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  1. The Mining Method Selection and The Evaluation System of Reasonable Production Capacity in Oversize Underground Mines,ZhangJuGuo/Beijing,0/8
  2. Study on Mechanism of Overlying Strata Controlling for Superhigh-water Material Backfill Mining and Its Application,ZhangMing/Beijing,0/12
  3. Study on the Backfilling Mining Method and Earth Surface Subsidence Mechanism of Repeated Mine,LiChunSheng/Beijing,0/13
  4. The Research and Application on Strength and Creep Characters of Cemented Body Used in Backfilling Mining,SunZuo/Liaoning Technical University,0/20
  5. Research on the Control of Overlying Strata's Subsidence in Backfilling Mining for the Protection Coal Pillar of Caitun Mine's Industrial Square,ZhaoSong/Liaoning Technical University,0/12
  6. The Technology Research on Fully Mechanized Mining of Ultra-thin Coal Seam in Huangsha Mine,GuoZhouKe/Beijing,1/0
  7. Study on the Height of Water Flowing Fractured Zone of the Shaping Mine Under the Yellow River,XuChunLei/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/78
  8. The Study of Influencing Factors of Paste Filling Performance,GuoXiaoYan/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/161
  9. Reasonable Process Parameters Research on Roadway Caving Mining of Steeply Inclined Seams,YangHuXiong/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/99
  10. The Basic Study on Strip-filling in Goaf,DaiJinZhou/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/124
  11. Studies on the Filling Body Layout Parameters of the Goaf Strips Filling Comprehensive Mechanized Mining,HouLiBin/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/93
  12. Research on Backfill Process of Guo Er Zhuang Mine under the Village,LiZheNing/Hebei University of Engineering,0/39
  13. The Key Technology Research and Application on Top Coal Caving of Large Inclined Angle in Trend and Tendency in Xue Cun Mine,ZhangBiao/Hebei University of Engineering,0/45
  14. The Floor Damage-fracture Mechanism Research on Mining Above Confined Water,BaPengYu/Anhui University of Technology,0/26
  15. The Fluid-structure Coupling Numerical Simulation About Confined Water Coal Mining,LiWenMin/Anhui University of Technology,0/31
  16. Study on Mechanism and Control Technology of Rib Spalling in Up-dip Mining Face of Great Mining Height,XuXianSheng/Anhui University of Technology,0/19
  17. Water Loss and Soil Erosion Characteristics Research of Coal Mining Subsidence Slope Soil Based on Mining with Filling,WangChangLei/Anhui University of Technology,0/17
  18. Reserch of the Sensing Layer of the IOT of Coal Mine,JinZuo/Anhui University of Technology,0/38
  19. Research on Overburden Failure Features and Load Transfer Rule of Extra Thick Coal Seam Minging,CaiJinLong/Anhui University of Technology,0/25
  20. Study on Caving Method Ascending Mining of Closed Distance Thin and Thick Seams,HuangFei/Anhui University of Technology,0/19
  21. Research on Top-coal Breaking Mechanism and Recovery Ratio in Fully Mechanized Top-coal Caving Face of Gongwusu Mine,LiChen/Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology,0/21
  22. The Applied Research of Soft Mold Concrete Continuous Wall Structure in Retracement and Left Lane along the Empty,WangDaZuo/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/60
  23. Research on Special Thick Coal Seam Water Flow Fractured Zone Height in Fully-mechanized Top Coal Caving of Overburden Strata with Water-rich,HuBaoFeng/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/85
  24. Research on the Distance Comprehensive Prediction of Roof Weighting in Fully-mechanized Top Caving in Steeply Seam,ZhangZeLong/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/29
  25. Study on Overburden Rock Destruction Features When Mining Steeply Dipping Seam Beneath the Permafrost,LiZhengGang/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/28
  26. Research on Weakening Technology of Top-coal Caving Mining of Tun Bao Mine,ShenChao/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/38
  27. Study on the Safe Mining under Buildings in Cedihe Coal Mine,ZhangYuanZhen/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/43
  28. Research on Water Injection Top-coal Crushing Rule and Application in Steep Thick Coal Seam,WuXueSong/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/48
  29. Research on Fully Mechanized Mining Technology in Steep and Soft Seam,ChenXianKun/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/62
  30. Research on Mining Technique with Light Caving Supports in Island Pillar Seam of Cilinshan Coal Mine,MaChangGe/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/33
  31. Study on Strip Mining Methods "Under-three-objects" in Yinhe Coal Mine,GaoZhiZhou/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/37
  32. Mining Method to Short Distance and Large Thickness Coal Seams Intashan Coal Mine of State Development&Investment Corporation in Datong City,FanYuan/Beijing,0/106
  33. Vietnamese Long Creek mine inclined thick coal seam mining technology research,ChenWeiEn/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/6
  34. Research on Mining with Gangue Backfill of Steeply Inclined Coal Seam Group under Buildings,DongShouYi/Beijing,0/107
  35. Vietnam Coal Mine Inclined Thick Coal Seam Mining Technology Research,WuShiXin/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/4
  36. Evolution Mechanism and Control of Water-flowing Fracture with Gangue Backfill under Aquifer in Coal Mines,LiJian/China University of Mining and Technology,0/93
  37. Study on Deformation Mechanism of Buried Pipeline under the Circumstances of Longwall Mining in Coal,LiuTongZu/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/17
  38. Study on Rock Strata Movement and Surface Impact of Steep-thin Orebody Mining in Metal Mine,FuJun/Changsha Institute of Mining Research,0/1
  39. The Application of System Safety Analysis Methods in the Strike Longwall Coal Mining Method,WangYanHong/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/13
  40. Study on the Law of Strata Behaviors in Mining Steeply Inclined Coal Seams,ZhouQingLong/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/99
  41. The Strata Behaviors Characteristics and the Determination of Reasonable Malposition of Simultaneously Mined Face in the Close Distance Coal Seams,GuoShuai/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/109
  42. Study on Application of Preset Packing Body with High Water Content Materials in Roadway,GuoLiangLiang/Hebei University of Engineering,0/34
  43. Study on the Deformation Law of Ground Movement Due to Mining in Inclined Coal Seam,WangPeng/Anhui University of Technology,0/8
  44. Thick Loose Aquifer of Stope Structure on the Overburden Failure Law Affects Mechanism Research,XuWenSong/Anhui University of Technology,0/16
  45. Research on the Process Parameters of the Fully Mechanized Caving and Overlying Strata Movement Under the Conditions of the Weak Bond Roof and the Thick Coal Seam,LiuQuan/Anhui University of Technology,0/17
  46. Site Stability Analysis for the Steep Coal Seam Old Goaf Urumqi City, Xinjiang,MengTing/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/35
  47. Study on Mechanism of Structure of Equivalent Immediate Roof Derumpent and Surpport Load of Large Mining Height in Fully Mechanized Mining Face of Nearly Shallow Seam,MaLongTao/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/55
  48. Study on Stability Prediction of Mined-out-area in Shallow Close Distance Seams,MaRui/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/29
  49. Research on Law of Thin Bedrock Shallow Buried and Thick Soil Layer Top-coal Caving Mining Overlying Strata Migration,ZhouHu/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/51
  50. Study on Strata Moving Laws and Adaptability of Supports in Fully Mechanized Coal Face of High Inclined Coal Seam,WenMingMing/Beijing,0/146

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