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  1. A Study on Leadership Style and Effectiveness of Function Manager Exemplified by Celestica Technology Consultancy Company,GuoXiaoYan/East China University of Science and Technology,0/31
  2. The Impact of VEGF-C/VEGFR-3Signaling Pathways of Basil Polysaccharide on H22Lymphatic Metastasis Mice Model,GuoXiaoYan/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/23
  3. The Study of Influencing Factors of Paste Filling Performance,GuoXiaoYan/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/161
  4. Study of Static Buffering and Creep Properties of the New Rubber Isolator,GuoXiaoYan/Hubei University of Technology,0/3
  5. The Study on Field Experiences of Per-service Teacher Education in MichiganStateUniversity,GuoXiaoYan/Southwestern University,0/251
  6. The Combination of Reading and Writing the Writing of Psychology of Junior Middle School Students,GuoXiaoYan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/31
  7. Psychological Analysis for the Girl Students’ Weariness from the Kindergartener Normal School,GuoXiaoYan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/33
  8. Research on the Implementation of Residents Stepped Tariff Policy in Zhuhai City,GuoXiaoYan/Jilin University,0/86
  9. Study on Wang Yun’s History Writings,GuoXiaoYan/Anhui University,0/162
  10. A Study on Treatment of Reactive Black5Dye Wastewater by Combined Process of Interior Microelectrolysis and Ozonation,GuoXiaoYan/Nanjing University,0/50
  11. Effect of Nanometer ZnO and Ag/ZnO Nanocomposite Powder on the Sintering Temperature Reduction and Performance of Ceramic,GuoXiaoYan/Huaqiao University,0/25
  12. Research on Space-time Characteristics of the Ionospheric F2Layer Critical Frequency in Liaoning Region,GuoXiaoYan/Jilin University,0/10
  13. Holocene Climate Change Documented by Lake Sediments from Lake Gahai in the Monsoonal Margin, Northwest China,GuoXiaoYan/Lanzhou University,0/115
  14. The Self-Adjointness of Product of Four Second-Order Differential Operators,GuoXiaoYan/Inner Mongolia University,0/8
  15. The Problems on Uniqueness and Differential Polynomials of Meromophic Function,GuoXiaoYan/Changsha University of Science and Technology,0/7
  16. On the arithmetic properties of some and type in the number theory,GuoXiaoYan/Northwestern University,0/60
  17. A Study on the Economic Growth Effects of International Capital Flows in China,GuoXiaoYan/Xiamen University,5/878
  18. The Antiwear and Repairing Performance of Ceramic Additive to the Surface of Extruding Dies,GuoXiaoYan/Chongqing Institute of Technology,0/112
  19. The Study on the Multiplex Mechanism of Dispute Solutions in Transitional Countryside,GuoXiaoYan/Yantai University,3/528
  20. Study on Short Wavelength Laser Polishing of Sapphire,GuoXiaoYan/Guangdong University of Technology,3/246
  21. Monitorring Pyrethroids and Hg~(2+) in Water by Phototaxis of Daphnia,GuoXiaoYan/Southwestern University,0/182
  22. Congestion Control Method Study on ATM Network,GuoXiaoYan/Beijing University of Technology,1/139
  23. Studies on Genetic Transformation System of Superior Clones for Timber in Hybrid Willow,GuoXiaoYan/Shandong Normal University,0/37
  24. On the Logical Characteristic of Metaphor,GuoXiaoYan/Guangxi Normal University,0/188
  25. Private Telecommunication Network Based on GPRS Technology,GuoXiaoYan/Hefei University of Technology,1/325
  26. The Study on the Construction of Agricultural Information Service System in Inner Mongolia,GuoXiaoYan/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,4/178
  27. Investigation on the Status of Perinatal Asphyxia and Combination Therapy with Subhypothermia and Erythropoietin Against Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Damage,GuoXiaoYan/Zhengzhou University,0/65
  28. The Feasibility Study for TeleCom Soft-Switch Network Construction,GuoXiaoYan/Hefei University of Technology,0/106
  29. Research on the Graphic Language of Modern Glass Art,GuoXiaoYan/Tsinghua University,2/290
  30. Study on the Immobilizing Technology of Bacillus Natto Cells to Produce Nattokinase and Design for the Immobilized Bioreactor,GuoXiaoYan/Nanchang University,1/252
  31. Study on the Methods of Prolonging the Life of Aluminum Reduction Cells,GuoXiaoYan/Central South University,0/172
  32. Constructing Virtual Commercial Website and Research of Information Security,GuoXiaoYan/Northwestern University,0/222
  33. Large Deviations for Sums of Heavy-tailed Random Variables of Several New Classes,GuoXiaoYan/Anhui University,3/56
  34. OCCL Compiler for Linux,GuoXiaoYan/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,2/169
  35. The Analysis and Design and Development on the Current Situation of Nanjing Yun-brocade,GuoXiaoYan/Jiangnan University,3/321
  36. Customer relationship management software implementation in the network environment,GuoXiaoYan/University of Foreign Trade and Economic,1/230
  37. Moxa cone moxibustion along meridian acupoints pretreatment on myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury in myocardial apoptosis gene,GuoXiaoYan/Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/34
  38. Positive emotions to cognitive expansion effect,GuoXiaoYan/Shaanxi Normal University,8/807
  39. Research on Forecasting Model of Wind Speed in Wind Farm,GuoXiaoYan/North China Electric Power University (Beijing),4/529
  40. The Concert of “Coloratura” Performance Skills in Donizetti’s Opera,GuoXiaoYan/Henan University,1/275
  41. The Research of Similarities and Differences about Die Performance after Vacuum Gas Quenching and Conventional Oil Quenching,GuoXiaoYan/Jiangnan University,1/35
  42. Experimental Study of Oxygenation/Antioxygenation Imbalance in Silicosis by Salvia,GuoXiaoYan/Nanchang University,1/78
  43. Sales Recruitment and Training System Based on Competence Model,GuoXiaoYan/Nanhua University,0/179
  44. Japanese analogy feature proverb Translation Skills Research,GuoXiaoYan/Xiamen University,1/562
  45. Research on the Monitoring Method of Methyl Isocyanate in Air,GuoXiaoYan/Ocean University of China,0/50
  46. The Space Model of Educated Youth Film,GuoXiaoYan/Lanzhou University,0/64
  47. Failure Analysis on Cracked Hardfacing Layer of Metallurgical Roller and Finite Element Calculation,GuoXiaoYan/Dalian Maritime University,1/128
  48. Industrial Restructuring Analysis of China’s Petroleum Resource-based Cities,GuoXiaoYan/Chongqing Normal University,1/160
  49. Kidney capsule of diabetic nephropathy tissue SOCS3, TLR4, IL-6 expression,GuoXiaoYan/Shanxi Medical,1/40
  50. Aquaporins Expression in Eutopic and Ectopic Endometrium from Women with Endometriosis,GuoXiaoYan/Zhejiang University,0/38

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