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  1. Establishment of Channel Catfish Kidney Cell Line and Pathology Study of Channel Catfish Hemorrhagic Disease,XuJin/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/73
  2. Cultured Large Yellow Croaker Vibrio Disease Monitoring Technology Based on Machine Vision Research,MengXiangHui/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/2
  3. Etiological and Pathological Research of Chronic Gas Bubble Disease on Largemouth Bass(Micropterus Salmoides) under Natural and Experimental Conditions,PengTianHui/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/19
  4. The Research on Fulminant Bacterial Disease Prevention of Channel Catfish,LiuXiaoMing/Anhui Agricultural University,0/14
  5. Preparation and Oral Immunization of Microencapsulated Killed Vaccine Against Grass Carp Hemorrhage,LiRuiWei/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/45
  6. Prokaryotic Expression and:Immunogenicity Analysis of C5a Peptidase of Streptococcus Agalactiae Isolated from Tilapia,LiQingYong/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/22
  7. Research on the Immunogenicity of the Grass Carp Reovirus Capsid Proteins,HeYongXing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/40
  8. Study on the Co-infection of Grass Carp Reovirus and Proteomic Analysis of Cytopathic Effect,WangTu/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/26
  9. Identification of Causative Pathogen for Visceral White-spot and Histopathologic Research on Pseudosciaena Crocea,AnShuWei/Ningbo University,0/1
  10. Molecular Serotype, Drug-resistance and Rapid Detection of Streptococcus agalactiae Isolated from Tilapia,HuoHuanHuan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/24
  11. Expression of Multi-mimotope Tandem of Vibrio mimicus and the Immune Response to Ctenopharyngodon idellus Induced by the Tandem,ZhangYuQing/Anhui Agricultural University,0/16
  12. Studies on the Cultivation of Grass Carp Reovirus by Microcarrier and the Immune Effect of Immersion with Killed Vaccine,LiuQiuFeng/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/45
  13. Studies on Pathogenic Mechanism of Nocardia Seriolae,ManQiMeng/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/32
  14. Studies on the Main Pathogenic Bacteria from Cultivated Anguilla Marmorata and A. bicotor Pacifica,YangFangYuan/Jimei University,0/56
  15. Exploited of Immune-related Gene and Constructed of Microarray in the Commom Carp(Cyprinus Carpio),BaiYingYing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/14
  16. Antimicrobial Agents Resistance and Its Genetic Determinants in Aeromonas Veronii Isolated from Channel Catfish (Ictalurus Punctatus),ZhaoMin/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/45
  17. Establishment and Application of RT-PCR and RT-LAMP for Differential Diagnosis of Grass Carp Reovirus,YangShuiXian/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/70
  18. The Pharmacodynamic Function Study of Sedum Sarmentosum Extract in Grass Carp Fatty Liver Model,WuChunYan/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/50
  19. The Impact of Different Cultivation Mode of Tilapia on Streptococcus Infection and Aquaculture Environment,HuangPingRong/Hunan Agricultural University,0/7
  20. Identification and Pathopoiesia Mechanism of a Pathogenic Achlya Klebsiana Strain from the Eggs of Pelteobagrus Fulvidraco,OuRenJian/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/31
  21. Studies on Genetic Characteristics and Grass Carp Reovirus Resistance of F1Hybrids between Grass Carp(Ctenopharyngodon Idellus) and Barbel Chub(Squaliobarbus Curriculus),LiuQiaoLin/Hunan Agricultural University,0/22
  22. Alteration on the Expression of Sweetfish Interleukin-12B Gene upon Listonella Anguillarum Infection,ShenGuangQiang/Ningbo University,0/1
  23. Acute Toxicity Tests of Four Heavy Metal Iron and NaCL to Juvenile Sturgeon Acipenser schrenckii,LuoTuYan/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/28
  24. The Screening of Antagonistic Bacteria and It's Antagonism on the Adhesion of Streptococcus Agalactiae to the Mucus of Tilapia,ZhaoGuangJun/Hainan University,0/5
  25. Prokaryotic Expression of Glycoprotein of Spring Viremia of Carp Virus(svcv) and Preparation of the Monoclonal Antibodies,ZhangJiaLin/,0/5
