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Concept of honor and disgrace education of contemporary college students

Author: FengSha
Tutor: WangHuiMin
School: Yanbian University
Course: Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords: Concept of honor and disgrace University student Education
CLC: G641
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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The university is the cradle of the advanced culture, which is thefundamental socialist ethical building. The contemporary universitystudents are the builders and successors to the cause of socialism withChinese characteristics, embodying and inheriting the socialism civilizedmorals and customs, with burden on the historical responsibility to thegreat rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. How theirs ideological andethical qualities are is connected with the future and fate of the nation.It has been brought forward by Comrade Hu Jintao that the cadres and thepeople should be guide especially the youth to build up the "Eight Honors,Eight Disgraces" on the basic connotation of the socialist concept of honorand disgrace, which is the important matter for socialism ideological andmoral reconstruction. Itisthe socialism concept of honor and disgrace thathas been defined the right and wrong, the good and evil, the beauty andugliness, manifested the fundamental requirement to improve everycitizen’ s ideological and moral standards and the legal qualities.Meanwhile the socialism concept of honor and disgrace will guide the correctorientation for the students being growing up qualified builders andsuccessors in all-round development, morality, intellect, physicality andaesthetics which enhance their cultivation, exercising optimal morality.Therefore, strengthening the university students education of the honorand disgrace, helping them set up the ideology are the important contentin the ideological and moral construction.The economic globalization is the tendency of the world development.With exchange and development of science and technology, rapid improvementin economy and culture we should soberly realize that the globalizationbrings us not only benefit butalso some negative effects. In the political,economical and thought realm unhealthy phenomena has had strong impact onthe students’ growth. At the same time that carrying outexamination-oriented education system in our nation neglects theideological and moral education of the students which leads a proportionof them to appear the tendency of earthy value orientation, lack the spritserving people, obscure the ideal and faith, absent the socialresponsibility, weaken the collectivism concept, aggravate theindividualism ideal; be short of good faith, deteriorate the moral; fallshort of the spirit of self-reliance, emerge the hedonism thought. Thesephenomena have baleful influence on the university students becoming talentand developing. The educator should widen the educational carrier of honor and disgrace and should work out suitable educational methods accordingto these questions.Firstly, the educational content of concept of honor and dishonorshould be designed reality, that is to say, it is emphasis on one thingfor the education of speculative knowledge on concept of honor and disgrace,another thing for the point of penetration into daily study and life ofstudent. What has being done from realistic life is benefit for helpingstudents acquire a correct the concept of honor and disgrace. Secondly,the educational carrier of concept of honor and disgrace should be makediversification. Depending on the books before, the teachers just pour outspeculative knowledge in a steady flow, in contrast to the students’acceptance passively which is not good for teaching effect. The educationcarrier of concept of honor and disgrace should be enrichment, flexibilityand diversification. We could make full use of classroom instruction tonurture people, of campus culture to refine students’ sentiment, of socialpractice to steel their willpower, of good role model to summon them, ofstrict management to train the students, all of which can widen the approachto education and optimize the circumstance of study. Eventually, gropingfor educational method of modernization is essential with unconsciousnesseducational method, the goal decomposition, the network educational methodand so on in order to achieve educational goal.On the one hand, treating for concept of honor and disgrace education,we should abide by principle of prompt, earnest and sincerity. On the otherhand, we should pay attention to the development character of honor anddisgrace that will educate students to pursuit honor and avoid disgracein order to improve the students’ ideological and moral quality.

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