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Study on Green Non-halogen Flame Retardance and Rheological Behavior of PE/Ca(OH)2 Composites

Author: ChenYiLan
Tutor: ChenQingHua;XiaoLiRen
School: Fujian Normal University
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Polyethylene Calcium hydroxide Rare earth coupling agent Synergistic flame retardant Rheological behavior
CLC: TQ325.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Materials and environmental development of the eco-design concept as a guide, inorganic flame retardants , Ca (OH) 2 Surface Modification and flame retardant synergist synergies in polyethylene synergies and AR2000 rheometer to study the rheological behavior of PE / Ca (OH) 2 composites. First, screening aluminum acetate, stearic acid, stearyl alcohol, rare earth coupling agent the four coupling agent deal with Ca (OH) 2 , by melt blending method were prepared by PE / Ca ( OH) 2 composite materials, AR2000 rheometer explored the coupling agent varieties and Ca (OH) 2 dosage on PE / Ca (OH) composite rheological properties were examined PE / Ca (OH) 2 internal network structure of the composite. The results showed that: rare earth coupling agent, stearic acid coupling agent with respect to the Ca (OH) 2 surface modification effect of aluminum ester, octadecanol coupling agent is better; rare earth coupling agent handling of Ca (OH) 2 filled PE, the optimum filling amount of Ca (OH) 2 of 30 to 40%. Second, the use of rare earth coupling agent for surface modification of Ca (OH) 2 or Mg (OH) 2 , the use of oxygen index, scanning electron microscopy and thermal gravimetric analysis means to explore the Ca (OH) 2 and Mg (OH) 2 Complex as the flame retardancy of PE composites. The results showed that: Ca (OH) 2 and Mg (OH) 2 Complex as PE composite flame retardant properties of certain synergies, when Ca (OH) 2 addition level of 20%, Mg (OH) 2 15%, PE / Ca (OH) 2 / Mg (OH) 2 composite flame retardant grade of Grade FH-1, and add only 35% Mg (OH) 2 PE / Mg (OH) 2 composite materials to achieve the same level of flame retardant, cheap Ca (OH) 2 instead of part of the Mg (OH) 2 . Third, the choice of ammonium polyphosphate (APP), molybdenum trioxide (the MoO 3 ), expandable graphite (EG) and microencapsulation of red phosphorus (MRP) as PE / Ca (OH) 2 composite flame retardant synergist, PE / Ca (OH) 2 composite mechanical properties and flame retardant properties more in-depth studies, the use of a thermal gravimetric method PE / Ca (OH) 2 composite thermal weight loss process in a nitrogen environment. The results show that: the introduction of a small amount of synergist can make PE / Ca (OH) 2 composite oxygen index improved, and its thermo-oxidative degradation process to generate more solid and stable carbon layer, play a flame retardant synergies. Fourth, examine the Ca (OH) 2 and MRP complex system of PE / Ca (OH) 2 / MRP mechanical properties and the impact of the flame retardant properties. The results showed that: Adding Ca (OH) 2 and MRP ratio of 30:6, PE / Ca (OH) 2 / MRP composite materials oxygen index of 27.5% , the oxygen index synergistic index of horizontal burning test by Grade FH-1, and the mechanical properties can also be guaranteed, indicating that the Ca (OH) 2 MRP and has good flame synergies. Fifth, examine the Mg (OH) 2 / Ca (OH) 2 / MRP ternary complex with flame retardant properties of the flame-retardant polyethylene. The results showed that: when the amount of mixed inorganic powder [Ca (OH) 2 : Mg (OH) 2 = 4:3] more than 40%, PE composites The oxygen index of more than 27%, especially when mixed inorganic powders used in an amount of 60%, an oxygen index of 29.5%.

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