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School Life of Rural Minority Children: An Ethnographic Study of Basic Education in Minority Rural Areas in Gansu

Author: DengHong
Tutor: YangJianXin
School: Lanzhou University
Course: Ethnology
Keywords: National education School life National identity Civic education
CLC: G759.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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China is a unified multi-ethnic country, especially in the western rural areas of national education, national education issues has been the party and the country attaches great importance to. After years of development, the national basic education in the western rural achieved remarkable results, and made a great contribution to promote the development of ethnic minority areas, and improve the quality of minority population. At the same time, our national education research has also made quite good results, but It has been less attention to the micro level of minority children's school life, weak relative to other areas of research. This article is a field ethnography of western minority living status of children in rural schools. Field research for the study of compulsory education schools in rural areas where ethnic minorities live in compact communities in Gansu Province, to describe western ethnic minority rural living conditions of children in modern school field trips, modern school education of minority children in rural areas of cultural significance to explore western rural national education issues. As one of the poorest provinces in China's Gansu Province, western inland province of a multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic cultural coexistence is an important cultural characteristics. Most ethnic minorities settled in Gansu traditional cultural characteristics belong to the religious culture, especially Muslims and Tibetan Buddhist minorities mainly occupy a core position in the daily lives of ethnic minorities, both religious beliefs. The characteristics of the national culture of ethnic minority children in rural areas before enrollment has grown into a \With the implementation of the national universal access to free and compulsory education policy, the most of western ethnic minority villages into the modern age children to school. On the one hand, the modern school space segmentation minority children in rural areas of school life detached from social life, national symbol of characterization school space to minority children into the school like a remote control into the ethnic minority villages \countries \. Children by acquaintance society \the education of minority children in rural individual body space conversion course, also reflects the transformation process of the local community to the so-called modern society. School settings as a country located in the rural world of ethnic minorities, is not a simple social existence, but pass a unified multi-ethnic socialist country place of mainstream culture. Strong traditional culture of ethnic minorities in the rural world, the school occupies an important role in the mainstream cultural heritage. In particular, the school consistently permeates daily life in the unified national norms unified countries ceremony, unified syllabus to achieve the goal of Compulsory Education in China. This unified modern state education mode for minority children to create discipline scene of a modern society and national presence of space, will provide a unified multi-ethnic country of social identity values, ideology, codes of conduct passed to a different cultural background rural minority children, so that they experience with identity as a national one, enjoy the different regions, different ethnic groups face the opportunities of the country. The implementation of the national implementation of the norms, the national ceremony in the school space and its essence is the rural minority children with Marxism as the core of socialist culture and socialist patriotism as the core culture and education, so that minority children's school life The abstract state linked with broad social life outside the village, also make children appreciate the connotation of the Chinese nation on the basis of a single national identity. This role is the cultural significance of the growth of minority children in rural areas for qualified citizens of the modern state. The textbook knowledge is the main task of minority children in rural areas in the school, from the ethnic minority village children learn life the current situation of China's western rural ethnic minority areas there are many problems in the school education, the quality needs to be improved. The main goal of learning to the candidate for the school to become a part of the Children hopes to change the identity of farmers, to achieve social mobility places. Educational goals of the elite, export-oriented, urban-oriented, while the part of the children and parents desire, it also brings the phenomenon still exists a large number of children dropping out of school in the free and compulsory education policy regime. Minority children in rural areas, the dropout phenomenon occurs not only girls who has been widespread concern, the widespread phenomenon of ethnic minority groups of children in rural areas. The key reason for this phenomenon is a goal-oriented school education. The gender division of labor in the daily life, the contradiction between the traditional economic and export-oriented education-oriented is the main reason for girls dropping out of school, the school is also a large number of bad test out the reasons children leave school. This problem reflects the contradictions between modern schools and local and indigenous culture and Game. Balanced national development, improve the nation overall quality perspective, the high dropout rate of minority children in rural areas, by low levels of education, a greater impact on the sustainable development of the western ethnic minority villages. Although the academic world on national education policy, there are two voices: \Of this study is that the value of minority children in rural areas of school life described inspire people concerned about the daily lives of ordinary people, the daily life of the soil for the growth of cultural identity, daily life determines the behavior of the people to choose. Therefore, the study of everyday life perspective should become an important strategy for the awareness of society.

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