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Preparation of β-c from Dunaliella Salina Submicron Emulsion and Study on Its Cytoactive

Author: TangQiLing
Tutor: WangChunBo
School: Qingdao University
Course: Pharmacology
Keywords: The D. salina beta - carotene Submicroemulsion 9 - cis - beta - carotene Apoptosis
CLC: R94
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Purpose extracted from Dunaliella beta - carotene ( beta - C ) ; establishment of cis , trans- beta - C isomers method for the determination ; preparation of the D. salina beta - C submicroemulsion study its the anti - 60 < / sup > Co radiation effect . Method of a confined extraction extraction process Dunaliella beta - C ; HPLC method for the determination of Dunaliella all-trans- beta- C , 9 - cis - beta - C content ; using orthogonal test method to determine the Dunaliella beta - C submicroscopic the best formulation and preparation process of the milk ; established 60 Co radiation ( strength 3Gy ) damage pathological model of mouse thymus lymphocytes (in vitro) , divided into six groups : control group , 60 < / sup > Co model group , 60 < / sup > Co 0.64μg · mL -1 D. salina beta- C group , 60 Co 0.32μg · the mL -1 D. salina beta- C group , 60 < / sup > Co 0.16μg · mL -1 D. salina beta- C group , 60 Co 0.1mg · mL -1 VitE group ; thymus lymphocytes of mice were observed by transmission electron microscopy ultrastructural changes ; MTT method and Brdu method determination of the murine thymocytes activity and proliferation ; agarose gel electrophoresis apoptosis ; Western blot determination of p38 protein expression . Dunaliella extract total BC content of 226.77mg · g -1 , where 9 - cis- beta - C content of 84.60mg · g -1 < / sup > ; submicron drops of breast milk round morphology , particle size distribution , a unimodal distribution , volume weight diameter of 230 ± 20 nm , zeta potential of -59.29 ± 6.10mv ; optical , thermal stability ; can inhibit salt algae beta - C < sup > 60 < / sup > Co radiation -induced thymic lymphocyte apoptosis significantly increased cell activity , a significant increase in the proliferation of cells , suppression 60 < / sup > Co radiation murine thymocytes in P38 protein phosphorylation , statistically significant difference ( P < 0.05 ) . Conclusion scientific and advanced extraction process and a method for the determination ; salt algae beta - C sub - microemulsion process is reasonable , stable ; salt algae beta - C has anti- 60 Co radiation effect , and a dose-dependent in the dose range of 0.16 to 0.64μg/mL .

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