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Zong Baihua’s Spirit Personality and the Journey of His Esthetic Exploration

Author: TianZhiXiang
Tutor: YangShouSen
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Literature and Art
Keywords: Zong Baihua Salvation feelings The truth of the universe and life Aesthetics Personality Academic road
CLC: B83
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2009
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The Aesthetic Idea and aesthetics of the road as the 20th century, one of the outstanding esthetician, undoubtedly has important implications exploration of Chinese contemporary aesthetics. In order to truly understand Zong Baihua understand Zong Baihua aesthetic thought, must be based on its spiritual personality with a profound grasp of the value of the pursuit of, based on the three-dimensional, flesh plump Zong Baihua personality image restore. In this study, based on a careful read of the literature, from the phenomenological perspective of learn to examine Zong Baihua its \his aesthetic ideas, to look at under the premise of \Not only emphasized the study of literature, also stressed the why the research literature, emphasizing the \Try to restore the true colors of Zong Baihua plump flesh, quite personal scholars on the basis of their spiritual dialogue, follow the logical interpretation of the pursuit of value and emotional context, describes the occurrence and development of his aesthetic ideas. Reciprocating parameters permit to \on the basis of their academic road evaluation and reflection. The paper is divided into four parts. On compiled based on the analysis of the organic link between the impact of of Zong Baihua personality generated congenital factors and acquired pottery stained both expositions Zong Baihua personality generate, analyze, summarize their personality style to salvation for The purport values ??of life foundation ready for the commencement of the full text. From the material available, Zong Baihua typical introversion personality characteristics are more sensitive to external stimuli, with special emphasis on the inner sort of understanding, and focus on the pursuit of the the life poetic and philosophical implication. Introversion personality mainly things steadily and in a planned, rational and calm man life skills, such personality traits Zong Baihua who was especially evident. If innate factors Zong Baihua's personality generates a development-oriented basic limited, so he dyed Dow acquired factors in the family and the impact of age under the establishment of the foundations of life values ??marked his personality is basically formed. Zong Baihua's growth has been the profound influence of his father, the foundation of salvation feelings became Zong Baihua values ??of life. Vigorous Fourth Movement inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of Zong Baihua May Fourth Movement largest and most influential social and cultural groups - \, the future and destiny of the nation. Philosopher sober, rational he advocated education, academic save the nation, and hopes to enhance service quality to achieve the desire to save the world save the nation. Zong Baihua entering academic fields from philosophy. Schopenhauer genius description and Zong Baihua pursuit of value and talent fit so he had a strong genius Complex which genius Complex became Zong Baihua yearn to save the world's spiritual pillar, more inspired his passion for the salvation . The object of genius is eternal ideas, the truth of the universe and life; genius based on the extraordinary aesthetic understanding the ability to explore the truth of the universe and life inspiration world; only sort of understanding and enlightenment of the world the truth of the universe and life, to help people to establish a correct view of the universe, outlook on life, the only way to resolve the fundamental problem of economic salvation. Zong Baihua confidently uphold these ideas put relentless pursuit of the truth of the universe and life, and it is this pursuit fundamentally affect the occurrence of the of Zong Baihua aesthetic ideology, influence his aesthetic style. In the series discusses of Zong Baihua the aesthetic ideology occurrence in of its salvation feelings and inner personality, development, pointed out that the quest to save the world for the purpose of the universe and life truth \decisive impact, clarify of Zong Baihua central category of \Of Zong Baihua the political ideal is the establishment of \The core of his \Zong Baihua that \Train people healthy individual personality or to reveal to the people the truth of the universe and life, to help people establish a correct view of the universe, outlook on life. With the in-depth of Zong Baihua philosophy research, he found that a purely philosophical speculation impossible to explore the truth of the universe and life, the best way to comprehend the performance of the truth of the universe and life is art. In order to explore the truth of the universe and life, Zong Baihua began his aesthetic thinking. The Aesthetic thinking, he was faced with the first problem is the nature of art. In his quest for the essence of art, he was thinking of \Zong Baihua basic aesthetic concepts \\\preparation. Zong Baihua think only in the realm of art may well comprehend the revelation of the truth of the universe and life. Art is the externalization of the creation of the main personality, stressed the the personality realm of upgrade became necessary to pursue the truth of the universe and life conditions. Zong Baihua based on their deep philosophical accomplishment and Superman realized that the ability of the traditional mood theoretical depth refinement, expansion, and incorporate them into its own aesthetic ideological system, based on previous theoretical inheritance of their own \The intention of the core of its conception theory is the