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  1. Screening and Identification of Treponema Pallidum Tp92Protein Antigen Epitopes,CaoLongGu/Nanhua University,0/3
  2. MicroRNA-1Targets Fibronecin1in Human Laryngeal Carcinoma Cell Line HEp2,WangFeiFei/Tianjin Medical University,0/9
  3. MiR-10a Is Involved in Migration and Invasion Of Hepatoma Cells,LuoYueChen/Tianjin Medical University,0/12
  4. The Mechanism of Huh7Migration and HCV Replication Affected by miR-141,XuZhengHong/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/3
  5. MiR-181B and MiR-182Target CREB1in Gastric Adenocarcinoma Cells,KongWeiQing/Tianjin Medical University,0/3
  6. The Role of JMJD2B in Invasion and Metastasis of Gastric Cancer and the Regulation of JMJD2B Expression by Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Gastric Cancer Cells,ZhaoLi/Shandong University,0/87
  7. MiR-20a Regulates Proliferation and Invasion of Lung Cancer cells,ZhaoYi/Tianjin Medical University,0/12
  8. The Affect of E-cadherin Expression and Tumor Growth by Ecombinant Has-mir-373Eukaryotic Exprcssion Plasmid Vector,WuWeiHua/Chongqing Medical University,0/23
  9. Study on the Effect and Feature of Selective Oncolytic Bluetongue Viruses Targeting Anticancer in Tumor Bearing Models,LiuJun/Wuhan University,0/25
  10. Nasal Different Concentrations of NGF on SOD1-93A Mice Endogenous Neural Stem Cell Proliferation Effect Studies,YunChen/Hebei Medical University,0/4
  11. Combination of Hematological Indicators for Influencing the Prognosis of Cerebral Infarction,YuanXiaoYang/Dalian Medical University,0/21
  12. Identification of a Known Mutation in Notch3in Familiar CADASIL in China,TanZhenXuan/Harbin Medical University,0/8
  13. Imprinting Effect of Maternal SEB Administration during Pregnancy on T Cells in the Offspring Rats and Its Mechanism,YuFengLing/,0/2
  14. Regulation of ATP5B on Biological Behavior of Cervical Carcinoma HeLa Cells,ZhangYan/Tianjin Medical University,0/5
  15. PIWIL4Gene regulates growth of Cerviacal cancer HeLa cells,SuChang/Tianjin Medical University,0/7
  16. In Vitro Selection of Aptamers to High-risk HPV L1Protein by SELEX,XiaoZuo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  17. Construction and Expression of CXCR7Targeting Antagonists,YangFeiHua/Southern Medical University,,0/30
  18. The Effect of Dendritic Cell in Acute Rejection on Heteropic Heart Transplantation in Mice,QinNingBo/Hebei North University,0/3
  19. Study on the Relationship between Serum High Mobility Group Box-1and Rheumatoid Arthritis,JiaZuo/Tianjin Medical University,0/29
  20. The Study of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells and Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells Implantion to Recover the Liver Function of the Patient with Decompensated Hepatitis Cirrhosis,DongYanHui/Hebei North University,0/26
  21. Study on the Relationship Between Serum High Mobility Group Box-1and Liver Disease,FuZuo/Tianjin Medical University,0/7
  22. Enzyme and Virus Titers Changes in the Mouse Myocardial Cells Infected with after Coxsackie Virus in Vitro,ZhangLin/Hebei Medical University,0/1
  23. Study on the Effect and Mechanism of pVAX1/SjscFv-IL18Ameliorates Hepatic Fibrosis in Schistosomiasis Japonica,TianZhi/Central South University,0/42
  24. Observation on Epidemic Trend of Schistosomiasis before and after Implementing the Comprehensive Control Measures with Emphasis on Infection Source,LiuYiPing/Central South University,0/13
  25. Study on Degradation and Affecting Factors of Niclosamide,JiaYue/Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Schistosomiasis Control,0/6
  26. The Study on Long-acting Drug for the Prevention of Schistosoma japonicum Infection,JinYi/Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Schistosomiasis Control,0/9
