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Association between CKMM-3’NcoI Gene Polymorphism and Aerobic Performance

Author: ZhouDuoQi
Tutor: HuYang
School: Beijing Sport University
Course: Human Movement Science
Keywords: CKMM endurance training Polymerase Chain Reaction Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism gene sequencing Running Economy body composition Left ventricular structure and function
CLC: G804.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2005
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Purpose:1. Association between CKMM-3’NcoI Gene Polymorphism and elite endurance athlete (EEA) status.2. Association between CKMM-3’NcoI Gene Polymorphism and the effects of endurance trainingSubjects and Methods:Subjects:①EEA(elite endurance athletes): They comprise 102 unrelated Chinese elite endurance athletes. They were specialists in long-distance running including 5000m, 10000m and marathon.②SCON(sedentary control): They comprise 200 unrelated Chinese sedentary undergraduates. They studied in Beijing Sport University.③NS(new soldiers): They consist of 106 unrelated Chinese man new soldiers from a police army. The SCON and the NS have no trained experiences, as well as their parents. All subjects are Han population and plainmen in North China (including Liaoning、Heilongjiang、Jilin、Hebei、Tianjin and Shandong province).Methods: PCR-RFLP was used to examine the genotype and allele frequencies of three subjectds; Sequencing was used to analyze all three genotypes. The NS undertook a distance running program consisted of 5000 m running with the intensity of 95-105% ventilatory threshold (VT), 3 times/week for 18 weeks. VO2max、running economy (RE)、body composition and Left ventricular structure and function were measured before and after the protocol, and were used to explore the association between CKMM (muscle-specific creatine kinase) gene polymorphism and the effects of endurance training. X2 test was used to compare the frequencies between different group subjects, and to determine whether the genotype distribution differed from that expected under the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Pair T-test was used to examine variables differences before and after training. ANOVA (LSD) tested differences in variables before the training between the three genotypes. Covariance was used to analyse variables differences after training between the three genotypes. P<0.05 were considered statistically significant. All statistical analyses were performed with SPSS software for Windows 11.5 package. The results are presented as means±SD.Conclusions:1. CKMM-3’NcoI gene polymorphism was A/G., and there were significant differences between Chinese Han population and those in Europe and America, but no significant difference was detected between Chinese population and Korean population.2. No association was detected between CKMM-3’NcoI gene Polymorphism and body compositions before trainning, as well as their change after trainning.3. CKMM-NcoI gene Polymorphism might contribute to individual response to endurance training for Left ventricular structure and function at 50W load. Although no significant differences were detected in ESD、EF、△D before training between three genotypes, the degree of the responses in ESD、EF、△D was related to the genotypes, with the largest in AG, then the AA and GG. 4. Our findings demonstrated that there were significant differences in allele and genotype frequencies between the EEA and SCON, this indicated that CKMM-NcoI gene Polymorphism is associated with the elite endurance athlete status.5. There were significant differences in△VO2RE and△VO2RE/W after trainning between three genotypes, and the degree of the responses in VO2RE was related to the genotypes, with the largest in AG, then the AA and GG.6. The present study further supported the conclusion that VO2max was different from RE response to endurance-trainning program: endurance performance improved significantly and was consistent with the improvement of RE, while VO2max did not change after training.

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