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The Compare Study of Cognitive Function Damage of Treating Resistant Depreesion in Certain Army Hospital

Author: ChenLiangMei
Tutor: ShiWangHong
School: Fourth Military Medical University
Course: Aerospace medicine
Keywords: Refractory depression Cognitive function Neuropsychological testing
CLC: R749.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Now, with the development of medical technology, treatment of depression has also made a lot of progress. However, there is still a part of depression treatment effect is not ideal, even for drug therapy and electroconvulsive therapy have shown resistance or invalid. People put these on a variety of antidepressant medications and electroconvulsive therapy are ineffective depression known as treatment-resistant depression. In recent years, with the in-depth development of depression, there are a large number of studies have found that depression is not only the emotional aspects of the disorder, there are some cognitive damage, depression patients in remission is still not completely restore the main reason for its social function. Similarly, patients with treatment-resistant depression more severe cognitive impairment, mainly as memory, attention, executive ability and movement coordination damage. Course, due to the methods used to measure the different tools and objects, may arrive at different results. This study selected a military hospital in patients with treatment-resistant depression and normal crowd control study to investigate the characteristics of cognitive dysfunction in patients with treatment-resistant depression, by cognitive psychology determination, their reasons and treatment to find out the answer. Objective: To investigate the characteristics of refractory depression in patients with cognitive impairment, provide some basis for the treatment of patients with treatment-resistant depression. Methods: Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), digital - symbol test connection test (TMT), digit span test, assessment and 61 cases of normal control group of 58 cases of patients with treatment-resistant depression, their cognitive function t-test analysis. Results: 1. Two sets of WCST scores showed: research group WCST total response number (Ra), the correct answer number (Rc) and sustained response (Rp) and perseverative errors (Rpe) were higher than the normal group, completed categories (Cc), lower than the normal control group, the difference was statistically significant (t = -3.89, -7.04, -7.13, -6.62, -7.26, all p lt; 0.01). Connection test A (TMT-A) in the study group used significantly more than the control group (p lt; 0.01), the The connectivity test B (TMT-B) the number of errors was significantly more than the control group (p lt; 0.01). Have differences significantly (p lt; 0.01) in the study group and the control group in the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) in digital - Symbol Test, Digit Span test. Two WCST score results: by educational attainment lt; 12 years between the two groups in the study group in the overall response (Ra), total correct number (Rc), perseverative errors (Rpe) completed categories ( Cc) several significantly worse than the control group, P value lt; 0.01. Two groups in the number of sustained response (Rp) item on the differences are not significant, P values> 0.05. By educational attainment gt; 12 years in the study group and the control group on the, the WCST various test items, there are significant differences, P values ??lt; 0.01. Two sets of TMT, WAIS score results: the 12 years between the two groups in the study group and the control group in the TMT WAIS detection comparison there were significant differences in the level of education lt;, P = lt; 0.01. In educational attainment gt; in the 12 years between the two groups, the study group in the TMT-A and TMT-B with the time and the number of errors are significantly more than the control group, the two sets of results are presented in the WAIS Digit Span test significant difference, P values ??lt; 0.01. WAIS digit symbol test, the differences between the two groups is not significant, P values> 0.05. Conclusion: 1. Patients with treatment-resistant depression in implementation capacity, cognitive transfer capacity, memory, abstraction ability, attention to the obvious damage to the ability and speed, and in concept formation, selective memory, the difference was not significant. Can be used for the treatment of patients with depression medication combined psychotherapy. Hierarchical comparison of the level of education, by educational attainment lt; significant difference in the two groups of 12 years, by educational attainment gt; obvious differences in the 12 years the two groups. It can be concluded that the relationship between treatment-resistant depression in patients with cognitive impairment in their upbringing is inconsistent. By the lower level of education, the greater the difference; higher the educational level, the smaller this difference.

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