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Simulation and Statistic Analysis of Mid-Latitude Sporadic E-Layers

Author: ZuoXiaoMin
Tutor: WanWeiXing
School: Wuhan Institute of Physics and Institute of Mathematics
Course: Space Physics
Keywords: Mid-latitude E_s layer Simulation Statistical analysis
CLC: P352
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2002
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Sporadic E layer of the ionosphere characteristics and mechanism has been the concern of the majority of scholars. This paper derived through statistical analysis of the main morphological characteristics the weft E_s layer, and its correlation with solar activity, and simulated E_s layer formation in the role of the wind field and electric field according to the wind shear theory recognized today process, come to the distribution characteristics of the peak density of the wind field and the electric field variation with time caused E_s layer over time. First, we selected a typical vertical the measuring stations f_oE_s data for statistical analysis, focused on the seasonal and diurnal variation of the the weft E_s emergence rate of confirmed Smith (1957), while the \time out of the the weft E_s emergence rate (f_oE_s> 5MHz) variation of: E_s most likely to appear in the summer and during the day, low latitudes rate peak appear slightly after noon, the latitude peak appeared slightly before noon; Second, starting from the basic equation of continuity and the equations of motion, using the method of characteristics for solving a reasonable dynamics assumptions, the simulation of metal ion the convergence E_s layer formation. Level of upper atmospheric wind field experience the mode HWM93 (Hedin et al, 1996) given wind farm Richmond et al (1980) by the incoherent scatter radar drift empirical models given electric field. The simulation results confirmed to a certain extent, the rationality of the wind shear theory. By to change HWM93 wind field and electric field mode input parameters, the simulation results reflect the different local, different seasons of the metal ion aggregation discussed the analog E_s layer peak density of Sunday and seasonal variations of the wind field and electric field response , the results statistically E_s layer appear rate time distribution characteristics were similar. Wind field of HWM93 tidal component amplitude adjustment analysis concluded, the major impact of the tidal phase and amplitude of the diurnal variation of the distribution for E_s layer peak density. In addition, the observations of the latitude stations E_s layer critical frequencies f_oE_s during the 1957-1990 year sunspot cycle for statistical analysis to study the impact of solar activity on the intensity and the emergence rate of E_s layer, the main result is : the critical frequency f_oE_s the annual average during the day with solar activity showed a strong positive correlation, a negative correlation at night. Similarly, the rate of annual change E_s the emergence of solar activity is also during the day was a positive correlation, the night was a negative correlation. Further analysis showed that the main contribution above the daytime E_s layer critical frequency and solar activity positive correlation from the regular E layer and a strong correlation of solar activity. Sunday change or eliminate the role of the the background E layer electron concentration, E_s layer of intensity and solar activity during the day was a weak positive correlation, a negative correlation in the night, the correlation coefficient comparison rules half-day changes. In short, in this article from the statistical analysis of data and theoretical calculation of the two aspects of research in the weft E_s the morphological characteristics and confirmed by comparison between theoretical explanation is reasonable, for a deeper understanding of the characteristics and evolution of the E_s layer to lay the foundation for of depth E_s layer physical processes important ideas.

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