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Salinity and Hypoxia Stress on Physiological Factors of Trachinotus Ovatus

Author: FanChunYan
Tutor: QuYouJun
School: Shanghai Ocean University,
Course: Aquaculture
Keywords: Ovatus Salinity stress Acute hypoxia stress Osmoregulation Digestive enzymes Serum
CLC: S917.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The salinity impact on the the ovatus juvenile long-term and short-term osmotic adjustment, the salinity of its digestive activity and acute hypoxia stress their serum biochemical ions. Ovatus under different farming environment conditions designed to the farmed reference, rich ovatus osmotic adjustment mechanism, digestive physiology, and basic information of blood. 1, salinity ovate pompano the scad juveniles osmoregulation of salinity on ovatus juvenile plasma, gill, kidney osmolality and gill Na to K-ATP (NKA) activity. The results show that: the end of the trial, the salinity group 5,25,35 survival rate were 87.14 percent, 95.71 percent, 88.86 percent, the other salinity were no deaths; salinity gill NKA activity in addition to salinity 15 outside were tested first decline after rise along with fall and tend to be stable trend was \then fell and stabilized after a decline in the rise after 2 d plasma osmolality increased with increasing salinity, salinity group 35,30 significantly higher than the other the Salinity groups (P lt; 0.05); oval The juvenile butterfish trevally, in low salinity (5, 15), osmotic adjustment organ gill and kidney completed regulating their body osmolality and salinity in the other group, the renal its osmotic pressure regulation plays a dominant role. Acute salinity stress ovate pompano the scad juvenile osmoregulation of the salinity of the water environment of acute stress ovatus juvenile Na ~-K-ATP (NKA) enzyme activity in serum, gill, impact of kidney osmolality. The results show that: the direct transfer of juveniles from the salinity of 30 (control) to salinity 5,10,15,20,25,35 waters, and 96 h after no death. Salinity gill NKA enzyme activity and serum osmolality some fluctuations within the first 72 h, followed by a smooth change. The end of the experiment (96 h), NKA activity showed a \96 h, the the the treatment serum osmolality size (222.5 ~ 311.5 mOsmol · kg-1) when, as the salinity changes in salinity 15,20 symmetrical changes in salinity 20 after with salinity The rise was the trend of increased and then decreased. The same salinity gill osmotic pressure changes with time was increased and then decreased gradually stable trend. Renal osmotic pressure in addition to the salinity 5,10 processing, other salinity groups over time without significant changes, to maintain a certain stability. Ovatus juvenile physiological euryhaline the hypertonic environment high NKA activity characteristics osmoregulation and balance. 3, salinity on ovatus specifications juveniles digestion enzymes and hunger weightlessness 5,15,25,30,35 five kinds of salinity ovatus juveniles (total length of 8.232 ± 1.414cm body mass of 8.685 ± 2.463g) intestine, pyloric caeca, stomach and liver enzyme digestion and hunger, weight loss impact. The results showed that: different salinity protease, amylase, lipase activity distribution is the same as in the digestive tract, in descending order of the intestine, pyloric caeca, stomach, liver. Protease activity in the stomach and liver, with salinity increased first and then decreased salinity 25 group was significantly higher than other salinity group (P lt; 0.05). Intestinal and pyloric caeca protease activity decreased with the increase of salinity, salinity group 5, 15, 25 significantly higher than the salinity group 30,35 (P lt; 0.05). Amylase activity in the stomach and liver presents the trend first and then decreased with salinity changes in salinity 25 group to reach the maximum, significantly higher than the the salinity set of 5,30,35 (P lt; 0.05). Amylase activity with the increase of salinity in the intestine and pyloric caeca lower elevated salinity 30. In the stomach, liver, pyloric caeca, lipase activity was increased and then decreased trend with increasing salinity reaches a maximum in the salinity of 30, the lowest enzyme activity in the salinity 5:00. Intestinal lipase activity with increasing water salinity increased salinity 35 reaches the maximum value (P lt; 0.05), salinity 5:00 lowest (P lt; 0.05). Salinity very significantly affect the ovatus hunger weight loss rate (F = 6.52 gt; 5.99, df1 = 4, df2 = 10, P lt; 0, 01). Acute hypoxic stress the ovatus serum indicators ovatus (Trachinotus ovatus) serum indicators of the Water Environment acute hypoxia stress. The results show that: ovatus serum ion content compared with the control group after acute hypoxia stress have varying degrees of elevated potassium, phosphorus, blood urea nitrogen, an upward trend is not obvious (P gt; 0.05), sodium, chlorine , calcium concentration and the control group showed a significant difference (P lt; 0.05), the iron was significantly higher than that in the control group (P lt; 0.01). Ovatus serum protein, uric acid, creatinine, blood lipid and glucose have different changes, creatinine, uric acid was significantly higher than that in the control group (P lt; 0.01), total protein, total cholesterol was significantly lower than the control group (P lt; 0.05), the Portuguese sugar sugar, triglycerides, albumin, globulin and control group no significant difference (P gt; 0.05). Serum lactate dehydrogenase, lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme content of alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, and the control group had no significant difference (P gt; 0.05). Creatine kinase content was significantly higher (P lt; 0.01), creatine kinase isoenzyme was significantly higher than that in the control group (P lt; 0.05), gamma-glutamyl GGT was significantly lower than that of the control group ( P lt; 0.05), alkaline phosphatase slightly lower than the control group (P gt; 0.05).

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