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Study on Berberine Improving Microecological of Caecum Growth Metabolism and Immunity in Broiler Chickens

Author: ZhouBaoHua
Tutor: SunZhenPing
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Keywords: berberine microecology growth metablism immunity
CLC: S831.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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This test studied effects of berberine(BER) as metabolism regulator on microecology of the caecum,growth performance, endocrine and immunity in broiler chickens.First test: In this test ,with the anaeric culture device to simulate the caecum of broiler chicken,studied the effects of different dosage BER(0、15、30、60、90、120、 150mgBER/100mL medium) on pH、 total dehydrogenase activity(TDHA)、 microbial protein(MCP)、 the concentration of NH3-N of medium of caecum microbial of broiler chicken under the anaeric condition in vitro .The results showed that: in vitro,we added 120,150mg BER to 100mL medium,TDHA decreased significantly on some time points,compared with the control group,while the parameters of other treated groups had the same level of variation trend and there were no significant difference. This results implied that BER has no significant effects on microbial community of ceacum in vitro. Second test: Base on the results of the anaeric culture in vitro,we selected low and high dosage BER to have an experiment with broiler chickens.First day AA broiler chickens were divided into three groups randomly. The BER of zero,low and high dosage were added to one Kg basal diet of broiler chickens. This test was from 17th day to 50th day.The test studied the effects of the low and high dosage BER on growth,endocrine,the glucose level of serum and slaughtering performance in broiler chickens.The results showed that:1 Low and high dosage BER can both significantly increase the body weight gain and the feed intake of broiler chickens,compared with control group in 21~50 days ,body weight gain increased respectively 13.27%(P<0.05)、24.93%(P<0.001),feed intake increased respectively 15.38% (P<0.001)、28.12%(P<0.001), and the group of high dosage had better affect;feed/gain of each group had no significant effct2 Low and high dosage BER can improve the level of hormones of serum.In the indexes of hormones of serum in 35 days, the level of triiodothyronine (T3) increased respectively 21.79%(P>0.05)、66.42%(P<0.001),thyroxine (T4) increased respectively 127.67%(P<0.01)、134.04%(P<0.01),ACTH decreased respectively

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