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Research on Stability of Industrial Chain

Author: HuGuoPing
Tutor: LiYiMing
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Industrial Economics
Keywords: Industry chain Stability Symbiosis Competition Interactive Industry Evolution
CLC: F062.9
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2009
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Industry chain plays an indispensable feature of economic development, and function play requires the effective functioning of the industrial chain. If the industry chain is interrupted or inefficient operation will affect the function play, will trigger a vicious chain reaction of economic problems. In reality, many articles involving the word \This highlights the necessity and urgency of the industry chain. This article will cover industrial chain stability influencing factors and at all levels of the industry chain stability issues in-depth analysis, and trying to establish the appropriate coping mechanisms, reference on the theory and practice of the industry chain. Article seeks integrated industrial chain up and down organizational relationships and auxiliary organizations outside the chain supporting, industrial, consumer markets, government policies influencing factors to study the stability of the industry chain, rather than isolated to analyze the behavior of a single enterprise or purely industrial chain upstream and downstream organizations The relationship between. Paper the relationship between the concept of industrial chain, industrial chain and value chain, supply chain inquiry, Review and Consideration of the theory of industrial chain, and the problem based on the combination of the actual inspection industry chain, to understand the inherent stabilizing mechanism of the industry chain, Construction of the content of the framework of the study of the stability of the industry chain. The article will be divided into the stability of the industry chain single chain stable and stable, multi-chain, industrial chain evolution several levels. Content arrangements will include the introduction, the basic theory of the industrial chain review and comment on the stability of the industry chain of motives, stable single-chain - based on the symbiosis is the core of the industry chain to build a stable multi-chain of the same industry - the spatial distribution of the industrial chain, The different industry stable multi-chain - part of the interaction between regional industrial evolution, the evolution of the industry chain - deepening and integration, conclusions and Inspiration eight. The purpose of Chapter: thesis, methods and structures. This chapter focuses on demonstration and a brief description of the stability problems of the industry chain. The text will be based on the basic theories and methods of modern economics, drawing on the theory of biology, system science, sociology, and other disciplines, the integration of academic norms and traditions of mainstream economics, deepen the study of the stability of the industry chain. Research methods will adhere to the combination of empirical analysis and normative analysis, historical unity of analysis and logic analysis, comparative analysis method, a better understanding of the stability of the industry chain and industry chain built use. This chapter will be the structure of the full text of the arrangements, and an overview of papers will reach the depth of research. Chapter II: Stability of the status quo of the industrial chain, and this paper path. This chapter is the basis of the paper to sort out and comment on articles, mainly on industrial chain and related issues with the stability of the industry chain. The contents include: First, the concept is defined, mainly carried out to understand the meaning of the industry chain, draw the features and functionality of the industry chain and industry chain and value chain, supply chain, industrial clusters concept analogy analysis; stability concept defined. The second is the determination of the stability of the industry chain path. Learn from the research of others on the basis of the summary of the produce with the rise of the industrial chain research and analysis of the development trend of the industry chain, and build a theoretical framework of this thesis. Chapter III: The stability of the industry chain driving factors. Main influencing factors to explore the stability of the industry chain, the article will take these factors into the relationship of industry organizations up and down the chain, the industry auxiliary organizations supporting government policies, industry market factors. Based on the analysis of the relationship between resource dependent on the downstream chain of industrial organization pointed out that because resource dependence stems from the industrial chain circuitous, intermediate links of the industry chain break the supply of industrial chain space, or limit the efficiency of industrial resources. At the corporate level to generate the instability of supply chain partnership. Industrial auxiliary organizations supporting analysis pointed out that the uneven development of supporting industries, industrial auxiliary organization there are issues such as inadequate to limit the main industry of smooth and effective development. Industrial consumer market analysis mainly from two factors of consumer demand and industry life cycle commenced. Government policy impact analysis is mainly induced analysis of government policy in the process of the formation and development of the industry chain. The chapter concludes with each impact will be moving comprehensive, and made perfect countermeasures. The Chapter: single-chain - as the core industry chain based symbiotic build. This chapter begins with a brief symbiotic ideological concept and characteristics; then symbiotic introduces the idea of ??the analysis of the industrial chain, and build common ecological industrial chain. The series coupling and parallel