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Analysis on Quality Evaluation and Quality Usability of Flue-cured Tobacco in Panxi Tobacco-growing Areas

Author: PangTianHe
Tutor: YuJianJun
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Tobacco science
Keywords: Flue-cured tobacco Appearance quality Physical characteristics Chemical composition Neutral aroma constituents Sensory quality Mass index Availability Statistical analysis
CLC: S572
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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To explore the scientific, accurate, comprehensive evaluation of the quality of tobacco, and to provide a theoretical basis for a reasonable choice for the cigarette industry enterprises tobacco material, this article on the 2003 and 2004 Panxi origin upper (B2F), Central (C2F, C3F), the lower part ( appearance quality of X2F) tobacco and foreign tobacco, physical properties, chemical composition, and smoking results of the evaluation, the use of factor analysis, multiple linear stepwise regression analysis, partial correlation analysis and path analysis, statistical methods of the conventional chemical composition of tobacco , neutral aroma constituents and smoking results of the quantitative relationship between tobacco quality evaluation system, and Panxi different origin tobacco availability to do a comprehensive evaluation. The main results are as follows: Panxi tobacco appearance quality in 2003 and 2004 to gradually narrow the gap with Brazil, Zimbabwe tobacco, tobacco appearance quality have reached or approached the level of quality of imported tobacco. Overall, Panxi Tobacco maturity yet ripe tobacco proportion less leave cooked tobacco basically eliminated, the overall performance of the mature. Tobacco color orange or deep orange, a few light orange or lemon, the microstrip Green basically eliminated, reducing the pros and cons of foliar chroma difference. The identity overall performance for medium thickness, loose structure, the difference between body parts, the tobacco leaf oil and chroma also gradually improved. Which Pugh, Johnson, Tung, Renhe, salt edge and Huili the central leaf appearance close to the quality of imported tobacco appearance level of quality. Panxi tobacco physical characteristics appropriate in 2003 and 2004, the average length of Panxi leaves middle leaves> upper leaves> lower leaves little difference between body parts, plant type approximation \The Panxi on the average length is greater than the imported tobacco, tobacco leaves in the next three parts, and the average width of the upper and middle leaves close to or more than the imported tobacco, but the average width of the lower leaves is less than the width of the imported tobacco. Panxi tobacco upper average thickness and tobacco leaf quality important than Brazil and Zimbabwe. Panxi tobacco the average filling power less than Brazil and Zimbabwe tobacco, but the average equilibrium moisture content is higher than that of imported tobacco. Higher equilibrium moisture content and longer blades Panxi tobacco specialty. Overall, Pugh (upper and middle), the salt edges (middle and lower), Ningxia (Central), the Miyi (Central) of Renhe (Central) leaves the physical characteristics is close to the level of quality in Brazil and Zimbabwe. The 3 conventional chemical analysis results show that the Panxi tobacco sugar content, starch content is slightly higher and slightly lower chlorine content, the overall chemical composition is basically suitable, the ratio is more coordination. Panxi tobacco total sugar content is higher than in 2003 Brazilian tobacco, middle leaf total sugar content is higher than the Zimbabwe tobacco leaves, while the upper and lower tobacco content is slightly lower than the Zimbabwe tobacco, starch, nitrogen base ratio of sugar to nicotine ratio is higher than that of imported tobacco, The two sugar percentage, total nitrogen, potassium, chloride, potassium chloride ratio is lower than the imported tobacco. The Panxi upper and middle leaves total sugar, reducing sugar, starch, nicotine content of tobacco content is higher than Brazil and Zimbabwe in 2004. The Panxi of tobacco potassium and chlorine content lower than imported tobacco, sulfate content higher than the imported tobacco. The conventional chemical component analysis and cluster analysis results show that in Johnson (B2F and C3F) the Pugh (B2F X2F), Mianning (B2F and C3F), Huili (B2F), salt side (B2F), Fujian Sanming (C3F) Hunan the Gyeyang (C3F), Brazil (B01S), Zimbabwe (L2MT) most similar. Factor analysis and correlation analysis showed that the chemical composition of factor analysis extracted four common factors, the cumulative contribution rate of 90.03%. The correlation analysis showed that four common factors and taking quality factor 1 and aroma amount of highly significant positive correlation significant negative correlation with disaster color. Factor 2 combustion and gray was a very significant positive correlation was significantly negatively correlated with the total score. Factor 3 was a significant positive correlation with tobacco irritation. Factor 4 significant negative correlation with the tobacco aroma quality. 