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Interpretation of the Woman Warrior from the Perspective of Myth-Archetypal Criticism

Author: YuJieYu
Tutor: LiJiePing
School: Lu Tung University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: Myth Prototype Woman Warrior Myth - Archetypal Criticism
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Maxine Hong Kingston's masterpiece \However, despite its methods of research and criticism, at different angles, reviews articles also like voluminous, but never elaborated \This shows that, \In this paper, the myth - archetypal criticism, hidden in \ancient Chinese heroine Mulan and ancient poetess Cai Yan. These two characters after Maxine Hong Kingston rewrite and replacement, to become a fully-fledged American myth, in order to better reflect the Chinese woman thirst for equal relations between men and women as well as Chinese Americans refuse to be marginalized, eager to financial the voices into the mainstream of society. Mulan disguised as a man, superior martial arts, leading a group of male soldiers across the battlefield, and ultimately for the folks revenge; Cai Yan in the desolation of a foreign country and ultimately achieving cultural integration, and sing out the eternal song \They not only Chinese-American symbol of the American dream, the myth of the hero. They never vanished dream and persistent pursuit of the spirit of the Chinese source of hope, the hope for regeneration. The text is divided into five parts. Introduction The first author Maxine Hong Kingston and his work \the reasons for, and explain its feasibility as a criticism of the method. Finally, the authors explore the theme: the use of the novel which prototype as well as the use of the prototype of the significance of the work. The first chapter analyzes the prototype of the main characters in the novel, including the unnamed woman, Yong Lan, Yong Lan's daughter ---- \Inevitable as a Chinese-American writer Maxine Hong Kingston's characters with both legendary and full of exotic Western. The unnamed woman prototype can be regarded as the variation of the ancient Greek myth of Feilaomila. The same time, the nameless woman can be seen as discarding the beauty of ancient China Yingying can also be seen as the prototype of the Mother Earth. Yong Lan's prototype can be traced back to China disguised as a man, and the army for the father of heroine Mulan, in a dual culture caught between ancient poetess Cai Yan and earth mother archetype. Mark Sim can either think that the to Mulan's prototype, they can be as Cai Yan prototype. By the archetypal symbols Mulan, the author stressed her feminist ideas, Cai Yan expressed good wishes of hope to engage in dialogue and exchanges in the two cultures, and ultimately achieve dual recognition of cultural and gender. Crazy woman in the village, there is no doubt that she is the scapegoat for the image of the god of music Orpheus in Greek mythology and the Bible as the prototype. The second chapter discusses the prototype structure and archetypal symbols. According to Frye's theory, the cycle of the seasons alternating implies an important prototype narrative mode. The five chapters of \The Chapter \The second chapter \was counterclockwise reverse polarity; Chapter Qiangdi wilderness \This chapter also analyzes a novel prototype symbol: older wise, color, birds, mountains, round, small feet. These symbolic novel casts a mysterious oriental flavor rendering double-cultural background of the novel. Chapter elaborate on the prototype of the novel motif. Two important myths and legends the prototype motif throughout the work: the Western ghost legends and legends of the Western pursuit of the Holy Grail. Ghost legends have been adapted to become legend growth motif, symbolizing Yong Lan and his daughter grew up. The pursuit of the legend of the Holy Grail is the motif of many literary works. Yong Lan and her daughter in search for exotic culture and break the dual culture - Chinese culture of misogyny and Western racism - they suppress, and ultimately make their voices heard and to establish cultural identity as well as gender identity, it is valuable. Therefore, the fourth chapter to come to the following conclusions: Maxine Hong Kingston, \These prototypes is not only one of the sources of the novel, is an integral part of the works of artistic charm, highlighted the theme of the work more effective. Prototype combination, displacement and deformation, Maxine Hong Kingston shape \interaction instead of ethnic rivalries and cultural conflict peace ideology. \The cries of expression they refuse to be marginalized, and the voices of the desire to integrate into the mainstream society. The use of the prototype will undoubtedly enhance the novel's profound and artistic, enrich the connotation of the novel, \

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