coupling of the two mechanisms are compared. Series coupling is a way of linking links into a single chain of components through the series. The whole process industry chain from the supply of raw materials to the final products (both tangible and intangible) series. The optional parallel coupling mechanism is chain node different components can be connected to multiple paths can be selected, constitute the multi-level parallel by multiple components of the whole system, the operation of the system, the transmission of information through the process of parallel relationship to performance. Based on the reality of the industrial activities, the text will be industrial chain optional parallel coupled system simplifies design and build as a case study to the electric power industry chain. Finally, summed up the industry chain to build the main points. Chapter 5: stable multi-chain of the same industry - competition and the spatial distribution of the industrial chain. Based on the analytical framework of the theory of the firm boundaries, the same industrial chain in different areas of economics explain. Attributed to the competition between different regions of the same industrial chain included a space industry chain enterprises subject and another space distribution industry chain enterprises included the main competition between evolution. The text will be information industry chain to build as a case study, and pointed out: the commencement of construction of regional industrial chain can optimize the industrial chain, strengthen the weak links of the industry chain, industry chain managed to create such as. Chapter 6: stable multi-chain industry - the interaction between regional industrial evolution. This chapter will interact with ideological introduced to economics, from the the interactive angle of industrial relations to redefine. Structural level of technical knowledge of the text from the regional development, regional factor mobility, regional industrial system is complete, the social and cultural environment, the role of government and other aspects of the regional industry interaction factors were analyzed. Papers will be interaction between urban and rural industry, for example, interactive evolutionary pattern of regional industry, the industry interaction mechanism of inference drawn industrial relations from zero initial state interaction to the high level of comprehensive, inclusive benign interaction between the evolution of . Chapter 7: the evolution of the industry chain: deepening and integration. Paper, the division of theoretical analysis on the basis of the evolution of the industry described coordination role in deepening the specialization mechanism of the industry chain analysis. Speaking from the limiting factors of the division of labor, the connotation of industrial integration, manifestations and evolution. The text will be based on the perspective of system theory, build industry evolution model fusion, and corresponding measures on the promotion of industrial evolution. Chapter 8: Conclusions and Implications. This chapter is mainly a summary of the previous and subsequent studies annotation. Papers to reach the depth of research or innovation points: 1, from the perspective of the chain system to study the stability of the industry chain. The past is a cluster of risk and modular anti-industry cluster endogenous risk mechanism of the building to study the stability of operation of the supply chain based on game theory, the stability mechanism or from the point of view of the individual micro-enterprises. This article will be consolidated on the downstream industry organization relationship, the supporting industry auxiliary organizations, industry consumer market, and the impact of government policies and other factors to conduct in-depth study of the stability of the industry chain. , Try to build a framework of stability of the industry chain, industry chain stability divided into single industrial chain, multi-chain of the same industry in the region is stable, stable multi-chain of different industries in the region, the evolution of the industry chain several levels . 3, the same industry in the inter-regional multi-chain competition mode. Attributed to the competition between different regions of the same industrial chain included a space industry chain enterprises subject and another space distribution industry chain enterprises included the main competition between evolution and deduction regional competition in the industry chain different modes. 4, interregional interaction between different industry chain. The text will be the introduction of interactive theory, to rebuild the industrial relations model; simplified deduction industry interaction model, describing the birth of the industry, the growth process; explore industrial development is zero interaction from the initial state to the high-level synthesis, the communion of benign interaction between the evolution process. 5 to study deepening and integration of industrial chain, from an evolutionary point of view. The ideas and methods of the paper, the system theory and evolutionary theory to describe the introduction of industry evolution; interpretation and definition of industrial chain integration and deepening of two different path and its mechanism; and changes in the industry chain direction and structure analysis. Study of the stability of the industry chain is a complex subject. Research done in this article is to try to build the framework, and logical proof and examples of analysis, but the lack of a large sample empirical data. This is the larger inadequate. In addition, due to the economic system itself is a complex system, industrial chain theory only in the development stage, coupled with my knowledge, capacity constraints, the paper the problem of the stability of the industry chain thinking is only a start, inadequate, and has not been involved in related issues remain to be further in-depth.

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