4 Panxi tobacco measurement and analysis by GC / MS technique, a total of 37 substances measured in 2003, including 31 kinds of neutral aroma, a total of 34 substances measured in 2004, of which 30 species Neutral Hong substances. Precursors in accordance with the aroma was divided into phenylalanine browning reaction the class Chromoplast alkanes the carotenoids and neophytadiene five categories, and neophytadiene highest content, followed by carotenoid prime class, class Chromoplast alkanes and browning reaction, while the lowest content of phenylalanine. Panxi tobacco new neophytadiene phenylalanine and browning reaction content higher than Brazil and Zimbabwe tobacco the carotenoid degradation product content is lower than imported tobacco, the class Chromoplast alkane content between Zimbabwe and Brazil between. Neutral aroma component analysis and cluster analysis showed that the Johnson (B2F, C3F and X2F), the Renhe (C3F and X2F), the Xichang (C3F and X2F), Pugh Yunyan 85 (B2F and C3F), the Nanxiong (C3F) , Ningnan (C3F), the Miyi (C3F), Sanming (C3F), Guiyang (C3F) Yuxi (C3F), Brazil (BO1S) and Zimbabwe (L2MT), the most similar. Neutral aroma constituents and smoking quality stepwise regression analysis showed that the concentration of aroma, sweet temperament, odor, aftertaste, irritating Score of Smoking and Neutral aroma components of six regression equation by the significance test reached a very significant level, provides a theoretical basis for the use of a neutral aroma constituents predict sensory quality indicators. Neutral aroma components and smoking quality of partial correlation and path analysis showed that the direct impact of the of tobacco neutral aroma constituents of the aroma amount of aroma quality, odor, aftertaste, irritating and Score of Smoking vary smoking results directly larger carotene degradation products of class, followed by a brown reaction product class, the class Chromoplast alkanes, the smaller the contribution of the phenylalanine class and neophytadiene of substances; negative impact than a positive impact on large component mainly alkanes and aldehydes, the carotenoid degradation of the individual ingredients in the product, and brown reaction product class have some negative impact. The Panxi 2003 and 2004, lower leaves sensory quality overall score of 77.7 and 78.6,82.8 and 81.3,81.8 and 77.4, Brazil (BO1S) and Zimbabwe (L2MT), tobacco overall score of 82 and 87. The overall assessment is more adequate for the aroma quantity, better aroma., Coke, sweet, and miscellaneous gas lighter, less irritating, clean aftertaste, overall taking a more balanced quality, some of the sensory quality of tobacco reached a higher level, but with imported tobacco, there is a certain gap. Sensory quality of cluster analysis showed that, Johnson (X2F), Xichang (B2F, C3F and X2F) salt side (B2F) the Mianning (C3F), Huili (B2F, C3F, and X2F), Miyi (B2F C3F), Ningnan (of B2F, C3F and X2F), Pugh Yunyan 85 (C3F), will Donghong (B2F and C3F), Hunan the Gyeyang (C3F), Longyan (C3F) Guangdong nanxiong (C3F) , Brazil (BO1S) and Sanming, Fujian (C3F) most similar to salt the edge (X2F), Yuxi (C3F) and Zimbabwe (L2MT) most similar. 6 Panxi tobacco various traits of score more dispersed, the quality of tobacco of various origin have their own advantages, the comprehensive quality mainly between 50 to 70 and 70 to 90 points, different parts of the availability of tobacco smoking quality index variation smaller. Highest the middle leaves Comprehensive mass index reached 78.5 points, 73.8 points, followed by the upper leaves, lower leaves at least 67.9 points, overall, Panxi tobacco of good quality, high-availability industrial, but integrated with Brazil and Zimbabwe tobacco quality is still a certain gap, eight sample mass index higher than Brazil, where the central Pugh will East, Ningnan Miyi Huili and Yanbian, upper Miyi and the lower edge of the salt mass index but the Panxi all samples were below the sediment Zimbabwe tobacco quality index. In short, the leaf appearance in the next three parts of the Panxi 2003 and 2004 on the quality of the physical characteristics, chemical composition and sensory quality evaluation analysis shows better, the Panxi most of the appearance of the place of origin tobacco quality, physical characteristics suitable, conventional chemical ingredients than coordination, Neutral incense ingredients, taking overall good quality, high-availability industrial. Overall, Panxi tobacco availability level of quality is better, some of the origin Brazilian leaf tobacco has been close to the level of quality, but there is still a certain gap between the quality of tobacco in Zimbabwe.

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