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Reservoir Prediction and the Seismic Facies Analysis of Reservoirs with Organic Reef and Bank in Zhujiangkou Basin

Author: LiuYun
Tutor: HeZhenHuaï¼›HuangDeJi
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords: Pearl River Mouth Basin Reef beach reservoir Seismic facies Sedimentary facies Reservoir prediction Porosity prediction
CLC: P631.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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In carbonate rocks, reef and beach reservoir is ideal for oil and gas reservoir sites, they have a special structure shape, and good porosity generally much larger than the surrounding rock, has huge oil and gas potential. However, due to the strong heterogeneity of carbonate rocks, seismic interpretation process of multiple solutions to further enhance the reservoir and prediction difficult. With the increase in exploration and technological progress and degree of exploration, find a favorable carbonate reservoir technology has become more sophisticated. Reef generally grows in a special environment, and thus the reef reservoir sedimentary facies distribution will be subject to control, the reef beach reservoir prediction and evaluation must seismic facies analysis, to find a favorable sedimentary facies its distribution range, and then predict the reservoir. This article first systematic analysis of the formation of the carbonate reservoir characteristics and seismic response characteristics of reef and beach, then a synthesis of traditional seismic facies analysis method, the basic principles of self-organizing neural network waveform classification methods and algorithms, as well as earthquake relative to the conversion method sedimentary facies and seismic facies analysis applied to the prediction of reservoir parameters. Finally, the Pearl River Mouth Basin TK the HK region reef bank reservoir of seismic comprehensive analysis of the sedimentary facies division and reef facies reservoir recognize and bind the the seismic logging data and wave impedance inversion results to predict reservoir porosity . The main research content and key results are as follows: 1, through the analysis of carbonate deposition mode, summed up the special reef reservoir depositional environment of deposition rule, and summarizes the reef and beach geophysical and geological rules response characteristics. In addition, a large number of HK TK areas of reef development, many typical reef seismic reflection characteristics are summarized in Section track and horizon correlation process provides an intuitive understanding of the sedimentary structure of the reef researchers. 2, in the region of the study, the use of the seismic reflection characteristics of neural network waveform analysis, a comprehensive analysis of seismic attributes and other methods HK, TK region of seismic facies and sedimentary facies. By comparing the well data and seismic phase to the deposition phase conversion method, the need to follow the law, as well as common seismic facies and sedimentary facies matching relationship, can be divided into HK Pearl River Mouth Basin Zhujiang carbonate strata continental shelf platform margin, the same TK corresponding stratigraphic division of the continental shelf, slope, platform margin, open platform, so closely integrated geophysical interpretation and geological rules, reef beach reservoir prediction and evaluation provides strong help. 3, the proposed the porosity prediction method based on sedimentary facies constraints: divided by the pre-earthquake logging and core data, combined with sedimentary facies belts in the study area, seismic information into the geological information, and then according to the phase belts results in a single phase with density, acoustic velocity and porosity well data statistics, relevant best wave impedance and porosity were obtained from the formula, so that multiple facies belts have different porosity formula; Finally, the wave impedance inversion calculated porosity. In the lateral geological interpretation, by this method can be an effective combination of geological rules to improve the prediction accuracy of the three-dimensional porosity, pore fluid prediction and reservoir evaluation.

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