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Study on Template Synthesis of Nano Tungsten Carbide Powders and Its Application in WC/Ni Composite Coatings

Author: WangLing
Tutor: ChenZhiGang
School: Jiangsu University
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: Porous carbonaceous material Nano Tungsten Carbide In situ reaction Flame spraying Laser remelting Wear resistance
CLC: TG174.44
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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This article explores the Nanometer WC powder, porous carbonaceous material as a template, tungstic acid and ammonia as raw materials, in situ synthesis of nano-WC powder. Heterogeneous precipitation nano WC particles the Ni wrapped, made of wrapped powder. Different content of nano-wrapped powder and micron-level WC powder mixed with F102 powder flame spray welding and laser remelting prepared WC / Ni composite coating, and the wear resistance of the coating. Different carbonaceous materials, W / C ratio, the holding time WC powder morphology and particle size. The results show that: the expanded graphite as carbon source, the reaction time is relatively long, In addition to WC and powder as well as a small amount of W 2 C the presence of carbon source prepared WC powder activated carbon can be used to do The body composition is relatively pure, the particle size is relatively small, approximately several tens of nanometers; When the W / C molar ratio of 1:2, and the product are of WC. When the holding time of 90min single product ingredients (activated carbon template), and powder dispersion, the particle size is relatively small, BET analysis showed that the particle size is 92 nm. And the experimental procedure of theoretical analysis, according to a conventional thermodynamic theory, can be calculated by Gibbs and greater than 1200K, and the reaction can proceed spontaneously, and the reaction is an endothermic reaction. Kinetic analysis showed that the reaction is diffusion-reaction. Discuss the preparation process of the organization and morphology of the coating. The results show that: the flame spray welding micron WC coating defects such as porosity nanodrugs WC coating less, and the particles are evenly distributed; After laser remelting coating becomes dense, but the micrometer WC / Ni coating the surface of a small amount of crack. Flame spray welding prepared nanometer WC / Ni coating and the two prepared micron level WC / Ni coating composition is similar to the main γ-Ni BNi 3 , WC, W < sub> 2 C, M , 6 C M 23 C 6 phase composition; nanoscale laser remelting WC / Ni coating constituent phases above Cr 4 Ni 15 W exist. WC particle size, add the amount of hardness and wear resistance of the composite coating. The results showed that when micron WC dosage 4vol.%, The hardness and wear resistance of the composite coating, the laser remelting to strengthen the hardness and abrasion resistance of the coating can be improved microns, and can be added micron WC amount to 6vol.%; when the nano WC added in an amount 6vol.% better wear resistance of the coating, laser remelting can effectively reduce the nano WC / Ni coating stomata, thereby improving the wear resistance. Under the same conditions WC Content, better than micron composite coating wear resistance of laser remelting of nano WC / Ni WC / Ni composite coating.

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