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From the "Other" to the "Warrior" -Interpretation of Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior

Author: GuXiangYu
Tutor: ZhangZuoDu
School: Sichuan Normal University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: Ghost Silence He who Woman Warrior Chinese Literature
CLC: I106.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Miss Tang Tingting \a variety of awards, including the National Book Award for \Many Chinese literary works, \U.S. professors Maxine Hong Kingston's novel as a contemporary American literature class, women's studies class, ethnic studies courses, anthropology courses required reading textbook. Chinese writer works for the success of such a scale that the ethnic Chinese literature with its own characteristics gradually established in the American literature foothold, to start their own prosperity. Chinese literature research as a specialized discipline by more and more attention from scholars. I intend from the following perspective and starting point of the book is to explore the multi-level, multi-angle and profiling. The book is actually five separate chapter short story. In the first person, the author tells the aunt, mother, aunt, \In addition, there is a memory, myth and the reality on the stories together about the heroine Mulan. The five the hero of the story of life in a family, living in a different time and space have different life experiences. These five stories in narratives - are \Obviously, these stories are not out of a background of Chinese living abroad, are on the grand narrative of American culture background, ethnic Chinese living about the premise of American society. If a family or family is a microcosm of society, and of efforts to portray women in a family, the women reflect the ethnic Chinese community suffered a widespread. The book contains more than one meaning of feminism, cultural conflict, as well as national level. The paper as a starting point to resolve the topic of \First, the paper borrows saying \The pressure of patriarchy, women do not have freedom, to be regarded as goods, the burden only to the family of the girl will be ridiculed. All the impact of in this positive Theophilus culture led men deemed to be the main body of society, women are deemed him their status tends marginalized. Feminist literary expose and oppose the patriarchal culture of repression and persecution of women is the article reflect a significant feature. Secondly, the ethnic Chinese nation as a starting point, the text also take care of the ethnic Chinese national living in the United States - they have suffered all kinds of unfair treatment and racial discrimination under difficult struggle. Mainstream white society, in terms of the entire Chinese nation has been regarded as \By reading the text, we can easily find everywhere in Maxine Hong Kingston's unique narratives can reflect the plight of the survival of the Chinese nation under the clamp of the white mainstream culture. This paper attempts to use \. The text subtitle \\Laundry Ghosts \This is both a bad habits of the feudal oppression of women, and the other is the existence of racial discrimination and oppression in the so-called \But the ultimate purpose of the text is not satisfied merely to simply expose Chinese American women encountered gender oppression and racial discrimination. The book is named \The word \\In this book, the \Warriors enjoin the challenges faced by the population as a whole in a strange cultural environment and strive for survival, also requested the fight against harmful traditional practices with the legacy of China's feudal society, patriarchal culture patriarchal point of view. Chinese-American girl growing up in ghosts shadow intimidation did not choose to retreat or escape, but the courage to take up the mission of the \The author of the story not only tells the story of Chinese American women under strong culture of oppression and how to survive the collision of different cultures, but also to inspire a new generation of ethnic Chinese women also work harder to get recognized by the community of the United States. Of course, this book is the reason why widely recognized, and not just because of standing in the women's point of view and the point of view of the nation to write the text to reflect the social reality, the book also standing American perspective on American society as a whole to realize equality, freedom of appeals and warnings issued. Maxine Hong Kingston of second-generation immigrants are not caught in the dilemma of predicament as a chapter of \cultural exchanges between the desire to contribute. In summary, Maxine Hong Kingston began to tell the story of the nameless woman from breaking the family taboo about one and a meaningful story. From the text we can see the hope of the author sent to them - she wants to use their own efforts to resist the the traditional oppression suffered by the Chinese American women, against the American democratic society of women, especially the unfair treatment of ethnic Chinese women.

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