor tyrosine kinase c-Abl regulation mechanism of microtubule assembly,WangGuangFei/Anhui University,2/41
  20. Mammalian cells mitotic metaphase chromosomes RNA constituents,MengYiCong/Lanzhou University,0/31
  21. The Functional Study of GAS41 Gene in Zebrafish Embryos during Early Development,WuWenZuo/Hunan Normal University,0/69
  22. Differential Expression of Embryonic Stem Cell Genes in the Central and Peripheral Lens Epithelial Cells,ZengXiaoMing/Hunan Normal University,0/23
  23. A Study on the Association between the Polymorphisms in NRSF and SNAP-25 and Human Brain Cognitive Ability,ChenDongMei/Northwestern University,0/46
  24. The Regulation of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor(AhR) by SUMOylation,GuoZuoPing/Dalian University of Technology,2/85
  25. The Function of Ntsg dlg in Regulation of Follicular Epithelium Differentiation and Oocyte Polarity Formation during Drosophila Oogenesis,ShenLing/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/75
  26. Functional Delineation of Azu-1 and PinX1 in Mitosis,LiNa/University of Science and Technology of China,0/61
  27. Bayesian Mapping Analysis for Genomic Architecture of Survival Traits Based on the Accelerated Failure Time Model,ZhouYuQiong/Shanghai Jiaotong University,1/48
  28. Identification of the Functional Fragment of ZHX2 and Its Repression Effects on Cell Growth,WangJinJin/Shandong University,0/27
  29. Phylogenetic Analysis of HPS Related Genes and Investigation on the Function of HPS1,GuLiPing/Shandong University,0/29
  30. Research on SNPs Identification in Genetic Association Analysis,WangYongKe/Shandong University,0/71
  31. Several genes related to spermatogenesis preliminary study,ZhuFuXi/Central South University,0/168
  32. The Further Research of Mouse N5-glutamine Methyltransferase Gene mHemk,LiangLin/Central South University,0/40
  33. The Research and Identification of the Expression and Function of microRNAs in Normal and Hypertrophy Cardiac Tissue,PanShuJuan/Nanchang University,0/252
  34. Phosphorylation of Splicing Factor SRp55 by Dyrk1A,YinXiaoMin/Nantong University,0/38
  35. Studies on Telomere and Telomerase Activity in Apoptotic Mechanism of MDCC-MSB1 Induced by LaCl3 in Vitro,ZhangZiWei/Northeast Agricultural University,0/95
  36. Preliminary Study on the Function of the Novel Gene TM4,YeWeiWei/Fudan University,0/28
  37. Heterochronic Genes Regulate the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis Elegans and the Expression in the Development of Mouse,YuGang/Xiamen University,0/51
  38. Expression of MMPs and TIMPs Family in Human ACL and MCL Fibroblasts,ZhangZuo/Chongqing University,0/43
  39. Hira gene in fish oogenesis during embryonic development and the role of,GuoQiuHong/Central China Normal University,1/100
  40. Investigation of the Genetic Polymorphism of the Six MiniSTR Loci in Hunan Han Populations,LiXia/Hebei Medical University,0/49
  41. Functional Identification of the XRCC4 similar factor (XLF),LiuDongYun/Capital Normal University,0/27
  42. Research of Gene Function Based on Protein-Protein Interction Network of Mitochondrial Intermembrane Space,ZengZhiFeng/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,1/98
  43. Comparative Analysis of Mitochondrial Fragments Transferred to the Nucleus in Vertebrate,QuZuoYing/Liaoning Normal University,0/63
  44. Negative Regulation of Transcription Coactivator p300 by Orphan Receptor TR3,LiGuiDeng/Xiamen University,0/44
  45. The Study of P49 Antigen Gene and Caenorhabditis Elegans Homologus Genes in Trichinella Spiralis,JianZuo/Xiamen University,0/49
  46. Expression and Function Analysis of Eukaryota High Conservertive Gene WDR1,DuXiaoYan/Hunan Normal University,0/43
  47. Of Dicer1 and PP2ACα spermatogenesis meiotic prophase function,FuHeLing/Nanjing Medical University,0/32
  48. Study on Population Genetics of Caenorhabditis Sp.5,AiHuan/Central China Normal University,0/62
  49. Establishment of Cellular Senescence Model Using Lentiviral Vector Carrying Activated Oncogene,HanTengLong/Fourth Military Medical University,0/47
  50. Study on the Skin Histological Characteristics and Molecular Genetic Basis for the Curly Rats,ZhangMingZuo/Zhengzhou University,0/25

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