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Studies on Screening of Lactase-producing Strains, Optimum of Liquid Fermentation and Application in Low-lactose Milk

Author: ZhangMingLi
Tutor: XiongHua;LiuWenQun
School: Nanchang University
Course: Of Food Science
Keywords: β-galactosidase strain screening fermentation enzyme property hydrolysis
CLC: TS252
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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It has been estimated that over 70%of world’s inhabitants suffer from eitherlactose maldigestion or intolerance. The enzymeβ-D-galactoside galactohydrolase(β-galactosidase, E.C., trivially lactase) hydrolyzes lactose, the milk sugar,into two moietiesglucose and galactose. The development of lactose hydrolyzedproducts presents one of the possible approaches to diminish the lactose maldigestionproblem.By using X-gal test and ONPG test, theβ-galactosidase activity quality andquantity were detected respectively, in order to screen the microorganism from soiland milk which produces large quantity ofβ-galactosidase. There are twenty-onestrains that appeared blue colour on the agar plate containing X-gal. And there arefive strains produced high quality and large quantity ofβ-galactosidase. And theβ-galactosidase activity of yeast Y6 is the best of these five strains.The fermentation culture medium of lactase-producing yeast Kluyveromyceslactis was optimized by orthogonal design and single-factor experiments. Theoptimal culture medium for fermentation of lactase-producing yeast Kluyveromyceslactis was shown as follows (%, W/V): lactose 8, glucose 0.5, yeast extract 0.7, urea0.15, KH2PO4 1.5, MgSO4 0.1, MnCl2 0.01, pH 6.6~6.8. The optimum fermentationconditions on producing lactase were as follows: culture time was 18~20h,inoculation quantity was 2.5%(V/V), the volume of fermentation culture mediumwas 30mL/250mL. And the average productivity of lactase was 1.930 ONPG unitsper milliliter.The properties of the enzyme of lactase isolated from Kluyveromyces Iactis wasstudied using single-factor experiments. The optimal pH value and temperature of thelactase were found to be in the range of 6.4~6.6 and at 40~45℃, respectively. Theoptimal thermal stability exhibited at temperature of 40~45℃and in pH range of6.0~8.4. The enzyme was significantly activated by metal ions of Mn2+, Mg2+ andNa+, but inhibited by the metal ions of Zn2+ and Cu2+. Km value of the lactase wasmeasured at 3.348mmol/L and 16. 873mmol/L when ONPG and lactose as substrate respectively,When milk was treated with lactase isolated from Kluyveromyces lactis at 40℃for 5 hours, with dosage of 10%, the degree of hydrolysis for lactose can reach 70%.

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