  27. Study on Correlation of Lesions Development between Live Tissue and Intestinal Mucosa Schistosoma Japonicum Infection Mouse Model,ZhengMao/Central South University,0/4
  28. The Effect of Up-regulation of Host microRNA-203on Schistosomiasis Hepatic Fibrosis,SaiXue/Second Military Medical University,0/18
  29. The Hydatid-killing Effects of High Intensty Focused Ultrasound Enhanced with Ultrasound Contrast Agent and Superabsorbent Polymer,CaiHui/Chongqing Medical University,0/4
  30. The Correlation and the Mechanism of the Severity of Host Liver Pathogenesis and the Level of Serum SjHSP60Antibody,ChenXiaoJun/Nanjing Medical University,0/26
  31. The Space-time Distribution Features of Cyst of Toxoplasma Gondii Chronic Infection Mice and Its Effect on Polyamine Metabolism Enzymes and Neurotransmitters,ShenShanLiang/Southern Medical University,,0/51
  32. The Transcription and Switching of Var Genes of Plasmodium Falciparum Field Isolates,YeRun/Second Military Medical University,0/29
  33. Construction of Microfluidic Platform for in Vitro Gairdia Lamblia Culturing and Drug Screening,ZengShuRui/Dalian University,0/0
  34. A Study on the Vitamin D Receptor(VDR-rs731236、rs2228570) Gene Polymorphisms and the Association of Susceptibility to Tuberculosis,ChenDanDan/Ningxia Medical University,0/24
  35. Investigation of Human IL-17-producing γδ T Cell Subsets and Induced Differentiation Conditions,ChenLi/,0/7
  36. A Survey of Dermatophytes on the Hair Coat of the Family Pets and the Close Contacting Children Tinea Disease Correlation Investigation in Fuzhou Area,LinLiShu/Fujian Medical,0/10
  37. Epidemiological Survey and Drug Sensitivity Study of Chlamydia Trachomatis in Urogenital Tract Infection in Zhangjiakou Region,LiuYaHong/Hebei North University,0/9
  38. Distribution of the Integrin α4β7Binding Sites in HIV Infections,ZhangBo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/2
  39. The Study of the Influence of HBV Infection on the Immune Function of T-Lymphocyte,LiXiuMei/Tianjin Medical University,0/9
  40. Expression of the Chemokine CXCL6and Its Receptors CXCR1/CXCR2in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B and Cirrhosis,ZengTianYing/Anhui University of Technology,0/11
  41. Study of hepatitis E virus ORF2 protein and liver cell protein interaction,LuoBaoBin/,0/7
  42. Investigation of the Prevalence of Japanese Encephalitis B in Zhaotong Prefecture, Yunnan Province,TaoZuoLin/Dali University,0/16
  43. Experimental Studies on the Virus and Cytokines Inhibition in Platelet Suspension via Ribolfavin Photochemical Treatment,ZhongTao/Anhui Medical University,,0/8
  44. Investigation on Defective Interfering Particles of Paramyxovirus, Tianjin Strain Used as a New Biologic Adjuvant,ZuoZhiZuo/Tianjin Medical University,0/5
  45. Study on Immunocompetence of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae P1C Protein and p1C DNA Vaccine Fused with Interleukine2or B Subunit of Escherichia Coli Heat-labile Enterotoxin,ZhuCuiMing/Central South University,0/72
  46. Preparation and Preliminary Identification of Antibodies to the EGF and SP Functional Domain from MASP-2,ZhouFang/Hebei North University,0/9
  47. Preparation and Identification of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Haemophilus Influenzae Outer Membrane Protein P6,WenXiaoYan/Hebei North University,0/11
  48. Immuno-regulation of T-bet Adjuvant on Ag85B DNA Vaccination Against Tuberculosis,ChenLiPing/Anhui University of Technology,0/3
  49. The Changes of Immune-related Factors Within the Mice Muscle Cells after Immunized with the Plasmid,WangYue/Hebei Medical University,0/0
  50. The Immune Response of NKT Cells with Different Phenotypes in Mice Infected with Listeria Monocytogenes L-form,LinNa/,0/3

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