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The Preliminary Study of Gene Expression Spectrum in Thymus Tissue of Myasthenia Gravis Patient

Author: WuZuo
Tutor: ZhaoGuoQiang;ZhangQingYong
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Pathophysiology
Keywords: Myasthenia gravis thymus tissue gene expression spectrum gene chip
CLC: R746.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Background and AimMyasthenia gravis(MG) is an autoimmune disease whose main performance is myasthenia,it is mainly mediated by acetylcholine receptor antibody(AChRAb) and aiming directly at the acetylcholine receptor(AChR) in postsynaptic membrance of neuromuscular junction.In the organism presented many kinds of pathogenic antibodies which is mainly IgG2 subtype under the synergism of autoreactivity Th cell.The antibody dependent complement solution has participated the destruction of AchR molecule.The massive losses of AchR molecules lead to the functional disturbance of neuromuscular transmission and then initiate a series of clinical symptoms,such as tiredness、weakness、general fatigue,respiratory muscle exhaust usually becomes the fatal death cause.The pathogenesy mainly involve genetic factors and immune factors.Thymus is the critical organ of organism immune that having close relationship with MG.Researches show that thymus abnormity played important role in MG’morbility and about 50-70%patient accompany with thymic hyperplasia or other abnormalities,ln order to deeply study the pathogenesis of MG and the effect of thymus abnormity in its occurrence and advancement,the auther has made preliminary analysis of gene expression spectrum in MG patient’ s thymus and normal thymus.Empirical methods6 thymic specimens of MG patients who underwent thymectomy as well as 6 of normal thymus tissues(all for 3 males and 3 females) were collected; Extracting the total RNA of the 6 MG patients’thymus tissues and the normal thymus tissues respectively,each RNA carried on reverse transcription and synthesized cDNA chain marked by Cy5 and Cy3 to make the probe;Crossing them in the human genome chip(BiostarH-140s) that contained 14000 points.Scanning the fluor signal image of the chip by scanarray 4000 scanner,carrying on digitized processing and the analysis to the presentation by GenePix Pro 3.0 software.And then check the abnormal expressed gene STAT4 by Fluorescent quantitation RT-PCR Empirical results1.Abnormal expressed gene have 254,among the total there were 82 increased gene expression(up-regulation tendency) while the reduced gene expression(down regulation tendency)172.2.The increased gene expression of proto-oncogene and anti-oncogene have 3(BC050283,NM005433,NM000027) while the reduced gene expression have 3(AK124015,NM 003682,AK160365).3.The increased gene expression of immune GAP-associated protein GAP has 1(D90070) while the reduced gene expression have 10 (NM000849,BCO42297,AK124177,NM014680,NM003151,NM002154,NM00 3151,CR601408,BM466221,AK127250).4.The increased gene expression of cell receptor has 1(NM014748) while the reduced gene expression have 2(AF041245,BC035514).5.The increased gene expression of ion channel and transport protein have 2(NM015564,NM002269) while the reduced gene expression have 3(NM001089,BG121847,AK124975). 6.The increased gene expression of cell signal and transducin have 8 (AK055354,AF051151,BX161390,BC036030,BC053866,AK092059, BX648811,NM016115) while the reduced gene expression have 13 (AK026533,AK097164,CR623789,BX647927,BQ056337,NM004440, NM004311,AL117607,NM000791,CR623789,BQ947794,BM478682, NM004431).7.Detecting and checking the differential expression gene STAT4 by RT-PCR,the results have consistent with the gene chipConclusionA great quantity of differential expression genes were found in the MG patient’s thymus tissue and the normal thymus tissue;Offering considerable quantitative differential expression genes related immune、growth for MG patient and the cue of early diagnosis and therapy of MG.

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