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Reseach on Leisure Education

Author: FuBin
Tutor: LuoMingDong
School: Yunnan Normal University
Course: Principles of Education
Keywords: Leisure Education Research Leisure qualities Labor Education Latent curriculum Education and self-education Activity courses Penetration lesson People's lives To promote the comprehensive development Educated
CLC: G41
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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In the process of development of human society, there is an obvious trend is that people for the labor time gradually reduce the increasing number of leisure time. Whether it is now or the future, the educated not only a labor force, but also a leisure, education must be concerned about labor and leisure. This paper is a theoretical analysis of the leisure education, is divided into four parts. The first part, leisure education, social background. Education should be concerned about human life, human life is full of leisure is one of the important part. However, in real life, there are many people who are leisure plagued examine in depth the people to spare the life of the problem, we can easily find in today's society, people's leisure is deprived of the abused, narrowing remains widespread, education for human life, this should respond. In the development of history, people are often concerned about the relationship between education and labor, As for the relationship between labor and leisure, as well as labor education and leisure education What is it? Author found by reviewing the history of the relationship between the two constantly evolving , we can see that the labor and leisure, as well as labor education and leisure education in the life separated from the original fusion to opposition and the gradual integration, which is also reflected in today's labor education of pupils and their evolution trajectory Leisure Education inevitable requirement. Leisure education research, I found through visits that a foreign study earlier exposition of Aristotle, Spencer, Veblen, leisure and leisure education, especially modern American leisure education and leisure The emergence of science can give us a lot of inspiration. In domestic, leisure and leisure education fragmented and not the system, therefore, in this case, to further strengthen the leisure and leisure education has become imperative. The interpretation of the second part, leisure education. Leisure, is the concept of a different people special. But, in general, to define leisure time, activities, and state of mind three angles, I spare defined on the basis of this analysis, we must firmly grasp these three time, content, quality The important aspect to really interpret the meaning of leisure. Therefore, leisure is the free time enjoyed by the people in their lives and in the time of spontaneous, independent, free living conditions. From the main body of the leisure program, the extent to devote their energies in order to deepen our understanding of leisure, I put into the type of effort, and classified activities directed significance level of leisure. Different positions in different historical periods, standing, people own leisure education advocate, Leisure Education are not the same. The author of several common understanding Dynasty, leisure education and pointed out that the quality of the education is to improve people's leisure. And leisure qualities belong to the quality of our society, including leisure awareness, leisure attitude, leisure skills and leisure habits. The third part, leisure education function. The leisure education function is through leisure education to improve the quality of people's leisure and the impact of social and personal. For individuals, leisure education unassuming human body, promote the comprehensive development, enhance the quality of life of the people; important political, economic, cultural, leisure education for society. Part IV, leisure education. This part is in the analysis of the background, defines the connotation of understanding of the function based on the idea to build a leisure education: the object of the leisure education advocate full of leisure education, but it should be noted that the object of the differences: Leisure Education The purpose of attention to the comprehensiveness of leisure education, goal-oriented targeted; leisure education in ways to make school education, family education, social education and self-education organic combination; leisure education courses, specialized courses and immersion course, significant latent curricula and courses, curriculum and activity courses combined emphasis on immersion course a latent course curriculum activities; the leisure education methods, the method for determining both intrinsic factors to consider, should also consider external factors within its guiding ideology The main factors determine the type, style, supplemented by outside factors determine.

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