emphasis on the pursuit of the realm of personality. Corresponding with the basic aesthetic concepts, Zong Baihua his aesthetic research is particularly great importance to grasp the spirit of the personality of the main body of artistic creation, focusing on the pursuit of the ideal personality realm, focusing on the mining helps in the analysis of the personality of the spirit of the object of study people the personality realm enhance the spirit factor. Personality realized his aesthetic research. Looking at Zong Baihua study of literature and art, he is always based on the aesthetic concepts of their own personality as the core areas, the realm of the study of personality, the inner spirit of deep sort of understanding, interpretation, and on this basis the ideal personality creating and the pursuit of the lead to the world of personality. Constructed for the purpose of understanding the commentary, his aesthetic ideas become more filling, rich and spirited. Compiled analysis Zong Baihua practitioner of their own aesthetic philosophy and his pursuit of his own aesthetic, aesthetic method in life, philosophical speculation, to compile its echoes in the exposition of the thinking of salvation for the aesthetic value of the foundation. Zong Baihua emphasis on the pursuit of the truth of the universe and life, emphasizing the upgrading of the realm of personality. This pursuit is not only expressed in his theoretical writings, also expressed in the practice of his life. His lifelong pursuit of the poetry of life, the pursuit of the lofty realm of personality. His life practice is the pursuit of their own aesthetic best comments, the clouds of his verses is his personality realm of poetic imagination in artistic creation. Zong Baihua has always attached great importance to scientific research, the emphasis on academic research have a theoretical basis. Emphasized in the artistic realm of life in the universe, life and truth pursue at the same time, he also metaphysics thinking to seek philosophical foundation for their own aesthetic exploration. \Zong Baihua metaphysics thinking from philosophical speculation, he confirmed explore the universe, life and truth can only be based on the artistic sort of understanding, rather than philosophical speculation, the truth of the universe and life can only be rendered in Feng possible realization of life. The conclusion part based on the earlier its spirit personality, aesthetic thinking, life practice with philosophical speculation and three organic link between the analysis and argument that Zong Baihua before the founding of the the aesthetic quest is always concerned about the reality of social life he is trying to achieve of own salvation economic aspirations through aesthetic means, basic life status before 1949 can be summarized as Tranquility \aesthetic quest journey showing the image of the personality of the fresh Zong Baihua. And on this basis of of Zong Baihua the academic road from the perspective of academic history evaluation, reflection. \The dissolution of the Young China Association \concept. Merely due to changes in its survival situation and mentality, Zong Baihua \This aesthetic fundamental way \Zong Baihua his deep thinking for the development of modern Chinese aesthetics has made outstanding contributions, but a small number of his academic achievements but it is a fact. We can not ignore the external social environment, especially after the founding of the impact of the social environment, but the reasons for the finding that more attention should be paid to Zong Baihua factors. Zong Baihua engaged in academic activities in the value of the foundation is the salvation of his feelings, he was engaged before the founding philosophy and aesthetics to explore the fundamental purpose of salvation. Zong Baihua from before 1949 endeavor from the academic perspective of their own to think about academic issues. In his mind, save the world economy is academic only way of its pursuit of value or tools. It is because of Zong Baihua engaged in the academic explore the value of the foundation of the salvation of his feelings rather than academic value, the years of the beginning of 1949, he stopped the aesthetic quest, a very devout busy on his so-called \While there is the political situation, but the of his Salvation core academic value of the foundation is the most fundamental reason. From 1949 to the mid-1950s, after the fuss and confusion experienced after the founding of Zong Baihua academic attitude occurs a subtle shift, he began to focus mainly focus on the academic value to start from academic perspective to think about aesthetic issues. But the 10-year Cultural Revolution, so he had to stop their own academic exploration. The academic standard consciousness awakening to his later years Zong Baihua produce deep regret. Looking at Zong Baihua's aesthetics road, he always adhere to the quest of beauty should be based in the heart of the main sort of understanding, has always stressed the personality realm of the upgrade; he does not seek speculative to grasp the beauty of body, but he stressed the search for beauty, the pursuit of life poetic; the way his aesthetics trial, as the rich aesthetic charm. The reason why people can Zong Baihua academic text deeply moved by the reason from him to get a rich aesthetic revelation, reason may be here. We The Aesthetic Idea of ??combing the beautiful spirit of the Chinese cultural products Gordon he revealed that it is infinite yearning can not help but produce such regret: Yang Zong Baihua school, his talent as well as beauty and art understand the legacy he left us early based on the academic standard early consciously academic construction is likely to far exceed our estimate. However, history is history, we can only Zong Baihua \Conversely, Zong Baihua This is the \academic and political relations.

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