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Evaluation of Germplasm Resource of Allium Obliquum L.

Author: ZhangJuan
Tutor: LinChenYi
School: Xinjiang Agricultural University
Course: Olericulture
Keywords: Ting leek Germplasm Resources Phenological phases Yield components Nutrients Seed biology Reproductive biology Descriptor
CLC: S633.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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High of Draba leek (Allium obliquum L.) is perennial herb, Allium (Allium) worldwide concentrated at 50 ° N near the region within 85 to 95 ° E, China only distributed in Xinjiang Allium germplasm resources. Ting leek has long been in the wild state, the Urumqi local people call it a migraine onions, feed in early spring. At present, the domestic high-scape leek domestication and cultivation and biological characteristics of the study is still blank. From phenology of leaf growth characteristics, nutrients, seed biology and reproductive biology germplasm evaluation and the establishment of high Draba leek germplasm trait descriptors in order to provide a new vegetable resources and work laid the foundation for its introduction and domestication; parent material for bulb crops breeding, breeding work to expedite the implementation Xinjiang Alliaceous vegetables; reference Xinjiang Allium vegetation system, to further promote the development and utilization of Xinjiang Allium plant resources; the establishment of the International Allium germplasm information sharing platform to provide a reference. The main results are as follows: (1) Continuous 3 a phenological observations indicate high-Ting leek cold resistance, early spring sprout early, rapid growth and development; does not heat, drought, summer daylight saving sleep mode to avoid adverse environmental conditions; in ex-situ conservation The results show that the introduction and cultivation conditions less demanding on the soil fertility, resistance, barren; growing need plenty of water supply and moderate light intensity, a green vernalization long-day plant. (2) results showed that the leaf growth characteristics of high Ting leek whole plant are edible, The wide flat hypertrophy leaves is the main food organ. Draba leek plants in the juvenile phase high, the increase in plant height and pseudostem bold growth were significantly dependent on the increase in the number of leaves, number of blades differentiation is more, the higher the yield per plant leaves orthostatic has constantly differentiation, growth, aging, reproductive growth leaves elongation no longer differentiate the characteristics of the new leaves, leaves during the vegetative growth of 25 to 34 days. Therefore, Draba leek harvest period is about 30 d after the leaf expansion, suitable for close planting, leaves the vegetative stage should be to ensure adequate supply of water and fertilizer, to meet the needs of plant nutrient accumulation, to maximize the economic output. (3) determination of carbohydrates, crude fiber, vitamin C, carotenoids, proteins and other nutrients that high Draba leek comprehensive nutrients, moderate vegetative growth peak crude fiber content, high moisture content, fresh gives soft and juicy taste, vitamin C content was significantly higher than other vegetables, onion and garlic, to meet the requirements of people on the quality of fresh vegetables: bolting the early plant vitamin C and carotenoids decreased, but the Allium species special flavor more rich, spice, this time higher crude fiber content more suitable pickled food. (4) seed biology studies have shown that high propagation units Ting leek seed, obovate, with triangular, kernel weight 0.21 g of small seed, seed coat black matte, appendages, hilum slit-like , white, with endosperm, germ linear, curved, micro-morphological characteristics of the seed coat with species specific, can explore an important basis for species identification and phylogenetic relationships. Seed germination, seed germination phenology studies have shown that the high-Ting leek seed germination optimum temperature range of 15 to 20 ° C, the optimum temperature range is narrow, the temperature is too high (gt; 25 ° C) or too low (lt; 15 ° C) long, low germination rate, irregular germination, seedling weak; compared with the constant temperature 15/25 ° C variable temperature conditions more suitable for high Draba leek seed germination. Light on high-Ting leek seed germination promotion or inhibition was not significant. Production spring exposed to live fully meet the seed germination conditions, but also by the emergence the artificial variable temperature germination way to improve the uniformity. The high-Ting leek seed has a non-deep physiological dormancy characteristics, stratification can break the high-Ting leek seed dormancy, but the dormancy release and temperature stratification. Cold stratification (5 ° C) required a longer time, temperature stratification (10/20 ° C, 15/25 ° C, 20/30 ° C) required for a short time, no matter what stratification seedlings seedling quality had no significant effect, but the temperature stratification of seed placed lower than the stratification temperature conditions will induce seed secondary dormancy. Testa affect high Ting leek seed germination, these skin disorder is caused due to the species of gas-impermeable or water-impermeable skin, rather than because the testa exists germination inhibiting substance. Artificial aging results show that the high-Ting leek seed resistant to storage at room temperature storage conditions of the average life of more than a kind of skin disorder caused by sleep and physiological dormancy is the protection mechanism to prevent their own aging, aging temperature required for processing humidity conditions for the lifting of the dormancy of fresh seeds have a certain role. Hydration - dehydration process can fix high Draba leek Seeds damaged membrane structure, improve seed vigor. Tolerated strong high-Ting leek seed on soil salinity (PH), seed germination and the composition and content of the soil salinization, soil salinization is only temporary inhibition of seed germination, the leaching effect of rain and snow can make it restore germination. Studies have shown that the extent of the harm of different types of single-salt high-Ting leek seed were NaCl gt; by NaHSO4 GT; Na2SO4; seedling ability of the high-Ting leek seed followed by NaHSO4 gt; NaCl gt; Na2SO4. When the the Na2SO4 salt mixed saline solution molar ratio is large, the inhibitory effect on seed germination strengthen; low concentrations of NaHCO3 can promote high Draba leek seed germination, but reduced the seed seedling ability. (5) reproductive biology studies have shown that high Ting leek for the cross-pollination plants. When the six anthers completely shedding the stigma they be granted, to the perianth completely closed stage stigma may grant the strongest, followed by the the stigma gradual wilting may grant reduced; pollen shedding after high viability within 4 h after dynamic decline rapidly. Bee pollination is an important guarantee for its reproductive success. (6) In accordance with IPGRI Allium species descriptor from the collection of information, plant characteristics, flowering and strong characteristics and seed characteristics have been established in 30 high Draba leek germplasm resource descriptor.

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