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The art symbol linguistics explain

Author: GuWenWen
Tutor: GaoYiQing
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Art
Keywords: Linguistics Perspective Art symbol Structure Interpretation Saussure Jacobson
CLC: J02
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The study of art symbolizes lasted long, had a different perspective. From hermeneutics, semiotics basis in the spirit of the analysis method, analysis interpretation from the iconography, or anthropology or sociology perspective. These studies or from the author or from the reader, or from a text, a symbol research discourse system were constructed. This article by linguistics and Russian formalist theory of revelation, artistic symbol of trying to be seen as a manifestation of the structure, and this point of view and summarize the basic characteristics of the art symbolic. The idea of ??this study from Swiss structuralist linguist Ferdinand de Saussure on the results of the study of language structure, as well as successors to the development of the doctrine of the inspiration of his theory of Russian Formalism, the Prague School of Linguistics and linguists Jacobsen. The two common outcome of the analysis of the structure of the language model made on the basis of the language itself. Saussure that the structure of the language, including syntagmatic and paradigmatic two aspects, and this made a powerful argument, Jacobson, and on the basis of language arts metaphor and metonymy characteristics of corresponding cable threads Seoul language structure icon, and both promoted to the general behavior of the universal model, of works by this model combines to provide a new perspective for the study of literature and art. The language is direct reality of ideas, language structure reflects the structure of the human mind, and the symbol of a special way as an expression of human thought, in art is also a form of a language. Therefore, a symbol also has a structure in this general sense, a the Jacobson metaphor and metonymy mode corresponding to the performance characteristics. But the specific artistic symbol of performance will influenced by many factors and showed a bias for metaphor and metonymy mode. Thus, according to Jacobson's view, by thinking intermediary structure of language research and artistic symbol of performance research combines together. The article attempts by Saussure, and Jacobsen language structure theory such a perspective, to get a new picture of the art symbol. The first part of the article is the theoretical foreshadowing. First, the point of view of Saussure's structural linguistics, especially language cross combinations and vertical polymerization relations put forward some introduction, the second section says the 明雅格布森 how metaphor and metonymy theory and cable threads Seoul's language structure combined as well as the performance of its development. Second chapter by thinking symbol of language structure theory combined, the first description of the relationship between language and thinking and discusses how it fit with the structure of language, followed by summarizing the characteristics of Symbolic Thinking, pointed out that in the last one, thinking of the difference in performance as a function of the universality of language behavior, and thus the symbolic expression of art by a variety of factors and differences. This is later all the contents of the premise of the theory, Chapter aspects influencing factors through example discusses the symbolic representation of the differences, which is a manifestation of artistic symbol of analysis from a linguistic perspective. This chapter is divided into four sections, as a reference to language structure axis, respectively, from the kind of art factors, the four aspects of the era of factors, cultural factors and personal factors for example discusses the performance characteristics of the symbol of art under the influence of different factors.

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