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Systematic Analysis and Evaluation of Regional Transportation Integrated Development

Author: LiuMiao
Tutor: ZhaoShuZhi
School: Jilin University
Course: Transportation Planning and Management
Keywords: regional transportation integrated evaluation indexes
CLC: F512
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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Transportation is an industry with high consumption of natural resource and energy.It provides human with the convenience of conquering the space distance, howeverat the cost of negative problems such as occupying vast land, pollutingenvironment, etc. The population in our country is so high that the resource shareper person is far below that in the developed countries. The transportation systemdevelopment in our country is tightly constrained by the natural resources;therefore, it faces the problems of how to develop faster and how to moreefficiently utilize the limited resources. Neither can we destroy the naturalenvironment due to overly emphasizing the development, nor can we limit thetransportation development too much due to the misunderstanding of sustainabledevelopment and the environment protection. At the same time, there is closerelationship between the regional transportation and regional economy. From thepoint view of the whole area, the development of transportation system has strongeffects on promoting the economy development. Thus, no matter from thetransportation system itself, or from the aspect of promoting the area economydevelopment, we have to emphasize the development of the area communicationsystem. It is important and necessary to find a reasonable development pattern.Currently, the government and scholars are more and more concerned aboutthe researches on the relationship between the regional transportation and theregional economy, and the researches on the development pattern of regionaltransportation system, etc. However, by literature survey, we also found that theresearches on Regional Transportation System are still on the stage of qualitativeanalysis, which mainly combine the researches on economy development,population development and the development of the transportation system. Theynormally propose concrete suggestions according to the real situation of regionaldevelopment, such as constructing or changing some highway networks. Therehasn’t been a systematic theory for the researches on regional transportationnetwork, especially for the research on the development pattern of integratedregional transportation systems, which is still in its very early stage of exploration.On the basis of reading related literatures and referring the research results oneconomy convergence theory, system cooperation theory, barrel theory, etc, aimingat the weak section in the development of current regional transportation systems,this thesis proposes a development pattern for integrated regional transportationsystem. By applying the methodology of combining qualitative analysis andquantitative analysis, we systematically explored the theory problems on integratedregional transportation system, and got some good results.The thesis has seven chapters, the main content as following:Chapter one, introduction. First introduced the background of the study, andthen a review of research and study on regional transportation in our country andabroad was mentioned .Finally, introduced the content and the route of the thesis.Chapter two, introduced the connotations of some theories such as regionaldevelopment, system cooperation theory, barrel theory, economies of scale andeconomies of distance, in order to offer the theoretic basic of regionaltransportation integrated development.Chapter there, defined the concept and the configuration of regionaltransportation system, analyzed the connection between the regional transportationsystem and regional economical system, did SWOT analyses to regionaltransportation system, accordingly narrate the essentialities of regionaltransportation integrated development. Then gave the meaning of transportationintegrated development through the concept and characteristics of integratedsystem and analyze the hierarchy and characteristics of it .Finally introduced theprocess and aims of integrated development.Chapter four, based on the study of the theories, conceptions and route,analyzed the contents and aims of evaluation of regional transportation integrateddevelopment, and formed the conception model. According to the principia ofevaluating, the paper has set up an index system to evaluate the regionaltransportation integrated development;studied the normalization methods ofattribute value of the evaluation indexes, and probed into the establishment andevaluation method of the weight of evaluation indexes.Chapter five, based on the practical situation of integrated development inNortheastern China, the paper set up calculating models of partial comprehensiveevaluating indexes , provided the calculating method , carried out the evaluationand researched with analysis and practical demonstration of transportationintegrated development in Northeastern China.Chapter six, provided the strategic solution to realize regional transportationintegrated development.Chapter seven, the conclusion and expectation. The main investigation taskand shortcoming of this dissertation was summarized, and presents questions thatneed to be further researched in the future as well.Regional transportation integrated development is a important composing ofregional economy integrated development, especially when China became anumber of WTO, the integrated development becomes more and more important. Inthis paper, applying both qualitative and quantitative analysis method, the authorconducted in-depth research for the analysis and evaluation of regionaltransportation integrated development. The accomplishment in this thesis was aphase in the study, the author whish the paper to be some useful for the comingpursuer.

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