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The Junior Middle School Language Teaching Text Analysis on the Cultivation of Autonomous Learning Ability

Author: LiuJing
Tutor: XiaJiaFa
School: Central China Normal University
Course: Education and management of
Keywords: language teaching text independent study capacity-building
CLC: G633.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Independent study of learning, abbreviation for learners in the teacher’s advice, to the ongoing study activities and take the initiative, actively, conscientiously planning, monitoring, evaluation, of the adjustment process, (shanzhiyan definition).《the standard of language courses that》pupils are learning and development of the body. Language courses must be based on the development of chinese students and study the characteristics of individual differences and to students with different learning needs, the student’s curiosity and longing for knowledge to stimulate students’ initiative and enterprising spirit, and cultivate independence and cooperation, to explore ways of learning." In this theory, junior high school chinese text of the daring, a result, there are some problems. I think the chinese text of the middle of the study of four factors:an, teachers teaching philosophy. secondly, the old students. third, lack of motivation Junior high school examsbaton. the students and study plan. lack of effective.Theory to junior school language teaching, the teaching practice from start to build a junior high language teaching and learning ability of the text of the system. On how to cultivate the independent study the text. from the following two areas we talk about:And, The implementation of teaching and learning. the text of the text of the study is to train students to learn the text independency and initiative, the creativity, teachers and students, teachers and cooperation of Achieve the end of the students to learn the text of the independence. such a goal for the first need to strengthen our theory. the teacher Emphasizes the students for our education policy and attaches great importance to the students should study ways of guiding, lighten caused by Matriculation exam of Purpose reading text, education and social practice it is the essential factors. Secondly, the open, free development of students. MelSilberman including:students in class think an open discussion and learning materials in the activities of the richness and content of the integrated programmes, the flexibility of space. Teachers in the text to also students when explaining the spiritual freedom, Fully arouse the enthusiasm and desire and the classroom, the promotion of "free", Allow students to "breathe" freedom of the independence of the ability to learn. The classroom to open the design based on actual needs in the class structure, the students through various channels to collect, the effective information, we should attentively listen to the students for the text of the different meanings, so that teachers and students of equality and effective dialogue. Again, and the teacher told the text of the excavation closely. the teacher to be a regular reader of the text; Strange perception, Attention to read the text of the object——students, in keeping with the students and the text struck; Teacher for text and knowledge in depth and Large extent by the text of the diversity of ways. Finally, teachers should pay attention to the text of the reading habits. famous educator and ye shengtao said:"what is education? in a word, is to cultivate good habits." In reading should cultivate the general perception and grasp the mainstream, stimulate the thinking of the habit of reading in the teaching and training students with a stylus to sketch Sketch records, let the students to read a summary of the habit, training and learning to edge in the habits of thinking.Second, Text independently of learning. The text of the study consists of four: First before previewing. effective Teachers to prepare before class, he can help students learn that the text of the problems and puzzles; Students also according to the nation’s various education situation subtle arrangements and the time preparatory exercises in preparatory exercises by the institute under the guidance of teachers methods, form a model. Secondly, To give students adequate time. include the reading of the time, thinking of time, the time. Once again, rich text reading form is to develop students’ independent studies important link in the text I according to the teaching method of reading summarizes five (questions in reading and read, read, and performance in contrast to read and comment. in reading)Text of the study also includes teaching text after the extension of the text. teaching is the extra resources to the class or is the classroom learning to the outside of class. this goes especially textual study of the class to extracurricular (the extra resources within the class has been in the implementation of effective before previewing "and" full text of the form of teaching reading "the two sections about it. repeat) Teaching in the text of the extended to the text on, the wealth of knowledge, for example by the selected masterpieces articles to read the classics; students may also appear to be found in the text of the students with the point of entry to find information on various subjects to expand the knowledge, etc. In short, teaching and learning is a text of the ideology and teaching methods of the system as follows. 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