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Study on Forestry Resource Distribution and Ecosystem Service Functions in TianTai Forest Park

Author: LinShengXue
Tutor: LiuJinFu;ZuoMaoWen
School: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course: Forestry
Keywords: National Forest Park Forest resources Biodiversity Forest ecosystem service value
CLC: Q948
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Forest is one of the most important elements of ecological environment and it is the basis of forestry.And it is a major precondition of developing forest tourism.Dynamics of forest resources and management can make a thorough investigation of forest,forest land and species,quantity, quality,and distribution of forest wood resources.Based on the forest resources current situation and forest management status of local area,scientific predictions on dynamic change of forest resources were made,fundamental materials for forest resources conservation and development were provided,and evidences of scientific decision making for Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park sustainable development were proposed in this paper.According to forest resources management survey and wild plants and animals line sampling method investigation of Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park,the plant geographical distribution were studied,biodiversity indices of wild plants and animals were calculated,ecological service values were evaluated.The main results were listed as follows:(1)According to forest resources management survey of Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park,Forest land area occupied 74.89% land type area,the area of natural forest and water conservation forest was 3988.24 hm2 and 1301.8037 hm2 respectively,the forest soil site quality from middling to good,broad leaves forest area was 1299.6hm2,the total forest cover volume was 243436 m3 with the average forest cover volume was 72.5756 m3,the age structure of different species composition was tending to aging in the recent years later.Based on the results of plot investigation,there were 1422 vascular plants,belonging to 180 families and 679 genera in Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park,in the respective percentage of 38.11,77.92 and 54.02 compared with the flora of Fujian province.Of the species,91 species belonging to 31 families and 53 genera were pteridophyte,12 species belonging to 6 families and 8 genera were gymnosperm,and 1319 species belonging to 143 families and 618 genera were angiosperm.The characteristic families in forest park were Rosaceae,Leguminosae,Compositae,Gramineae,Ericaceae,Labiatae,Euphorbiaceae,Moraceae,Theaceae,Fagaceae families and their genes.The main geographical elements of families were Pantropi(c55.88%),North Temperate(16.67%),Tropical Asia and Tropical American disjuncted(10.78%)and Endemic to China(0.98%),etc.The main geographical elements of genera were Pantropic(28.22%),Tropical Asia (Indo-Malesia) (13.05%),North Temperate(11.99%),East Asia(11.46%)and Endemic to China(3%),etc.According to the patterns of geographical distribution,the percentage of tropical distribution(76%)in families over the percentage of temperate distribution(21%),whereas the percentage of tropical distribution(61%)in genera over the percentage of temperate distribution(25%).Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park forest community was a typical characterization of the mid-subtropical evergreen broad-leave forest.With the superior geographical environment,rich in soil fertility and water resources and plenty plant species in local area,vascular plants diversity G-F was relatively high.Amphibians diversity indices DG in gene and DF in family were low,reptiles diversity indices DG in gene,DF in family and DG-F were 3.5619,7.7898 and 0.5427 respectively.Mammals diversity indices DG in gene and DF in family were low,reptiles diversity indices DG in gene,DF in family and DG-F were 3.3854,7.7839 and 0.5651 respectively.Avian diversity indices DG in gene and DF in family were low,reptiles diversity indices DG in gene,DF in family and DG-F were 4.5018,26.2122 and 0.8283 respectively.At present we should strengthen the protection the habitat of the animals and plant under key protection in order to maintain the ecological balance of Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park.The direct economic value of ecological service value in Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park was 26.8281million yuan(Chinese RMB)per year,including the value of forest products was 11.0581 million yuan per year,and the value of forest recreation and ecological culture 15.77 million yuan per year.The indirect economic value of ecological service value in Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park was 28.1526 million yuan per year,of which,28.1526 million yuan for conserving headwaters,45 thousand yuan for soil conservation economic value,128 thousand yuan for easing sediment accumulation economic value,27.5657 million yuan for fertilizer conservation economic value in N,P,K and soil organic matter,21.7739 million yuan for carbon fixation and reducing green house effect,21.5033 million yuan for Oxygen releasing,170 thousand yuan for assimilation SO2 economic value,27.5570 million yuan for preventing dust retention economic value.The result revealed that the total value of ecological service value in Zhangping Tiantai National Forest Park was 153.7286 million yuan per year.The research suggested that local government should fully develop forest tourism and further protect the habitat of local wild plants and animals which created a better ecological environment for the preservation and reproduction of the plant and animal resources and achieved forestry sustainable development.Also it cerates a favorable conditions for biodiversity protection and fully reflects forest ecological service value,which make forest resource and ecotourism resource for sustainable utilization.

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