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Integration of urban and rural social security issues in the development of social policy perspective

Author: LuoYong
Tutor: PengXiZhe
School: Fudan University
Course: Social Administration and Social Policy
Keywords: Urban and Rural Social Security Integration Analysis of Policy Process Dual System of Urban and Rural Developmental Social Policy Policy Support Measures
CLC: F842.6
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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According to the request of Communist Party of China’s several congresses’ policy since this century, more and more areas of china began to gradually launch a pilot project on the urban and rural integration as the goal of both urban and rural economic and social construction. As an important part of goal to building urban and rural integration project, integration of urban and rural social security has been incorporated into an important part of its urban and rural integration construction task in more and more areas. You can easily find out that city of Tianjin, Suzhou, Changsha, Chongqing, Kunming, Chengdu, Jiaxing, New Pudong Areas of Shanghai and Dongguan’s local governments are all being or will be to promote the integration of urban and rural social security when you search in Google Web with Integration of Urban and Rural Social Security as key words. In other china’s provinces, On July, 2007, on the meeting of "The Social Security Forum With Part of Provinces" and "Urban and Rural Social Security Forum" which had been held by The State Council and The Former Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Province of Sichuan, Shanxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Xinjiang were all made a decision on narrow the gap between its urban and rural areas, coordinate development of its urban and rural social security, implementation of its urban and rural social security’s integration.It can be seen that the issues on integration of urban and rural social security has become a key issue of how to narrow the gap between city and village of China, how to achieve equal civil rights on social security, fairness, justice. Around the urban and rural social security integration of how to achieve and how to adjust the related social policies to provide supports for it has become an urgent problem both academic research and government operating practice.This thesis will take an example of Suzhou’s integration of urban and rural social security to discuss that based on the present economic development, the social maturity, the framework of government power and the existing government policy model, how to effectively achieve the integration of urban and rural social security; To what extent the implementation of the integration of urban and rural social security and in the social security integration process, what kind of social policies strategy we can take to solve the problems in the integration process and so on. According to the research framework of this article:The first chapter is mainly ask questions, clarify these issues and gives an overview of the related literatures on this topic. From the current academic research, we can find some issues, which can prove this study and provide a logical starting point for research;The second chapter is mainly summarizing the theoretical proposition of this study and conducted the associated research design through the issues and literatures in the previous chapter include this paper studies what kind of problems, in order to prove what kind of problems and how to prove these problems.Chapter three to chapter six are mainly discuss that Suzhou’s urban and rural social security integration in the build process and its strategy. Take Suzhou’s urban and rural old-age insurance system, basic social medical insurance system, maternity insurance system and social assistance system’s integration process as an example to analysis both Suzhou’s urban and rural residents’pension policy-making process, basic social medical insurance policy-making process, maternity insurance policy-making process, social assistance policy-making process and all the status on these implementation. We can reveal the factors which affect local government to initiate policy changes in urban and rural pension integration policy change, basic social medical insurance integration policy changes, maternity insurance integration policy changes, social assistance integration policy changes through the policy analysis. In this process, we also can find out these factors’role and reflect in local government’s determinations of choose what kind of social security model to urban and rural integration. Finally, we will summary the Developmental Social Policy and the Integration of Urban and Rural Social Security Policy process’relationship and the experience of them through different types of urban and rural social security integration experience in the implementation of the path.Chapter seven, it points out factors which will affect the urban and rural social security integration through earlier chapters for Suzhou’s integration of urban and rural social security experience. And discuss that what kind of social security’s system and content reform in the integration of urban and rural social security is consistent with the requirements of urban and rural social security integration and developmental theory of social policy requirements. It also discuss that in the integration of urban and rural social security reform process, whether it needs some other relevant policy measures to supporting the reforms, etc. Finally, we can extract some policy experiences from Suzhou’s process of urban and rural social security integrations for china’s other areas. It is a great convenience for other areas to implement and design their own urban and rural social security integration’s policy and it is also reminded of them what kind of social policy models they really need and what kind of policy reforms they should to promote, etc.In accordance with the conclusions of this study, developed area (take Suzhou as an example) and less developed areas to construction of urban and rural social security system, It is not mean that they should implement the same standards and the same levels of urban and rural social security system now. When they do it, they can focus on the different urban and rural social security system’s free conversion and integration in order to narrowing the gap. And also to convert present social security system from differentiated unity to undifferentiated unity based on the gradual transition.The research found that urban and rural social security integration in Suzhou’s experience was mainly in these:Firstly, it has an effective platform on construction of the system. On the basis of the present social security, with the identity of the peasants’Hukou changed, peasant’s rural insurance can convert into city insurance of their pension, peasants’basic social medical insurance system can be covered by re-adjustment and integration for different groups of them. Rural residents’maternity insurance and their social assistance system also are adjusted and re-integrated. The two systems of urban and rural residents’ social security system are truly realized effective connection and conversion. Secondly, It has been constructed a basic social insurance of law which had coverage both urban and rural residents, includes basic old-age social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance. It is opened to all of them without discriminations and differences. Thirdly, it has already built a mechanism for landless farmers who can achieve their land social security convert into social security. Make the landless farmers can fully enjoy the real benefits of urban social security system. It also constructs the informal employments’ pension insurance, basic social medical insurance and maternity insurance, social assistance, etc. Fourthly, in order to achieve the different types of social security of urban and rural integration, it make sure the system can be innovation from time to time and make the present different types of urban and rural social security can be gradually integrated. Finally, local governments should have the determinations of reform and specific reform proposals on the integration of urban and rural social security. All departments of local government should work together to seek integration of relevant policies and give other policies support measures with perspective of holistic governance on these issues.

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