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  1. Unifac Model for Ionic Liquid-Gas Systems,WangWei/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/48
  2. Cfd Analysis of Flow Patterns and Mixing Efficiency in Micro-Impinging Stream Reactor,HuangTianHao/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/51
  3. Molecular Dynamics and WIDOM Simulations on Corrossion in Supercritical Water,AnPengNa/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/31
  4. Recycling of Waste CCl4,ZhangBo/Lanzhou University,0/37
  5. The Research on Simultaneous Determination of Hydroxybenzaldehyde/Cresol/Methoxyphenol Isomers,WuZuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/19
  6. Synthesis and Gas-liquid Interfacial Property Study of Nucleo-based Amphiphiles,XuZuoZuo/,0/3
  7. Research on Synthesis, Molecular Dynamics of Symmetric Gemini Imidazolium Surfactants,LiuGuoYu/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/468
  8. Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Their Gas Adsorption Capacity,ZhouJingJing/Central South University,0/67
  9. The Study of Adsorption Properties for Methylene Blue Onto Metal Organic Frameworks,ZhengFei/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/333
  10. Reduced Graphene Oxide-Poly(Diallyldimethylammonium Chlorde)-CoFe2O4Dual-functionalized Composite for Cr(Ⅵ)Removal,LiPing/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/53
  11. The Study of Remove Aluminum of Na2CO3in the New Process of Alumina Production by Alkali-dissolution and Carbonization-precipitation,ZhangYanLing/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/28
  12. Study of the Relationship between Surface Acidity and Adsorption Capacity of Modified Activated Alumina,ZhaoMengHua/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/85
  13. Three-Dimensional Density Functional Theory Study of Heterogeneous Nucleation of Droplets on Rough Solid Surfaces,ZhangFangFang/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/16
  14. Lattice Boltzmann Studies on the Fluid-solid Interfaces and Fluid-solid Systems,ZhangBo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/97
  15. Study on Modified Metaloxide of Power Plant CO2Capture Technology,ZhangXiaoShuai/Hebei University of Science and Technology,0/2
  16. Studies on Synthesis of Alkali-modified Porous Carbon for Gas Capture,JiaManLing/Hebei University of Science and Technology,0/1
  17. Preparation and Properties of the Composite Cathode of the SOFC Nanostructures,LiuXiaoTian/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/23
  18. The Study of the Anode Kinetics during the Electrolytic Manganese Process,HouJun/Chongqing University,0/60
  19. Studies on High-performance Electrolytes for Redox Flow Batteries,LiangXinXing/Central South University,0/20
  20. Effects of Some Organic Additives on Positive Electrolyte for All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery,LeiYing/Central South University,0/41
  21. Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of Structure LiFePO4/C,ChenXing/Central South University,0/11
  22. Research and Application of Lithium Ion Battery Materials,WangLei/Inner Mongolia University of Technology,0/52
  23. Measurement and Research for Density Viscosity and Surface Tension of Ionic Liquid System,RenZuoZuo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/515
  24. Molecular Simulation on Dissolution Behavior of CO2in Ionic Liquids and Small Molecuar Organic Solvent,ShiTao/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/78
  25. Application Research of Functional Ionic Liquids in Desulfurization of Fuel Oil,LiJunPan/Hebei University of Science and Technology,0/1
  26. Study on Catalytic Conversion of Lactic Acid to Acrylic Acid and2,3-pentanedion,FanMeiLian/Hunan University,0/123
  27. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Performance of Heteroatom-substituted Mesoporous Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieves,LiXinZhu/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/143
  28. Design and Synthesis of Carbohydrate-Derived Chiral Catalysts and Their Apphcation in Asymmetric Catalysis,ShenChao/Zhejiang University,0/61
  29. Microwave-Hydrothermal Synthesis and Property Study of Zn2GeO4Nanoscaled Photocatalysts,DuShuQing/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/175
  30. Study on Dehydration of Ethanol to Ethylene Over Modified HZSM-5Catalysts,ShengQingTao/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/53
  31. Synthesis and Characterization of Water-dispersible Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles with High Photocatalytic Activity,JingJieYing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/38
  32. The Synthesis and Performance Study of Magnetic Pd/C@Fe3O4Catalyst,LiMing/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/90
  33. Study on Preparation and Properties of Catalysts for Direct Liquid Fuel Cells,ZhongJinZuo/Hunan University,0/26
  34. Electrocatalytic Electrodes for Methanol Oxidation and Carbon Dioxide Reduction,CuiYing/Hunan University,0/73
  35. Structural and Surface Acidity of the Hierarchical Composite Zeolites,GuoKe/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/50
  36. Study on Controlling Cu Catalytic Active Center and Catalytic Performace of CuY Catalysts,WangJiaZhen/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/34
  37. Studies about the Effect of Support Properties for CuY and Cu/γ-Al2O3Catalysts on the Catalytic Performance in Vapor Oxidative Carbonylation of Methanol,LiJingRui/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/41
  38. Facile Synthesis of Metal-Functioned Mesoporous Materials and Their Liquid-Phase Catalytic Properties,WuJiaFeng/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/96
  39. Analysis of Hewl Absorped on Functionalized Carbon Nanotube by Molecular Dynamics Simulation,FuLi/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/65
  40. Noble Metal/Graphene Nanocatalysts: Synthesis and Application in Electrocatalysis,LiuRui/Hunan University,0/48
  41. The Research on the Elimination of Nitrous Oxide,YuanLinPo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/34
  42. Study on the Catalytic Performance and Reusability of Magnetic Palladium Catalyst in the Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium,LiKunJing/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/58
  43. The Synthesis Design and Performance Study of Branched Nickel Nanomaterials and Cobalt Nanomaterials,QiuHuiZuo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/31
  44. Stduy on Desulfurization and Denitration with Co Over Rare Earth Oxide Loaded on Active Carbon,ShiFengHua/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/111
  45. Research on Catalytic Combustion of Chloromethane Over Molecular Sieve Supported Transition Metal Catalysts,ZhangBo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/26
  46. Preparation of HZSM-5/γ-Al2O3Composite Molecular Sieve Catalyst and Their Catalytic Performance of Aromatization Reaction,LiuWei/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/137
  47. Modeling of a Metal Monolith Catalyst for Dehydrogenation-Combustion Coupling,LiuZuo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/47
  48. The Investigation of N2O Decomposition Over Commercial Size Fe-beta Catalyst,SunBaoSheng/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/35
  49. Performance of Starch-Based Carbon Contained Cu Catalyst Preparation and Catalytic Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate,GuoChangJiang/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/15
  50. Catalytic Combustion of Cyanide Exhaust Gas and Quantum Chemical Calculations,SongXiuWen/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/24

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