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  1. Pancreatic Cancer and Chronic Pancreatitis Investigated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy,FangFang/East China Normal University,1/225
  2. An Analytic Study on Metabolic Features of Pancreatic Tumor and Chronic Pancreatitis,HeXinHong/Second Military Medical University,1/197
  3. Chronic Pancreatitis in Children: Clinical Features and the Mutations of Genes Related to Idiopathic Chronic Pancreatitis,WangWei/Second Military Medical University,0/97
  4. A Systematic Review for the Diagnostic Value of Urine Trypsinogen-2 and C-reactive Protein in Early Detection of Acute Pancreatitis,ZengFangYin/First Military Medical University,0/315
  5. Research on the Dependablity of Chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreatic β-cell KATP Channel,LiangQuan/Tianjin Medical University,0/159
  6. The Effect of Chondroitin-Sulfate on Limiting the Damage of Pancreatic Cells during Experimental Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis,HeZhongYe/China Medical University,0/118
  7. Clinical Significant of Coagulation Function and Mechanism in Acute Pancreatitis,WangZhenWen/Tianjin Medical University,2/322
  8. Effect of ER Stress on Pathogenesis of Acute Pancreatitis Associated with Hyperglyceridemia in Rats,ZengYue/Fudan University,0/323
  9. Role of Oxidative Stress in Pancreatic Fibrogenesis and Its Molecular Pathogenesis,ZuoMingXian/Shandong University,0/164
  10. The diagnostic value of MSCT in pancreatic cancer and acute mild pancreatitis,LiZhen/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/103
  11. Effect of Early Continuous Enteral Nutrition and Selective Decontamination of the Digestive Tract by Using "Hu-chang He Ji" in Patients with Severe Acute Pancreatitis,HuangXiaoZuo/Fudan University,0/220
  12. Study of the Correlation between Perfusion CT Manifestation and Clinic in Pancreatitis,LvHaiBo/Sichuan University,0/145
  13. The Potential Role of Cycloxygenase-2 and Mechanism Involved in the Development of Acute Pancreatitis Associated Lung Injury, a Pilot Experimental Study,ZhouYeJiang/Sichuan University,1/235
  14. The Pathogenesis Study of Chronic Biliary Pancreatitis,KouYi/Shandong University,0/88
  15. Study on the Effects of PDGF and Its Receptoron Pancreas Fibrosis of Chronic Pancreatitis and the Countermeasure,WangDongSheng/Shandong University,1/153
  16. The Role of Chemokines in the Pathogenesis of Experimental Acute Pancreatitis and Treatment Studies of N-acetylcysteine,XuChunFang/Suzhou University,0/199
  17. The Experimental Study of Effects on IETM in SAP Development,LiWenXing/Shanxi Medical,2/246
  18. The Effects of Dietary Factors on Acute Pancreatitis and Its Mechanisms,ZhaoQiuLing/Sichuan University,0/196
  19. Effect of rhKD/APP on Experimental Acute Necrosis Pancreatitis in Rats,YanBoQun/Jilin University,1/75
  20. Treatment of Acute Biliary Pancreatitis by Integrated Medical Method,ZouFuSheng/Tianjin Medical University,1/247
  21. Differential Proteomic Analysis of Human Pancreatic Juice,ChenQingYu/Second Military Medical University,1/150
  22. Role of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Pancreas Self-restoration and Pathological Regeneration,JiangXueLiang/Second Military Medical University,0/150
  23. Evidence-based Study on Antibiotic Therapy in Acute Pancreatitis,LiuHouJia/Second Military Medical University,0/271
  24. Study on the Mechanism of the Regulation of Pancreatic External Secretion by Nerve Transfer,LiuZuoZuo/Second Military Medical University,0/64
  25. Acute lung injury in severe acute pancreatitis experimental study,WangLiangZhi/Suzhou University,1/404
  26. Study on the Association of Polymorphisms in HLA-DRB1, TLR9 with Acute Pancreatitis,ChenGengZhen/Sichuan University,0/232
  27. Study of the Expression of Toll Like Receptor4 in Human Pancreas and the Association between Toll Like Receptor 4 Polymorphism and Acute Pancreatitis,GaoHongKai/Sichuan University,0/202
