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RAPD Analysis of Differnet Myrica Rubra Cultivars in Fujian Province

Author: TongYanXia
Tutor: WangJiaFu
School: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course: Pomology
Keywords: Strawberry RAPD Kinship Cluster analysis Genetic Diversity
CLC: S667.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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30 Bayberry varieties in Fujian Province, worked out a suitable of bayberry leaves genome DNA extraction methods; create and optimize Yangmei RAPD reaction system and amplification reaction program; RAPD markers combined cluster analysis, Fujian Province Bayberry different varieties of phylogenetic relationships and genetic diversity. The main findings are as follows: 1. Bayberry leaves the establishment of the DNA extraction method for bayberry leaves rich in polysaccharides and polyphenols characteristics of pigments and other substances, the use of the modified CTAB method to extract Yang Meiji genomic DNA. First, bayberry leaves fresh and tender materials, before DNA was extracted from the first pre-ground samples to solve the DNA was extracted sample handling varying lengths of time, the same batch of DNA quality and yield quite different issues such as This is one of the key technologies of extracting high quality Yang Meiji genomic DNA. Secondly, in the nucleus before being cleaved by adding DNA extraction wash liquid before addition to sugar, can effectively eliminate the interference of the sugars. Once again, in the extract by adding 2% of PVP and β-mercaptoethanol, and effectively inhibit the oxidation of the polyphenols and other substances. Higher purity and yield of DNA extracted suitable as bayberry varieties RAPD analysis. 2 Bayberry RAPD Reaction System on the basis of the reference to the reaction of the general RAPD analysis program determined through repeated trials suitable for PCR amplification program: 94 ° C denaturation 3min; denaturation at 94 ° C for 30 s; 37 ° C annealing 30s; 72 ° C extension of the 90s, 38 cycles; last 72 ℃ for 7min. Yangmei RAPD Reaction System optimized for: total reaction volume was amplified in 20gL contains 2.0μL 10 × Buffer buffer, 2.5mmol / L MgCl2, 0.25mmol / L dNTPs, 1.5 μmol / L primers, 40rig template DNA and 1.0U Taq DNA polymerase. RAPD marker in Yangmei degree of polymorphism analysis from 171 RAPD random primers screened 14 with specific amplification of polymorphic primers to amplify 30 Bayberry genotype of Fujian Province, amplified a total of 155 RAPD marker bands, including 130 polymorphic bands, polymorphism percentage of 83.8%, the average number of bands detected by each primer 9.3. 4 Bayberry varieties RAPD marker clustering analysis of RAPD markers Fujian Province genetic similarity coefficient between any two of 30 copies of Bayberry varieties are between 0-1. The genetic similarity coefficient between Prince Anhai Early Anhai Jatropha Bayberry rice Bayberry farthest kinship.

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