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Research on the Discussion on Salt and Iron

Author: WangYong
Tutor: ZhaoZuoFu
School: Northwest Normal University
Course: Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords: the discussion on salt and iron HuanKuan literure and Xianliang officials debating creating mode version academic ideaology literary form structure literary thought
CLC: I206.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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The textual structure world of debating type of“the discussion on salt and iron”consists of rich resources and value of thought and culture in the fields of phyolosaphy, politics, ecnomy, history, nation, literature, and so on.,“the discussion on salt and iron”is a important work on the research of thought and studing’s change and development of politics and ecnomy, as well as development of the nation and historical view and change of literary creating in Xihan society.From the angle of the academic ideaology in Han dynasty and the development of history, this dissertation tries to reveal clearly the writing mode, work producing, wirting purpose of“the discussion on salt and iron”and the main version spreading and pedigree from Ming and Qing dynasty, the peculiority of thought’s forming that combines the theories of“Baijia”and value of thought’s understanding that reflects the social sitiation of Han dynasty. And all above will be done by expaining and analizing the text.At the same time, from the angle of view of lierary form, we study the structrue peculiority and the chatacteristic of Fu, combining the textual language and fragmentary characteristic of literary ideaology, in order to reveal the superficial and latent manifold cultural value. The dissertation is divided into five parts as following:The first chapter probes into the writing mode, producing time and version of“the discussion on salt and iron”. From the extant text of“the discussion on salt and iron”and the result of the former scholars’textual research from Ming and Qing dynasty, we can learn that“the discussion on salt and iron”has been finished in about 3td year of GANLU during the time of emperor Xuan, and it presents a creating mode of the special political prose which is combined with the direct quotation because of the effect and restriction of the original“debating writings”of the meeting of salt and iron, the author’s creating expectation which will help the author to“make up a theory of his own”by creating this book, not only determine that there is not any questions as“fabricating“in the later half of this book, but also determine that by giving the name of“the discussion on salt and iron”to this book, the author just wanted to express the systematic personal knowledge about politic of Han dynasty in a special way of“understanding big from small”by spreading“the discussing on solt and iron”. Three main version came into being from the Ming and Qing dynasty.The second chapter manages and settles the relation between“the discussion on salt and iron”and development of academic ideaology in the mid-term of the Han dynasty. The development of academic ideaology in earlier stage of the XiHan dynasty gives expression to the spreading all over the world of Hangong and Chusheng, the change from the advocating Confucionism only to the completement of Confucionism’s becoming as the main ideaology. Fitting with the changing of this kind academic ideaology, such proses like“Huainanzi”,”Chunqiufanlu”present a characterist of absording Baijia, compromising Baijia and forming the practical politics theory in the side of academic ideaology, this kind of era characteristic in writing not only affected the orientation choosing of academic ideaology of“the discussion on salt and iron”deeply, but also helped“the discussion on salt and iron”possess the duble quality that showed the ending of the spontaneous prose of“Baijia”’s academic ideaology and the opening of the course of Confucionism’s becoming to the study of“Jing”.The third chapter analyses the quality of the meeting of salt and iron and the thought value of“the discussion on salt and iron”. From the fierce struggle between the inner and the outer court of the emperor Zhao’s time and the background of times when the meeting of salt and iron was hold, the meeting of salt and iron possessed the duble qulity that discussed the political and ecnomical problem of“people’s hardship is the point of policy”from the experor Wu and showed the real political struggle between the inner and the outer court. And it reflected more obviously in the later than the former. Researching the identity and thought of person in both sides of the meeting of salt and iron, we find that the conclusion that this meeting showed the quality of the struggle between Confucion and Fajia can not be tenable.“The discussion on salt and iron”not only consists of the two kinds of thought of Confucion and Fajia, but also reflects the thought of Tao, Yinyang and even“Guanzi”, furthermore, it presents the characteristic of absorbing, managing and combining the acdemic of Baijia. Officials and literture’s discussing relects indistinctly social situiation of the day such as the upper sociaty rich living, supersticions and luxurious funeral, official’s corrupting and degenerating, common people’s hard living, and it also possesses the value of thought understanding.The forth chapter disccusses“the discussion on salt and iron”from the literary visual angle. All the book of“the discussion on salt and iron”adopts the structual mode of mutual debating by turns, showes not only the logical and intelligent discussing art of discussing prose, but also the outstanding literary charateristic of Fu of discussing prose in structual mode, writing technique and narrating language. The pure literary writing technique which paies attention to expressing the thoughts’of person and conflict, the atmosphere of discussing, recounte the course of discussing by portraying detail and describing the psychology makes the text possess the obvious characteristic of drama and novel.The fifth chapter analyses the literary language characteristic and literary thought. The language of“the discussion on salt and iron”possess the characteristic of combination of emotion andfigure, combination of dialogue language and comon saying. This book refects ocasionally the literary thoughts of“miscellaneous form with poor qulity”,”do harm to present-day by quoting ancient story”,“different times different affair”,“eulogizing apropriately and discussing the fact”, as well as scholar’s fundamental understanding of literure in Han dynasty.

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