  28. The Tolerance to Lipopolysacchride and the Therapeutic Effect of Oxidized Phospholipids on Experimental Acute Pancreatitis,LiLei/Fudan University,0/69
  29. Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase in Acute Pancreatitis-Associated Lung Injury and Pancreatic Remodeling,DongWenZhu/Second Military Medical University,0/188
  30. Effects of Angiotensin Ⅱ on Proliferation and Activation in Rat Pancreatic Stellate Cells and Its Mechanisms,LuLin/Second Military Medical University,0/93
  31. Role of Hepatic Kupffer Cell on Acute Lung Injury Associated with Acute Pancreatitis in Rats,LiDongZuo/Third Military Medical University,0/152
  32. The Pathogenic Role of Polymorphonuclear Neutrophil in Acute Lung Injury Caused by Severe Acute Pancreatitis and the Effects of Qingyitang,WenQingPing/Dalian Medical University,0/316
  33. Role of MAPK Signal Transduction Pathway in the Pathogenesis of Severe Acute Pancreatitis,ShiXinGang/Second Military Medical University,0/448
  34. The Study on the Role of Toll-Like Receptor 2, 4 in Acute Edematous Pancreatitis,ChenGengZhen/Shantou University,0/146
  35. The Studies on Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of Curcumin in Taurocholate-Induced Pancreatitis,RenXin/First Military Medical University,0/153
  36. Mechanism and Effect Contrast of Early Enteral Nutrition (EEN)、Antiphlogistic Soup of Pancreas to Gut Barrier of Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis in Rats,YeJianQiao/Jilin University,0/0
  37. Role of ERK and NF-κB Activation in Regulating Neutrophil Apoptosis in Severe Pancreatitis,GuoHaiFeng/Jilin University,0/329
  38. The Damage of Pancreatic Acinar Cell Induced by Lipopolysaccharide or Sodium Deoxycholate and the Protective Effect of Tetrandrine and the Mechanisms,ZhangHong/Tianjin Medical University,0/112
  39. The Change of Blood Brain Barrier Permeability in Acute Pancreatitis and Its Relative Factors,DingZhen/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,1/165
  40. Role and Mechanism of Platelet Activating Factor Receptor Antagonist (BN52021) in Early Stage of Severe Acute Pancreatitis in Rats,XiaShiHai/Third Military Medical University,0/146
  41. The Diagnosis and Treatment of TREM-1 in Secondary Infection of Severe Acute Pancreatitis,LuZuo/Second Military Medical University,4/417
  42. The Study of the Effect of Surfactant Protein A and Secreted Phospholipase A2-Ⅱ in Lung Injury Induced by Severe Acute Pancreatitis in Rats and the Influence of Qingyitang,ZhangXueMei/Dalian Medical University,0/269
  43. Clinical Study of MR Perfusion Weighted Imaging in Pancreatic Disease,ZhangJing/Second Military Medical University,0/149
  44. Preparation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells and the Effect of MSCs on Experimental Severe Acute Pancreatitis,ZhaoHang/Second Military Medical University,0/326
  45. Research on the Mechanism and Intervention of Hepatic Insulin Resistance in Chronic Pancreatitis,ZhouXiaoLei/Tianjin Medical University,0/79
  46. The Mechanism of Ileus and the Effect of Octreotide on Intestinal Motility in Aute Necrotizing Pancreatitis Rats,ZhouHui/Second Military Medical University,0/118
  47. Experimental Study on Effects of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Severe Acute Pancreatitis and Its Mechanisms,ChengRui/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/163
  48. Effects of Telmisartan Ameliorating Chronic Pancreatitis in Rats and the Study of Its Mechanism,HuangLing/Second Military Medical University,0/98
  49. Chronic pancreatitis pain mechanisms of peripheral nerves,ZhangZuo/Second Military Medical University,0/134
  50. Studies on Endoscopic Drainage of Pancreatic Pseudocyst,LinHui/Second Military Medical University,1/146

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