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Study on Urbanland Supply Institution of Real Estate Development

Author: MaXiaoGang
Tutor: LiShiRong
School: Chongqing University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Land supply system Property rights system Government monopoly System performance
CLC: F301
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2009
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The development of the city must be established on the basis of a reasonable supply of land. With the acceleration of the process of China's sustained and rapid economic growth and urbanization, the demand of urban land in China is increasing continuously. After the establishment of the system of paid use of the land, the land has the resources, assets, property three properties, urban land, especially land for real estate development to become the largest source of revenue in the local government. The land is not a question of the relationship between people and things, but the problem of the social relationships between people, land supply system is China's basic political and economic systems in land management. Land supply and demand in China, there are multiple stakeholders, bargaining transaction between lower administrative management, asset multiple Game principal-agent relationship, built on the basis of state-owned land property rights system of land supply, the government both system makers and suppliers of the land, the government both as \maximized. Land supply system should not focus only on the issue of government land revenue should also be concerned land supply efficiency and effectiveness of macro-control, the distribution of income, social welfare and social justice issues. This paper focuses on land supply system - stakeholder behavior - the main line of the system performance, local government behavior and corporate behavior analysis as the core, the use of the basic theory of the New Institutional Economics, learn from other related disciplines of literature on China's land supply conducted a comprehensive system analysis, system performance evaluation, and policy recommendations to improve China's land supply system. The main contents include six aspects: 1, the status quo study introduces the research background and significance, relevant research trends at home and abroad, defined in the study, research ideas and research methods, research and innovation. 2, theoretical research on the basic concepts of the New Institutional Economics institutional analysis brief analysis of the proposed system - conduct - performance of the theoretical framework, and then the main theoretical system analysis tools such as transaction cost theory, property rights theory, game theory, system change theory and other theoretical overview. 3, the system of land supply system and land property rights system to build an institutional environment including land supply, institutional arrangements and institutional mechanisms for implementation, including the complete land supply system of analytical papers. The essence of the system of land supply system is the system of property rights, and its function is that the constraints and incentives of the various stakeholders. Proposed four modes of definition of property rights from the perspective of the land development rights, and transaction costs under the various property rights regimes were compared and analyzed through the establishment of a bargaining model. 4, the government monopoly system analysis and market transfer system analysis system of government monopoly mainly on the behavior of local government and its impact on performance. Government monopoly of land supply, government action and marketization, there must be \of interests of the game, its purpose is to achieve economic development goals of the local government and local government officials, political promotion goals. Bounded rationality and rent-seeking behavior of the local government will lead to government failure, reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the allocation of land resources, reduce social welfare and social fairness. Market transfer system of government action on the proceeds of the auction, analysis and comparison of land supply system performance under different way of grant of the bidding, auction and listing agreement. Then focus on bidding, auction and hanging system on the structure of China's real estate market, corporate behavior, market performance, depending on the mechanism of action, the land bidding, auction and the impact of the system on the performance of the real estate market is divided into three categories, from different aspects described and empirical analysis. 5, institutional change and institutional evaluation by studying the transition stage of China's land supply system, change features, change power, path dependence of institutional change is difficult to achieve Pareto improvement. The use of principal component analysis from the perspective of institutional change, the Beijing land supply system performance was evaluated by a special evaluation of the principal component factors. Experience and system improvements based on similar land property rights system, the system of land supply in Hong Kong on the Improvement of the land supply system be learned, through the Hong Kong land supply system analysis, considered to be bound by resource endowments, land supply system and low The rate of economic system is linked, caused by high land and welfare, shares to pull system performance. Finally, the paper from the system compatible with the three aspects of the system associated system complementary to improve China's land supply system made specific recommendations.

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