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The Morphology Evolution and Rheological Behavior of HDPE/PA Blends

Author: ZhangZhenWei
Tutor: YangHongMei
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords: High- density polyethylene Nylon Blends Form Rheological behavior
CLC: TQ317.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Using a capillary rheometer, Advanced Rheology Expansion System (ARES), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) Blends morphology and rheological behavior of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) / nylon (PA) relationship. Obtain the following results: to HDPE/PA66 low concentration (the PA66 content of ≤ 7 wt%) blends as the research object, using a capillary rheometer to study flow-induced low levels of the dispersed phase (PA66) form blends steady flow transformation behavior. Studies have shown that PA66 solid-state flow of the dispersed phase morphology almost no effect in the system, PA66 similar solid filler, a small amount of PA66 added little effect on the rheological behavior of the blends; When the PA66 completely melted, the dispersed phase spherical droplet morphology, low content of (Only 3 wt%) are presented in the blend system, however, PA66 Blends viscosity decreased significantly; near the high shear rate in the the PA66 melting temperature (260 ° C) 3wt% the PA66 content Blends reduced specific viscosity, the viscosity of the system is even lower than 280 ° C. The corresponding values ??of the system, SEM observation on the capillary surface of the extrudate and the dispersed phase liquid flow cause Blends drop deformation, showing the a similar fibrous form, it is due to the formation of this form of unique rheological behavior of the blends. (PA6 content of 20 wt%) blends to concentration of HDPE/PA6 higher as the research object, using the SEM, the presence of the research compatibilizer (HDPE-g-MAH), the evolution of the form of blends with compatibilizer content. The results showed that: PA6 content of 20wt% HDPE/PA6 Blends morphology showed a typical sea-island structure, in the absence of compatibilizing agent when the dispersed phase to a larger scale, a clear interface; compatibilizer HDPE-g-MAH can improve HDPE and PA6 the compatibility, so that thinning of the dispersed phase scale, and with the increase of the content of the compatibilizing agent, the particle size of the dispersed phase PA6 is getting smaller and smaller, more uniform particle size distribution; when the content of the compatibilizing agent is increased to 10 wt% , the average particle diameter of the dispersed particles decreases rapidly, is reduced by an order of magnitude compared with no compatibilizer; but with a further increase of the content of the compatibilizing agent, such as increased to 25 wt%, the dispersed phase scale chemotaxis stable and not change significantly. When the type of the content of the compatibilizing agent ARES ScS PA6 content of 20wt% HDPE/PA6 Blends linear viscoelastic behavior, the results showed that: the composite system with the increase of the content of the compatibilizing agent, the dynamic storage modulus G 'and the dynamic loss modulus G \The system of linear viscoelastic behavior of its morphological structure is closely related to the morphological structure, resulting in increased melt elasticity of the blends; corresponding with the morphological observations, indicating that the dynamic rheological methods can be used to examine the blends morphology evolution.

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