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The Analysis and Estimation on the Core Competence of the Xinjiang Dairy Enterprise

Author: LanQing
Tutor: GuoYuanZhen
School: Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics
Course: Business management
Keywords: dairy enterprise core competitiveness evaluate
CLC: F426.82
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Dairy industry is the recognized world saving food, economy, efficiency industry. Dairy industry in the development of national economy, improving living standards is important. Milk is rich in a variety of growth and development of the necessary amino acids and heat, the body is the best source of calcium. Xinjiang is a large number of provinces in China dairy cow, dairy industry has a long history of development and natural conditions, although the dairy industry in Xinjiang, started late, but there are some basic, showing strong momentum. Today, the dairy industry, livestock industry has become an important part of the extension and, in the promotion of rural industrial structure adjustment, increasing farmers income, expanding internal demand, consumption and improve the quality of driving has a great role.Dairy industry is an important economic pillar industry in Xinjiang. Xinjiang has excellent resources for dairy industry in China dairy industry is always competitive disadvantage simply because of the lack of Xinjiang, the core competitiveness of the dairy business, so the analysis, nurture and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in Xinjiang dairy industry in Xinjiang respond to competition and to maintain sustainable development priorities. Xinjiang to enhance the core competitiveness of the dairy enterprises must be an objective analysis and evaluation of its core competencies. Only through an objective and reasonable analysis and evaluation, to find dairy enterprise in Xinjiang between domestic and foreign competitors, and then for the dairy enterprise in Xinjiang to enhance core competitiveness direction.This theoretical and empirical aspects of dairy enterprise in Xinjiang the core competitiveness and enhance research evaluation. The following major elements: First of all topics in the article, the significance of background and research review, the then home and abroad on the core competence of the relevant theory was expounded, discussed the core competitiveness of the basic meaning of core competence evaluation methods and enterprise core competence evaluation index system in three areas of theoretical research. The researchers generally agreed that: enterprise core competitive power is an enterprise technology, management, branding, marketing, internal and external environment resource elements formed unique, it creates customer value, support long-term business maintain the key competitive advantage of organic combination of resources and capabilities. Theoretical studies on domestic and foreign, based on comprehensive evaluation of core competence derived mainly non-quantitative description of the method, semi-quantitative methods, quantitative methods, quantitative and qualitative assessment method that integrates four major categories of methods, comprehensive evaluation including the level of analysis, principal component analysis, factor analysis, fuzzy evaluation method. Core Competence approaches are mainly technological innovation, corporate restructuring and strategic alliances, government support.Second, from the current situation in Xinjiang dairy industry (including the amount of cattle and sheep to slaughter and breeding stock, milk production in Xinjiang, Xinjiang, milk consumption, milk demand of Xinjiang, Xinjiang, income and consumption levels), Xinjiang dairy business development advantage (natural environment is superior, milk is rich in resources; multi-ethnic, dairy products in great demand; technical advantages; neighboring countries, many dairy export potential; climate advantages; the central and local government to promote dairy development, effective implementation of policies) and disadvantages of dairy enterprises in Xinjiang (geographical position, transportation inconvenience; leading enterprises in small scale dairy drive poor; brand aware, information on investment is not in place; product mix to be adjusted; milk products is low, urgent need to develop national characteristics of dairy products; quality milk less than) the development of dairy industry in Xinjiang to start analyzing the present situation, and thus affect the described core competitiveness of the main factors. Reveal the slow development of dairy enterprises in Xinjiang deep reason is that a general lack of dairy enterprise core competitiveness of enterprises, not to establish competitive advantage in the dairy industry, poor driving, not formed a virtuous circle of dairy enterprise. Pointed out that the dairy enterprise’s core competitive ability is to solve problems and enhance the fundamental and critical to build the core competitiveness of the dairy enterprise is cope with dairy dairy industry in Xinjiang powerful weapon for competition is to solve the Milk Industry in sustainable development imperative.Again, the system sorts out the theory at home and abroad, based on analysis of the core competitiveness of enterprises in Xinjiang Dairy meaning, features and elements, based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on AHP to the requirement, developed a set of core competitiveness of the dairy enterprise evaluation index system, the core of the dairy enterprise in Xinjiang competitiveness analysis and evaluation. Papers selected four large dairy enterprises in Xinjiang, represented the use of AHP based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to analyze the development of dairy enterprises in Xinjiang strengths, weaknesses and identify the impact of its key core competence. Through the analysis the following conclusions: the dairy enterprise core competitiveness of the main factors is the innovation and marketing capabilities, followed by scientific research capabilities and business development capabilities, organization and coordination ability of relatively small. Xinjiang, the core competitiveness of the dairy business as a whole is weak, business competition at a disadvantage, specific performance: innovation ability, research ability is weak, small scale, lack of good quality milk, in short, the dairy enterprise in Xinjiang core competence is the key factor in innovation, marketing ability, high-quality milk and so on.Finally, evaluation results combined with the actual situation in Xinjiang, from the government, dairy companies, dairy industry to put forward the three organizations to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises in Xinjiang dairy some of the measures and policy recommendations include: milk source base, leading enterprises to support , dairy brand building, service support system construction, dairy industry to the relevant organizations and government support policies. Specific breakdown of the Government to strengthen the responsibility of the development of the dairy industry, increase investment and development planning; formulate preferential policies to strengthen the leading enterprise; increase raw milk production processes supervision; step up publicity efforts to increase consumer confidence; adjustment Dairy structure, enhancing the depth of exploitation; to speed up scientific and technological progress, improve production technology; implementation of brand strategy, brand building company; strengthen consumer guide, and actively explore the market, particularly in the rural dairy consumer market; strengthen the milk base, and strengthen milk product and enterprise development foundation; enhance dairy enterprise crisis management; establish dairy business associations, play a leading role in the dairy business associations; perfect service system, strengthen the protection capacity; rational consumption, and promote the healthy development of the dairy industry; Optimization industrial structure, develop domestic and international markets.Innovation of this paper is to learn and absorb a wide range of domestic and foreign scholars on the basis of relevant research results, combined with the characteristics of dairy companies, dairy Xinjiang core competence an empirical analysis and model construction in the first attempt to join with dairy enterprise core competitiveness, product range, product taste, price, milk source base to build capacity and national policy and other indicators, the last of the Xinjiang core competitiveness of the dairy business, the actual situation in Xinjiang, from the government, dairy enterprises, dairy industry to put forward three organizations to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises in Xinjiang dairy countermeasures, the core competitiveness of the industry-specific theoretical and empirical research, there is some reference. At the same time as the process of research as far as possible using the latest data and information that reflects the latest situation in dairy enterprise in Xinjiang. This article has some originality.Dairy related to the various links in the chain of related industries, information and data collection and analysis of the workload of the larger, some key information and data are not readily available, this data depends largely on the public disclosure of information as basic data qualitative to quantitative Zhuanhua when some subjective bias, survey data have some difficulties, insufficient number of samples how to reduce bias as much as possible the difficulties of this article.

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