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Studies on the Population Molecular Genetic Structure of Exon 2 about SLA-DQB, DRB Genes in Six Miniature Pig Breeds

Author: YangXueMei
Tutor: LiXueWei;LiHua
School: Sichuan Agricultural University
Course: Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction
Keywords: Miniature pigs SLA-DQB gene SLA-DRB gene Groups of molecular genetic
CLC: S828
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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The major histocompatibility complex (Maior histocopitibility complex, MHC) refers to concentrate on a particular chromosome, coding and immune response directly related to a class of cell membrane glycoprotein gene group. Its function is not limited to transplant rejection, also with the body immune response of the exogenous antigen association between. Major histocompatibility complex gene polymorphism richest known system, this study mainly of 186 6 varieties of miniature pigs SLA II class genes DQB and 98 3 varieties of miniature pigs SLA II gene DRB outer significant sub- 2 PCR-RFLP digested typing, amplified fragment contains part of intron 1, complete exon 2 and part of intron 2, DQB 326bp to 311 bp, DRB same time, the study of these two genes amplified fragments were cloned and sequenced, and structural analysis of the genetic and evolutionary analysis of results are as follows: both Rsa Ⅰ and Hinf Ⅰ restriction enzyme Ganzi Tibetan pig cooperation pig, southern Yunnan miniature pig, Pakistan horse small pig pigs, and purse pig of 186 individuals from six varieties of SLA-DQB gene PCR-RFLP typing; SLA-DQB fragments digested by Rsa Ⅰ alleles and 14 genotypes (CC , DD, GG, FF, CD, CG, CE, CF, DG, DE, DF, GE, GF, EF), each pig in the genotype distribution between 5 to 10, the six herds heteroaryl heterozygosity (He) between 0.5384 to 0.7288, and North China type (0.7288)> South China (0.7161)> plateau (0.6913), Bama miniature pigs PIC value (0.4884) is slightly less than 0.5, and biased in favor of highly polymorphic PIC values ??of the other five groups of between 0.5712 to 0.7285, were greater than 0.5, the performance is highly polymorphic; fit tested by chi-square: the Ganzi Tibetan pigs, Bama miniature pig and Wuzhishan pig chi-square fit test values ??were lower than the significant level (P> 0.05), and reached the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Cooperation pigs, the the southern Yunnan miniature pig and purse swine in the sites did not reach the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; by Hinf Ⅰ enzyme digestion, three alleles, six genotypes (HH, II, JJ, HI HJ, U), He distributed in different ecological type breeds: North China type (0.5238) the plateau (0.4350)> South China Type (0.4286), PIC value in the range of 0.2908 to 0.4610 in the locus moderate polymorphism. Different ecological type, the size of the PIC value as follows: North China> South China plateau fit tested by chi-square, the Ganzi Tibetan pig, Diannan miniature pig, Bama miniature pig, purse swine chi-square fit The test values ??were lower than the level of significance (P> 0.05), and reached the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Cooperation pig, the Wuzhishan pig in the locus does not meet the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. SLA-DRB fragments were RSA I enzyme digestion the five kinds allele (R, S, T, U-, V), 9 genotypes, three groups, S is the dominant allele (0.6786), V disadvantage allele (0.0562), The PIC value size order: cooperation pig (0.5875)> Wuzhishan pig (0.4780)> the purse pig (.3314); He values: cooperation pig (0.6306)> Wuzhishan pig (0.5122 purse) pig> (.3448); fit tested by chi-square, cooperation pig chi-square value lower than the level of significance (P> 0.05) to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium the Wuzhishan pig purse pig did not meet the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; Msp Ⅰ enzyme digestion, two alleles, genotypes (PP, QQ, PQ), Q the size of the dominant allele (0.5918), P disadvantage allele (0.4082), PIC value turn : purse pig (0.3713) the collaborators (0.3680)> Wuzhishan (0.3579). He values ??the size of the order: the purse pig (0.4927)> cooperation pig (0.4861)> in Wuzhishan (0.4669), by chi-square for test cooperation pig, Wuzhishan pig and whole groups chi-square test values ??were lower than the significant level of ( P> 0.05), Msp Ⅰ locus reached the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, and the purse pig did not reach the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. This test measures the 26 of the DQB sequences and 11 DRB sequences, in DQB 15 alleles in DRB alleles, and according SLA naming rules named DQB gene overall average gene diversity of 0.9140, the overall average number of nucleotide average difference of 12.215; the DRB genes overall average gene diversity was 0.909, and the overall average number of nucleotide average difference of 22.873; SLA-DRB genes with more than SLA-DQB gene abundant amino acid variation and nucleotide variability.

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