  26. Analyses of Relationship between Main Grass Carp Parasites Dynamic Changes and Water Ecological Factors,XiaRunLin/,0/2
  27. Isolation and Identification of the Pathogenic Bacteria from Swollen Abdomen in Cynoglossus Semilaevis Günther, and the Histopathology of Cynoglossus Semilaevis Günther,HuZuo/Tianjin Agricultural,0/7
  28. Turbot Parvalbumin Preparation and IgE Binding Ability Changes during Oxidation,LuZongChao/Ocean University of China,0/1
  29. Study on the Pathogen Detection of Reddish Body Syndrome Turbots (Scophthalmus Maximus),YuanZuo/Ocean University of China,0/3
  30. Development and Application of a Colloidal Gold Immunochromatographic Strip for Rapid Detection of Antibody Against Edwardsiella Tarda in Turbot (Scophthalmus Maximus),GanLingLing/Ocean University of China,0/2
  31. Apoptosis of FHM Cells Induced by Grass Carp Reovirus and the Construction of Recombinant Baculovirus Expressing VP6Protein,LiQin/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/10
  32. Studies on Acute Toxicity of Ammoniacal Nitrogen,Nitrite and Nitrate in Pseudorasbora Parva,PanKun/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/7
  33. Studies on Pharmacokinetics and Residue of Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride in Yellow Catfish Pelteobagrus Fulvidraco,YuanJuan/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/2
  34. Mechanism of the Sanguinarine Activity on Dactylogyrus Intermedius and Toxicology to Goldfish,LuCheng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/1
  35. Functional Characterizations of RIG-I to GCRV and Viral/Bacterial Pamps in Grass Carp Ctenopharyngodon Idella,ChenLiJun/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/2
  36. The Estrogenic Activities of Glyphosate in Medaka Fish and Analysis of the Molecular Mechanism,XiaShuang/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/3
  37. Study of Apoptosis Induced by Infectious Spleen and Kidney Necrosis Virus (ISKNV) Open Reading Frame111L,YangLuYun/Sun Yat-sen University,0/1
  38. Study of DNA Vaccine and Screening of Effective Chinese Medicine Herbs Against Streptococcus Agalactiae of Tilapia,LiuLiang/Sun Yat-sen University,0/3
  39. Molecular Cloning, Expression and Immune Protective Effect of FbsA and α-enolase Gene from Streptococcus Agalactiae,YiZuo/Sun Yat-sen University,0/2
  40. Study on the Inhibition of Replication of Grass Carp Reovirus by RNA Interference,MaJie/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/33
  41. Interaction and Functional Studies of Major Structural Proteins in Infectious Spleen and Kidney Necrosis Virus (ISKNV),ShuangFan/Sun Yat-sen University,0/17
  42. Construction of Edwardsiella tarda Efficient Vaccines and Preliminary Study of the Immune Mechanisms,SunYun/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),0/6
  43. Studies on the Toxicology Mechanism of Japanese Scallop (Mizuhopecten Yessoensis) Respond to Cadmium or Copper Exposure,MengXiaoLin/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),0/1
  44. Identification and Protective Immunity of Protective Antigens against Streptococcus agalactiae ZQ0910Based on Genome Sequence Analysis,WangZuo/Ocean University of China,0/6
  45. Primary Study on a New Method of Oral Vibrio Anguillarum Vaccine for Flounder,BianHuiHui/Hebei University,0/33
  46. Chemotaxis and Adhesion of Vibrio Fluvialis to the Mucus of Paralichthys Olivaceus and the Antibacterial Protein in the Serum of Paralichthys Olivaceus,ZouWenZheng/Jimei University,0/27
  47. Stress Resistance and Resuscitation in Pathogenic Vibrio Alginolyticus during Starvation,YiJiaBo/Jimei University,0/28
  48. Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Serum Immunoglobulin from Nile Tilapia(Oreochromis Niloticus),LiangZuoYan/Southwestern University,0/20
  49. Development of Multiplex PCR and Real-Time PCR for the Detection of4Bacterial Pathogens in Cultured Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus),LiuZhiChao/Ocean University of China,0/99
  50. Establishment and Preliminary Application of KOI Herpesvirus Nested-PCR Detection Methods,LiuShiChao/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/8

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