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Translocation Chromosome 1BL.1RS and Stripe Rust Resistant Varieties of Differential Gene Expression Analysis and the Study of Change in Physiological Parameters

Author: HeMingYuan
Tutor: RenZhengLong
School: Sichuan Agricultural University
Course: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords: 1BL.1RS translocation Stripe rust Heterosis High photosynthetic activity Suppression Subtractive Hybridization Expressed sequence tags
CLC: S512.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Wheat is the world's largest food crop, wheat chromosomal translocation caused some new agronomic traits and disease resistance breeding in wheat production occupies an important role, while wheat production more than 70% from the post-anthesis product of photosynthesis, and this phenomenon is particularly evident in the high-yielding varieties, thus fostering high photosynthetic capacity and disease-resistant varieties to increase crop yields has important significance. The experiments were used 1BL/1RS translocation varieties Chuannong series respectively with the ordinary varieties Mianyang No. 11 (MY11), AIM6 No. hybridization, and cultivate high-quality offspring, through photosynthesis, fluorescence data, analyze them and heterosis hybrids wheat used in our laboratory Mianyang 11 (MY11) and from Th.intermedium wheat varieties Yu25 hybrids isolated four pairs of stripe rust and powdery mildew are highly resistant material, numbered 658,693,696 and 699, and one pair of white high resistance to stripe rust, but high sense of material 661, measured and analyzed them after stripe rust infection during senescence of flag leaf photosynthetic fluorescence parameters and by suppression subtractive hybridization analysis of wheat stripe rust bacteria interaction of differentially expressed genes changes, to further explore the work of improvement in wheat breeding and translocation line application prospects and disease resistance. Specific results are as follows: a translocation varieties Chuannong series respectively with the ordinary varieties Mianyang 11, AIM6 number of F1 hybrid photosynthetic fluorescence parameters cytoplasmic genetic traits are affected. 2 by the Fv '/ Fm' values, ΦPS Ⅱ value, Fv / Fm values ​​and chlorophyll value analysis shows translocation varieties Chuannong series respectively with the ordinary varieties Mianyang 11, AIM6 number of F1 generation hybrids during the entire filling, wheat flag leaf photosynthetic components to maintain a high activity and integrity, mainly in the thylakoid membranes of photosynthetic electron transport chain ability to have a well maintained. 3 translocation varieties Chuannong series respectively with the ordinary varieties Mianyang 11, AIM6 number of hybrid F1 generation during the entire filling, for Fv / Fm values ​​translocation cultivar CN17 as female parent, MYl 1 as the male parent The most obvious advantage, for Fv '/ Fm' and OPS Ⅱ value is Chuannong 18 species translocation female parent, AIM6 stronger as a paternal contribution, which may be due to translocation varieties Chuannong piece series translocation between chromosomes. 4 Throughout the filling period, the analysis can explain the fluorescence parameters of wheat stripe rust infection in the case of materials resistant to stripe rust pathogen destruction 658,693,696,699 photosynthetic ability component is stronger than the material 661. 5 Wheat stripe rust in wheat flag leaf infested the entire filling period analysis can explain the material 658,693,696,699 photosynthetic parameters compared to the material 661 to maintain a high photosynthetic capacity, and their stomatal conductance changes in order to maintain a reasonable high photosynthesis efficiency has played a huge role. 6 Using the SSH technique to establish a wheat stripe rust interactions with differentially expressed cDNA library of libraries in 73 Unigenes statistics showed that after Blast X than the latter, of which 30 unigene function has not been determined, the known function sequences, and energy-related genes 20, and metabolism-related genes 7, another with the defense and disease-related genes have 11, with transport and cell structure-related genes have two. 7 in energy and metabolism involved with photosynthesis-related proteins in pathogen infection and abiotic stress can make it in the content of plant leaves fall, causing light efficiency is significantly reduced. Analysis showed that 693,661 of the material: the susceptible and resistant materials 693 661 photosynthetic indicators measured the difference is due to stripe rust susceptible to infestation makes the material content of Rubisco 661 leaves fall, PS Ⅱ D1 protein photosynthetic reaction center The expression levels decreased, resulting in a PS Ⅱ reaction center structural changes, thereby causing a disruption of PS Ⅱ electron transfer summary, with translocation varieties Chuannong series as the female parent, male parent of common wheat cultivars and hybrids resistance to stripe rust material 658,693,696,699 flag leaf during grain filling thylakoid membrane structural components to maintain an efficient photosynthetic photosynthetic electron absorption, transmission and conversion, to keep the high photosynthetic characteristics, constitute a a continuous and efficient \

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