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Development of a Gas Chromatographic Method for Detection of Levamisole Residues in Swine, Poultry and Goat Edible Tissues

Author: ZhangCongLan
Tutor: WangDaJu
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Basic Veterinary Science
Keywords: L- microphone Remain Gas Chromatography Pig Chicken Sheep
CLC: TS207.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Levamisole as imidazole and thiazole broad spectrum anthelmintic potential genotoxic, the performance of the provisions of China's Ministry of Agriculture, the form of the parent drug maximum residue limits (MRL), in cattle, sheep, poultry and pig muscle, kidney and fat for 10μg/kg, 100μg/kg in the liver. In this study, other than the standard method for the quantitative means to establish a gas chromatography detection levamisole residues in edible tissues of pigs, chickens and sheep, and the development of the agricultural industry standard. HP-6890 gas chromatograph, nitrogen phosphorus detector device (NPD), HP-5 capillary column (30m × 0.32mm). Nitrogen as a carrier gas, the flow rate 2mL/min. The sample preparation method: a homogeneous sample, the potassium hydroxide solution was basified, extracted with ethyl acetate, hydrochloric acid stripping, the KOH solution to adjust the pH, and then chloroform extracted, taking chloroform layer injection analysis. The results showed that, under this condition, the retention time 9.37min levamisole. The lowest limit of detection (LOD) of the standard solution 0.025μg/mL, the lowest limit of quantitation (LOQ) for 0.05μg/mL. Concentration peak area showed a good linear relationship in 0.05 ~ 3.2μg/mL with linear equation y = 4.9795x-0.2628, correlation coefficient R = 0.9996. Levamisole standard solution concentration 0.05,0.4,3.2 μg / mL, the intraday and interday coefficient of variation was less than 4%. Take blank organization added Levamisole standard solution, using the above method of extraction sample preparation, the of the organizations levamisole LOD and LOQ are 5μg/kg. Levamisole in pigs, chickens, sheep muscle, liver, fat and kidney, the concentration of 5,10,20 μg / kg, the recovery rate of the organizations were: pig muscle was 89.2% ± 8.6%, 89.9% ± 8.2%, 90.7% ± 6.4%, the liver for 83.9% ± 3.2%, 83.9% ± 3.0%, 84.8% ± 4.3%, 70.9% ± 5.5%, 72.7% ± 6.1%, 74.1% ± 5.4% fat, kidney 84.6% ± 3.7%, 85.6% ± 3.5%, 86.4% ± 4.5%; sheep muscle was 83.1% ± 7.0%, 83.3% ± 6.6%, 85.3% ± 6.3%: 84.6% ± 6.2% for liver fat 82.0% ± 6.5%, 86.1% ± 5.8%, 87.6% ± 7.1%, kidney 81.8% ± 2.9%, 82.9% ± 4.2%, 85.9% ± 4.3%; chicken muscle was 83.9% ± 5.4%, 85.7 % ± 6.9%, 87.3% ± 6.2%, the liver for 81.4% ± 5.7%, 85.5% ± 5.7%, 84.9% ± 4.5%, 69.7% ± 4.9%, 72.9% ± 6.0%, 74.6% ± 5.0%. The intra-day coefficients of variation were <12.5%. Continuous mixed feeding 3d feed containing levamisole 500mg/kg, after stopping the drug 1d, detected the highest concentration in the liver, various organizations were not detected drugs after stopping the drug 5d liver to target tissues. The results show that: the method is simple sample handling, its linear range, correlation, sensitivity, accuracy and precision are in line with the requirements of the veterinary drug residue detection methods, can be used for detection in the edible tissue of pigs, chickens, sheep levamisole residues.

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